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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 29: Session 24 - 2800-2802 - Getting on Top

Getting on Top

Continue current research while crashing towards Trade Guild.

Focus on building Resort Stations.

Colonize any planet at 50% quality or higher within our territory. Prioritize the volcanic planets, may not make a difference but its better than nothing.

Restore Military to peak Serenity War status.

Continue building relations with allies, see about getting them to trade sanction the bugs and establish MDPs with us.

Sell our superior tech to our allies to strengthen their empires while we use the funds to continue crashing research projects.

Colonizing low quality planets is allowed provided it contains a luxury resource.

Every world we can safely colonize is queued up. Along with one low quality world that has several luxury resources on it.

I then realize I have made a terrible mistake, and ended the previous session a couple of months early! I must make amends. I also have to see off our allies from the desolation moon once more. I'm not sure if they were building it or not, but I cannot take the chance.

Efficient Transactions completes.

Two million credits is then thrown at Unlimited Commerce!

Herpes Prime is added to our growing collection of worlds.

We also finish the design of the Titan Beam – the advanced beam weapon we have been working on for so long. I immediately commission new ship types to use this weapon.

The Tyrant Lizards then offer us a free trade agreement, the ABC is set to grow.

I am then asked to flood the galaxy with these new, improved ship designs. I agree.

Some of our Bug subjects colonize Hot Love Juice.

We spend time refitting all our ships to the new designs, while we suffer numerous hit and run attacks by the remaining ships of the Phantom Scourge. They cause little damage, but flood me with constant warning messages.

The Bugs resume trade with us, and start fighting the Guardians.

We also get closer to super fast hyperdrives.

Skanky Burns uses the time of peace to prepare for war.

Hot Tub makes another world to our collection.

Months pass as we refit ships and skirmish with pirates, who run when we catch them most of the time. We do improve our world bombing capabilities.

The session ends, and it has been fifty years since we retook to the stars. Two years of peace allows our population to increase by 24 billion people. Our military strength goes up 30,000 as well, thanks to the major refits.

The economy is still strong.

Our worlds prosper. Some are a little unhappy.

Meanwhile, we continue to dominate second place.

For those who wish more numbers, here they are.

Finally, lets look at the top worlds.

Welp. Well, the Galaxy can't look any worse.

Yeah, if we head south, it'll need to be in force.