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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 30: Session 25 - 2802-2804 - Distrubingly Yellow

As I forgot the trading last time, I milk our allies dry this time.

This gives us a huge pile of cash to spend. Oceanic Colonization opens up four more worlds inside our territory.

Of course, refitting to use theses technologies costs us in refitting.

Our Generals continue to learn their arts.

Nothing happens beyond the refitting of masses of ships and the occasional pirate raid. We do start building robot troop foundries on key worlds, to reduce the losses of our own troops.

That and training our Generals.

I've been agreeing to the advisor ever time they suggest building a defence base, and apparently Arnea has become something of a strong point for us.

We also colonise our first oceanic world!

Right before the Bugs put back their trade sanctions.

We colonise Love Shack days before the Goons do – the galaxy is fast running out of habitable planets, and the race to secure the last few is on.

Soon after we colonize Cold Sore 3, in the same system as Pen Island.

I also order the colonization of a low quality world – as the arms facility there is worth a lot to our research.

Our rapid expansion phase continues.

A disaster on a bug world prompts them to lift their trade sanctions.

We find a new source of Cromium, and then begin work on the Trade Guild!

I select our most populous world, Fecundus, to be the site for this wonder.

We have a diplomatic scuffle with the Deep Ones, our frigates was visiting an independent colony, but the Deep Ones claim this world, and tell us so.

The Session ends, and we gained 22 billion people.

Its a shame that the Economy has dipped a bit – this is because all the new technologies are expensive. Don't worry though, we are getting huge amounts of bonus income, and the Trade Guild will fix this.

Our worlds continue to prosper.

We close the Gap on the bugs somewhat.

At least two more of our worlds are on the top ten now!

The map is still disturbingly yellow though.