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Part 31: Session 26 - 2804-2806 - Options, Options, Motherfucking Options

Options, Options, Motherfucking Options

"Give us an update on the state of technology, so that we may better plot
our scientific goals. Please make mention of how our longer-term
projects in Weapons and in Energy are looking."

"For the sake of security, make mention of the relation between the Bug
and Deep Ones dominion. This could have bearings on the future."

In HighTech, queue up more colony tech. If the economy can handle it, crash the research.
In Weapons, assuming we are still working on better planet bombing tech, crash research if the economy can handle it.

"Be sure to include a screenshot of the Devastation Moon, since visual
comparison is the only way for us to gauge progress."

"Build more resort stations if locations within our territories permit it."

The Law things will come at the end, as they will be more up to date then. For now, I set in the research. I decide against crashing Ice world colonization.

I do crash the Advanced Bombardment tech though.

Another world is colonised.

The League wants to throw money at us, as I am happy to accept it.
I then crash the Colonization project with these funds.

We also colonise Joy, which is a moon circling a gas giant along with Arnea.

A Sandstorm hits Phobos! Although we don't know how many people have been lost.

We improve our blowing stuff up technology.

The Trade Guild is completed! This immediatly puts us back into the black money wise!

The bugs do not take kindly to this.

1st Fleet tangles with a nest of Giant Kaltors! This actually costs us a few ships.

One of these foul beasts chews its way into the bridge of the Dirty Dancing and eats one of our Admirals!

We colonise yet another world.

This is the last thing of interest before the session ends. Now to give the information requested by law.
Here is the current state of Technology.

The Bugs hate everyone, but have subjugated the League.

The Desolation Moon continues to be worked upon.

Our own empire expands by 28 Billion people over the last two years.

The economy is back on track. By back on track, I mean we are rolling in money, people are complaining that their bank accounts have to many zeros in them.

Barberella is now the third most populous world in the Paradise.

We continue to close the gap on the Bugs.

Fecundus is the greatest planet in the Galaxy! This is a happy day!

Here is the Map. Plot my citizens, plot!