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by Grey Hunter

Part 32: Session 27 - 2806-2808 - Foreplay II - Foreplay harder

ForeplayII: Foreplay Harder

Build sufficient mobile refueling ships to escort half the Navy and Desolation Moon on a roundtrip to the Bug's homeworld. Remember to account for fuel used in battle as well.

Send constructors to claim any relic ships in our territory.

Commission at least 3 additional constructors in order to quickly establish our new worlds.

Construct additional fueling stations with fixed defenses at the planet closest to the bug homeworld in order to expedite the likely war time orders.

I realize that we don't have a design for resupply ships, and quickly fix this.

The Hyperdrive breakthrough is complete! I upgrade all our ships to take advantage of this and increase the fuel tanks on all ships. The new Mega Density Fuel tanks can hold 140 units of fuel compared to the 80 units for the previous designs, the new hyperdrive can propel our ships at 30k, compared to the 18k of the old one.

As the ships upgrade, we see our Admiral, Ouroborus, improve.

Refitting the other ships in our armada costs us. Thankfully we can afford this.

I see a chance to rehabilitate the Deep ones into the ABC, and send them a gift to improve our relations.

Months pass without even a Pirate raid. We improve our planetary bombardment weapons.

The Deep Ones and the Stupid Erflings go to war, at least if the Deep Ones win, I could more easily see the territory in the region.

We, however are now on good terms, as they allow us to mine in their territory, send us 20k credits and swap galaxy maps.

This promts me to offer them a free trade agreement, which the accept. Its amaaxing what a 800,000 credit gift can do!

The new bombardment weapons are rolled out!

The Guild sell us an improved reactor – its more efficient, and will cut our fuel consumption – fuel conservation is going to be key in the inevitable war against the Bugs!

Barring that, I'm spending most of my time watching the string of “refit complete” messages!

It seems that a new empire, known as the the cleverly titled “The Independent” has appeared in the galaxy! We are also joined by Agent Sindai

This ends a very boarding, but productive session. 31 Billion more people have joined the Paradise. But there is no sign of the Independent on our diplomacy list.

The Economy is massive, and we have 1500 Civilian ships.

The Worlds are happy.

We are closing the gap on the Bugs, but can we start winning without a war?

We also have three worlds on a Bug infested top ten!

Finally, here is the map!