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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 33: Session 28 - 2808-2810 - Tumescence Act

Tumescence Act

Continue expanding the fleet as the economy allows.

Continue improving the range and endurance of our fleet through Advanced Shields and Advanced Engines and whatever is on those paths, crashing technologies when Grey feels the economy allows.

Continue making MDPs with everyone (except the bugs!) and selling technologies to our friends. Buy technologies if it will make our ships better in combat or in strategic movement.
Seek contact with this new empire, build new exploration ships if you must.

Continue colonizing marginal worlds as Grey sees fit. No reason to legislate bad investments.

When the Desolation Moon finishes, tell us about it in the thread and we'll have an Emergency Session on how to proceed.

I start crashing advanced engines.

I then spend three million of gifts for the three empires that are not MDPed to us.

I find a pirate base near Secura, and dispatch a fleet to deal with it.

We are then called in for an emergency session, the Guild are calling us in to support them against the Deep ones. I have already called this short session, and the result is we will honour this pact.

I send every immediately availably fleet into the war, the closest or most vulnerable bug worlds are targeted, and we are soon in action.
We gain a new admiral, Drink Cheerwine, but I doubt his loyalty.

Almost simultaneously, we hit two Deep One worlds.

Tretun Minor 2 does not last long, but Smatodef has more in the way of defences.

Smatodef falls to our troops, and the Goons drag us into another war! What is happening to the galaxy!

I agree to help them, then pay the Teekens off for peace, we do not want to break our alliances, but we do not want a two front war!

Stinus 1 falls so quickly I don't even realise the fleet has arrived!

As we target the next world in this system, (there are three in total), we learn that a plague is ripping through Erfling territory – three worlds are hit quickly, and more follow.

The Deep Ones counter attack at Wurs, but we have a fleet there. A major battle breaks out, but as both sides are nearly the same colour, its hard to see who is winning.

Another Deep One world falls to our forces.

Another world follows soon after, we also learn that the Deep Ones have some truly massive capital ships!

Being size 600 does not save you however, it just means I have to design larger ships ourselves!

Two more worlds in the Stinus system fall within days, and we are kicking the Deep ones hard.

The battle for Wurs is now spread over a huge area, and still ongoing, but we seem to be winning.

The Bugs declare war upon the Erflings, while we continue to battle over Oceu 1. The tempo of the war slows a little as the large fleet engagements begin.

I build the larger Capital ships, carriers and commission two more fleets.

We hunt down another Deep One carrier.

Unfortunately, all this construction exhausts the steel supplies on Snar.

We land and take yet another Deep One world.

Another fleet appears above yet another world, and another carrier is mobbed to death.

The world itself is soon ours. The Deep Ones throw out a counter attack at Stinus, but we already have a force massing there.

Say hello to our new carrier force!

Breaking this force ends a very hectic session. Our conquests have added twelve worlds and over sixty billion souls! At some point, the war with the League reopened, but they are not moving against us.

The cash flow has dropped, but only because we have been building like loons! War wiriness is rampant however, which is also costing us money.

Some of our worlds are less than happy, but they are the new additions.

We close the gap on the Bugs, the Deep One worlds helping us immensely.

The bugs lose a world on the top 10!

Finally, here is the map, showing our new conquests, but do we continue the war or not? That is you choice!