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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 34: Session 29 - 2810-2812 - Woopsie!

Tri-Curious Act

IF we can get the Deep Ones to make peace with the Guild, end the war as soon as practical. (But see if you can get in a quick conquest or two before we have to say goodbye!)

IF we can't get the Deep Ones to make peace with the Guild, take all the Deep Ones' stuff and end the war that way.

IF it is practicable given that we have fleets in the area, grab some of the League's northern colonies. If not then make peace.
Approve the Testing rider

Testing, tech, tech, tech

Crash research Energy and Construction's Advanced Fusion Physics -> Fusion Balance as soon as Advanced Engines finishes. Refit all State ships with Hyperfusion reactors as soon as is feasible. State fuel will become Hydrogen
Advanced Shields is not worth investing research into until you are prepered to tech the next tier after that for 3840k FYI
Weapons research (crash is optional) Advanced Fighters <-> Advanced Missile Bombers. Refit the carriers after both techs are done (and Hyper Fusion reactors!)

Show an updated tech listing please

Update current State Ship Designs via screen shot.

I feel that prolonging the war will not help us, and most of my fleets are low on fuel and need replacement troops, so I return a world to the Deep ones and take all bases in the systems we have taken. This will leave us with no long term disputes. I also get them to end the war with the Guild.

I grab a load of our Patrolling ships and make the 18th fleet (The numbering has messed up somewhere), they are sent to attack the League. They currently want three million to end the war, and I am not willing to pay that!

As our fleet moves forwards, we improve our engines. I immediately spend the half a million to crash the improved reactors.

The Teekans invade one of our worlds, but we defeat their tiny invasion force!

Internet Kracken continues to improve.

Okay, I'm going to confess to this one, aparently, we have a second Desolation moon. This one is complete, and was one of the numerous ships I selected and sent to attack that League world.

Erm, yeah, I just murdered a whole planet of rodents by accident.

Suddenly, the League is much more willing to make a peace treaty. I do so, before I accidentally genocide a whole race.

Our reputation takes a hit, but we're still good!

The League stops trading their rare fruit with us, why would they do something like that? What could we have done to deserve this?

We finish the Medium Tropedo bombers, and begin work on the advanced fighters.

The Goons attack the Guild! I initiate another short emergency session! This comes out with us helping the Guild – we are thrown into another war!

Suddenly, the Goons are surrounded on all sides by enemies.

We even have a fleet in orbit over one of their worlds, Irpiek is quickly invaded, but it makes for a hard fight.

Soon, or other fleets are arriving at their targets.

The Goons must be quaking now, as our might is shown to them.

Their worlds soon begin to fall.

There is a major battle developing over Irpeix.

The offensive gains some speed.

While the goons concentrate their forces at Lirentur. Irpex in this system is soon taken as we engage their fleet insystem.

We also see another major battle develop at Natunatu, where we have landed huge numbers of troops!

The session ends as our ships move around, but the Goons are already on the back foot. (please note, I had a out of memory crash at this point, and had to rerun some of the last year, so things are a little different.)

We continue to look healthy.

The Paradise is now made up of 77 worlds.

The goons are trying one last throw of the dice, using their superior fire-power to try and expand before the larger Guild eclipses them – unfortunately for them, we are larger still, and together the guild have no chance to survive.

We have three worlds in the top ten, and the Guild one, we are making up the gap.

Now we will watch the goons shrink.