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Distant Worlds - Legends

by Grey Hunter

Part 35: Session 30 - Epilogue

It has been sixty years since we first stepped back into the stars. Sixty years of prosperity. We have been friends with all who would be friends with us. But now has come the time to finish the wars. There is but one true threat to the galaxy. The Bugs.
The war with the Goons is just a distraction, and one we end.

The Premature Obliteration is armed, supported by a large fleet, and targetted at the Bug homeworld. As they streak through space, a world breaks away from the Bugs.

The Bug capital is home to sixteen billion bugs, their leader and four wonders – the Rusian research Facility, the Holographic network, the Casidor weapons facility and the Danuta engineering centre.





The Bugs most powerful world is no more. With that, their leader is dead. Their hierarchical society is thrown into chaos, as is their economy and research abilities. They do not declare war upon us, as they know that war is pointless.

We may not have reached our victory conditions, but now time is on our side. I will not genocide the Bugs, we have proven we can, and this is but the first Desolation moon. The Overdue Obliteration will be finished any time now. Then, with two of these powerful moons in our possesion, none will oppose us.

Peace settles over the Galaxy. The Pax Secura comes into effect – do not fight, for we love you and will blow up your worlds if you do.

We are to usher in a period of peace and prosperity. We shall spread the love across the galaxy, and none shall, nor want to, oppose us.

Now it is time for me to retire. I am old, sixty years in control of a empire takes its toll. I can only hope my successor is as capable as I am.

I can only thank you, my council, for your help over these long years.

So, the expanded memory thing just causes my game to crash, so here is the end. not as glorious as I hoped, but still fitting. thanks for playing guys. I have a new LP set in the works, but I need to figure out when I'm moving/do some prep work before I start that.