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Part 125: Music

I moved the tindeck links to the Divinity 2 Music here because it was getting too long for the OP.

Lazy Programming posted:

I wanted to like this game, but I couldn't not get my ass handed to me by the packs of enemies in the original release. Looking forward to this.

Dragon Knight Saga has improved this. Before, as soon as you reached the second part of Broken Valley, you hit a major difficulty spike, and you had no real options where to go. Here, it takes longer before the spike hits, and it's easier to deal with.

I think they also increased the experience you get in the first part of the game, and they reduced the speed of enemy projectiles, so it is now possible to avoid them. They aren't slow enough to make it feel easy, but it is now possible.

As for how well this works as a console port, I'm not sure. The primary platform was the PC. I do think that on the 360 version you get one fewer quick-key slots (it's reserved for your normal attack).

I'm encoding a few final videos for the second chapter, then I'll post it and the detailed combat description.

Kirill Pokrovsky once again returns to do the music for Divinity 2, and it’s fantastic. You can download a selection of tracks from the game from his website (via Rapidshare), and I’ll be providing links to Tindeck for them as well.

WARNING: Track names may contain spoilers.