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Part 6: A Tour of Broken Valley Village

A Tour of Broken Valley Village

I should apologize. I haven’t really been fair. I’m trying to maximize the number of screenshots which are relevant content, so I’ve left out a lot of travelling ones. So I owe you a tour of Broken Valley.

First of all, where the hell are we?

This is the portion of the world we’ll be visiting in Divinity 2. We won't be visiting every square inch, but quite a lot, actually.

Farglow is there, and Broken Valley is there. We were supposed to go to Rivertown, but because of the Dragon sighting, we went in the opposite direction, through the Orobas Fjords (the narrow, fjordy thing), and into Broken Valley. We can actually walk all the way back to the Orobas Fjords, but we can never return to Farglow.

The red box is approximately the portion of the valley which we can visit until the plot is advanced sufficiently.

Here’s a map of the village area, with the structures labelled. The arrow is where we started.

Next to the gate is the Barracks, the home of the soldiers which defend the tiny village. It was actually the first structure built, which indicates how tough things were back then. The top portion is fairly new.

A bridge on the barracks roof connects it to the area in front of the chapel.

Literally built into the rock itself is the Black Boar tavern and inn. It's run by a cheerful proprietor, and some call him… Tim. Because that’s his name. There is a small barn to the right which is also part of the inn.

Next to the waterfall is the chapel.

The pig farm, run by Folo, who is a bit too attached to his pigs, and his harried wife, whose name is Rose.

The centerpiece of the town is the mill, run by the miller Upton and his daughter Linda.

Next to the mill is the blacksmith, run by the perpetual frowner, Derk.

Climbing to the top of the Barracks offers a great view of the town. Here’s the Black Boar, hidden behind the leaves and branches of two massive trees.

Here is a view of the Mill and the Blacksmith.

And of course, the most important thing to remember is this:

Jumping off building is good idea. Get to ground faster that way!