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Part 10: Goblins

Chapter 6 – Goblins

Chapter 6

Because I’m about to do something somewhat dangerous, I decided to prepare. So I bought a bunch of stuff from Locke (who was only glitched in the video, not the save which I’m currently playing).

+17 HP, +7 MP, and a retaliation aura for magic damage.

Summon Ghost is what I reloaded a bunch off-screen to get. It’ll be handy, hopefully and will result in less sitting around waiting.

The Poison Aura triggers pretty often, actually, even though the damage isn’t that great. I think it’s 4 damage per second.

Mindread gear is really useful. I always keep some handy, and wear it if I know expensive mind-reads are coming up.

I got a couple more unimpressive pieces just to help stack on more damaging auras.

Also, a note about the update: I’m leaving a lot of travelling and goblin killing out of the screenshots, so it might be harder to follow. A map will be provided here, and at the end.

Music: Goblins! No Time to Waste!

Video: Chapter 6

The damaging auras already show their use in the first fight of the game. The Poison and Spontaneous Combustion ones can also fry innocent wildlife like chickens, ducks, and rabbits. I’ll be keeping track of the bunny kills from my aura.

I like the music from this area. It's called "Goblins! No Time to Waste!".

Yara spotted a watch tower. There was a guard up there who was pacing. He seemed upset.

(Quincy) Slayer, please! Up here!

1. What seems to be the trouble, friend? (Noble)
2. Bloody hell. What now? (Reluctant)
3. Oh, what Divine voice descends from the heavens? (Snarky)

Snarky beats Reluctant.

Mindread Quincy for 1 Attribute point. Your only chance at that point is in this conversation right now.

(Yara) Oh, what Divine voice descends from the heavens?
Don’t jest just now. I’m in dire need of help! I’m trapped up here! Hunted by goblins! They took my grappling hook. Please get it back!
(-400 XP) [+1 Attribute Point]
Fine! If I don’t, I’ll never hear the end of it!
Marvellous! Let them have it, Slayer!

High and Dry
This quest is straightforward and explains itself, no alternate paths. That point goes into Vitality immediately, bringing my HP up to 102.

The grappling hook! Please throw it up to me!
Here you go! Catch!
Got it! I’ll be down in a minute!

Thank you, Slayer! Those goblins would have gotten to me eventually!
You couldn’t handle a few of those annoying critters?
Normally I can handle them, but this time it was different. We always scout the woods in teams of two. But we were ambushed by an unusually fierce and organised pack!
The other guard didn’t make it?
Didn’t make it? He panicked and ran off, leaving me to face them bloodthirsty creeps by myself! I managed to get up the tower, but I lost the grappling hook in the process. That was several hours ago. The coward obviously didn’t even warn the other guards!

Alternate dialogue option:
1. Sounds like there’s something rotten in the village of Broken Valley!

More “Hamlet” references.

The sense of camaraderie is touching!
You can say that again! I’ll give you the pleasure of confronting him. His name is Peavey, and you can find him on the barracks’ watch platform. I’ll inform Captain Rodney. We’ll have the little pest in shackles in no time!

We have an experience debt of over 1500, and we’re level 1. Clearing a lot of it off is a good idea, so we’re going to resolve this now. Many people do it later, and forget about it. Then they wonder why they can’t find Captain Rodney to turn in their bounties. He vanishes until this quest is resolved.

Also, a book we found in the barracks last update mentions Peavey’s cowardice.

Music: Broken Valley Wakes

(Peavey) What should I do, what should… Oh, Slayer, I didn’t see you there!
(-33 XP) Joining the guards was the worst idea I ever had! And now look at what’s happened!
You seem pretty shaken up!
Do I? No, I’m fine, yes. I’m okay. Really.
So you didn’t leave Quincy behind?
What? You… you know? Oh no, I’m…

These conversation options are only for roleplaying. The only change to the outcome is how Peavey will react to you if you visit him in jail.

2. Stop your stuttering, you pathetic coward!
3. Yes. Been a bit naughty, have we?

Yes, you! And that’s the only one you care about, isn’t that so?
No, it’s just, the goblins: there were too many of them, too many!

1. You left a friend out to die!
3. I don’t give a rat’s ass about you or Quincy, but I do enjoy witnessing your downfall! (This option makes him upset with you, and changes his next line.)

You were a coward when you left him and a bastard when you didn’t tell anyone!
I know! I’ll never forgive myself! Ever!

1. You violated your honour and betrayed a colleague. Your punishment shall be severe!
2. You are the most despicable professional soldier I have ever seen! May you rot in your cell!

You made a serious mistake, but bear your jail time with dignity and you may yet redeem yourself!
You are right! Perhaps I can still make amends! I will try, Slayer!

(Captain Rodney) Peavey! You are hereby under arrest!
(Peavey) I… I guess there is no other way! Let me just say: I’m sorry, Quincy!
(Quincy) I’d accept your apology; if you hadn’t hoped I’d die out there so your cowardice would remain a secret!
(-33 XP) (Quincy) If Peavey thinks I’ll visit him in jail, he’s quite wrong!
Take a good hard look at the daylight, Peavey! You won’t be seeing it again for quite some time! Off you go!

(Quincy) A satisfactory outcome! You have my warmest thanks, Slayer!
Don’t mention it. I was glad to be of help!
Here’s a handful of well-deserved gold! Be careful out there and make sure it doesn’t become goblin loot!
"High and Dry" complete! Quest Reward: 600 XP, 150 gold. Bonus Chosen: 300 XP

Music: Goblins! No Time to Waste!

I’m not an expert on Goblins, but I’m pretty sure they don’t usually have two hearts.

I’ve never seen this happen before. I didn’t even know it was possible. Goblin Hearts are a fairly rare drop. I consider it lucky to get about 10-12 from the whole valley. In this update alone I pick up 7. As for why they’re a quest item, find out next update.

Rounding a tree, Yara spotted a man in armour hanging around doing nothing in particular.

(Mouse) What do you want?
Nothing in particular. What are you doing here?
I’m a birdwatcher, okay? And since you ain’t no bird, you’re of no interest to me!
There are hardly any birds to be seen in these parts!
Yeah, but I’ve spotted plenty of nagging ninnies!
A rare species! You’re in luck.
Yeah, yeah, just beat it, will you?!
(-33 XP) Next time I’ll make sure I’m the one strutting about town and Richard can get the ants out of his armour in the woods!

As she walked off, Yara heard Mouse mutter to himself.

Birdwatching! What an excuse!


This lever is part of a set. There are three more scattered around Broken Valley. Pull them all and you get a surprise!

There sure are a bunch of goblins down there. … Eh, what the hell…

(Hjalmar) Totems be praised, we have our sacrifice! Prepare to burn and feast, goblins of the valley!

Hjalmar is the first bounty target. He’s a level 4 Goblin Beholder who can cast Fireball and Curse. He’s got a lot of lackeys around him, a bunch of level 2 warriors, a few level 3 Shamans and Healers, and a level 4 Chief, who dual-wields. This is not going to be an easy fight, especially with my puny 1-1 unarmed damage at level 1.

You won’t be able to dodge the melee attacks very well, but try not to stand still and let all the ranged shots hit you.

Level 1 Poison aura is pretty weak, but it’s more than Yara can do with her fists.

These guys are a real menace at level 1. Your attacks aren’t good, but his dual weapons are. Luckily, there is only one per group at most.

I’m about to get hit with the Curse debuff. That lowers all your secondary attributes, and your damage. I didn’t realize until later that it meant I would only be doing ZERO damage, although the sound clearly indicated that I was not having any effect with my attacks..

Bam. For killing this guy at level 1, I got 193 XP. Probably not worth the trouble, really.

Each weapon has its own modifier to critical chance. I’m not using a weapon, so I need all the extra bonuses to critical chance that I get. My base Critical Chance is 5%. The healing aura on this won’t hurt either.

Chapter 6

Goblins! No Time to Waste!

I split my attribute points between strength and Vitality, but I’ll probably change it to 2:1:1 Strength:Vitality:Spirit, because I’ll need at least 70 more mana if I am to be able to use Thousand Strikes

Your unarmed damage is based on your level, so at level 1, I’m doing 1-1 damage. Once I hit level 2, it goes to 2-2 without spending any points into anything. Level 3 – still 3-3.

The fastest way back to the village is through some more goblins, so I’ll reach level 3 within the first 5 minutes of the next update, and once there, things will go much faster.

Yara’s current damage enchantments as of the end of Chapter 6:

Voting Results:

1. A Private Delivery
a) Deliver the letter sealed to Derk. = 3 Votes
b) Open the letter, and then deliver it to Derk. = 1 Vote
c) Deliver the letter direct to the husband, unopened. = 1 Vote
d) Open it and see if there’s an opportunity for blackmail. = 1 Vote

2. We’ve discovered evidence of a serious crime.
a) Turn it over to the authorities. = 2 Votes
b) Demand a payoff from the criminal to keep the secret.
c) Demand a BIG payoff from the criminal = 2 Votes.
d) “Give yourself up, Criminal!”
e) “I sympathize with you, Criminal!”
(1-3 = Bribe, 4-6 = Cops)
Dice roll = 4, 5, 5. We’re turning the evidence over to the cops.

Note, unless there are objections, starting after this vote, when there’s a tie between two non-default votes, the choice closest to the chosen alignment will win. Where there’s no difference, a best-of-three dice roll will still decide. Any objections?

3. We’re about to kill some goblins. After that, we could do a couple of things.
a) Kill MORE goblins! Ha ha ha! Blood! = 2 Votes
b) See Rolo, Richard, Derk, and visit Jackson’s farm. = 3 Votes.


1. Lieutenant Louis wants us to assist him in taking down the bandits. He wants to arrange a jailbreak of a prisoner to get the location and password to the bandit camp. This sounds like fun. How should we do it?
a) Follow Louis’s suggestion and go to the escape tunnel immediately.
b) Mind-read the prisoner for the location and password, and THEN go to the escape tunnel.
(You can mind-read the prisoner for the password and turn it over to Louis immediately, but it locks you out of a lot of quests and free stat points, and a teaser for the main plot, so we’re infiltrating the camp first.)

2. There are a few optional dungeons to do in this area: Jackson Farm dungeonette (tiny), Lost Cavern (Small), Church Catacombs (Moderate). None are really story related, but they have some useful loot, and the Church Catacombs has a quest (find the loot) and associated quest reward.
a) Videos only
b) Summary update with screenshots and videos

3. Stabbey’s Narrative: I might write an additional scene with Peavey and Quincy later. This is not a scene from the game itself. You can decide what happens to them.
a) Peavey can redeem himself.
b) Peavey will remain a coward.