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Part 101: Darkness

Chapter 76 – Darkness

Darkness (~8 1/2 minutes )

This quest has a really great atmosphere. I know that not a lot of people watch the videos. I almost went to the point of refusing to provide a screenshot version, but since the Asylum got a surprising number of views, I’ll provide a screenshot version and just highly recommend that the video should be watched.

Video: Darkness

(Yara) This is the house that ghost in the market marked on my map. Well, while I'm here...

I should also note that I have increased the difficulty to Nightmare, which means enemies take and deal more damage. Even the bonus dungeons are dangerous now. Don’t ask about the boss fights. Eep.

(Caracalla) Begorrah, at last you arrive! Make haste now: mine enemies linger in this house. Forsooth, they’ll know the meaning of pain!
(Behrlihn) I already know it: listening to you talk!
(Lucian) Be on your guard, Dragon Knight. This place has an especially sinister feel to it.

Who’s screaming?
The door’s locked.

This one’s locked too.
Quickly now, my comrade-in-arms! They are in that last room there! Off with their heads!
It’s too dark to see what’s inside. Maybe if I light these candles…

Here lies another fallen Champion, alas! They will pay for this! Those damnable swine will pay!
The door’s still locked, but the blood arrow is pointing to the right.

A switch on the wall.

He’s clutching a key, maybe I can get past that locked door now. And what’s this note say?

The first time I played, I spent a long time in this room looking for a secret door where the arrow was pointing, not realizing that the arrow was only meant to point to the hidden room to get into this one.

Fiddle sticks! That’s Geta, one of the best under my command he was. Gosh darn it, curse the misbegots who did it!

No, the hallway can’t just end here. It’s another trick.

What’s going on?

The atmosphere is changing! It’s getting too dark to see!

We’re trapped!

(???) Hahaa! I claw from the left -

– then tear from right and vanish in the shadows!

Now you see me, now you don’t! Blood, blood! Ha! You don’t see death, but feel it!

Something hit me! I can’t see!

Aah! Hell and damnation, I cannot see what is wounding me!

The candles! We need fire to spot these mongrels!

That’s the gimmick of this fight: We can’t attack the enemy until we light all four candles in the corners of the room. They can hit us though. (Yara’s high HP regeneration makes the wounds they inflict while invisible irrelevant.)

Now I see you!

Nightmare difficulty makes everything more dangerous.

Look! It is growing dark! We need illumination, and fast!

The candles only stay lit for a short time, so you need to quickly re-light them. The first time I played this, I was using a mage, and it was frantic doing this because my health wasn’t regenerating like it does with a Strength-based character.

Jumpin’ Jehosephat, we vanquished them! You have my thanks, Dragon Knight! My quest for vengeance is over and the Hall of Echoes beckons. Good fortune be with you always!
“Spectre at the Feast” complete! Quest Reward: 6211 XP, 1300 Gold, Skill Book. Bonus Chosen: 3105 XP, 1300 Gold.

If you light the candles in the dining room by the locked gate, this teleporter activates once the evil ghosts are dead.

It takes you behind the locked gate, which is full of treasure chests.

Caracella’s chest contains a huge amount of gold, it looks like 5000 + a large random amount, so make sure to get the key from his corpse in the Great Market.



I was so close to reaching a new level after finishing the quest that I decided to grind out a little bit of XP from a bonus dungeon, and hit level 40. I should now be able to get all skills to their maximum level.

Battle Rage

Increased from Rank 14 to 15.

Mana Cost: 183 -> 195
Duration: 180 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Damage Bonus: +150% -> +160%
Melee Armour Rating Penalty: -3 -> 0


Increased from Rank 14 to Rank 15

Mana Cost: 59 -> 63
Cooldown: 2 seconds -> 1 second
Bonus Damage (fixed): 503.5 -> 588.5
Knockdown Chance: 49% -> 52%

Now that I’m level 40, I can wear this helmet. It cost me 55,910 gold, but check that out: Plus FIVE to Wisdom. That’s a pretty big increase in the XP I’ll gain from quests. And now that I think about it, it’s actually got better stats than the Scorpion helmet, so wearing it instead is a good idea. (Spoiler Alert: It doesn’t even last a full update before I replace it with a better combat helmet. Pimping it out with Rank 9 enchantments was a waste.)