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Part 102: Halliwell’s Secret

Chapter 77 – Halliwell’s Secret

Assorted Stuff
Halliwell’s Room – Phoenix Inn
Halliwell’s Room – Circle of Trust Inn

The Dragon Knight returned to the Ministry to make sure Servus' wife Alina had arrived there safely.

Music: The Living Shield (Aleroth Ministry)

Video: Assorted Stuff

(Alina) I can’t believe you sent someone to save me in your stead, you spineless good-for-nothing!
(Servus) I’m on duty! What could I do?
Duty! Your duty is to me as you vowed when we married! And don’t roll your eyes like that!
(Yara) Did I come at a bad time?
Oh, so good to see you, Dragon Knight. I’m sure that if you ever marry, your spouse will be better off than I am!

Oh, Dragon Knight, I thank you for my wife’s rescue. But did you have to let her out of the house?
Excuse me?
Oh, I’m glad she’s safe and sound of course. But alas, so is her temper!
“Damsel in Distress” complete! Quest Reward: 4873 XP, 600 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 25 Earth Root.
I should have married that nice Dragon Slayer boy like my mother said!
Don’t bring your mother into it! There’s enough monsters loose in Aleroth as it is.
How dare you! She was a wise woman, she was! And Marius, now there’s a real man! Don’t think I’ll be cooking you dinner tonight! Old bread and leftover cheese is what you’ll be getting!
You won’t hear me complaining! I’ll enjoy the silence when you’re chewing.
And don’t take that attitude with me, you namby-pamby excuse for a Champion, or it’s the couch you’ll be sleeping on!

If ever a woman could nag, Dragon Knight, it’s my Alina!
Be glad she’s alive!
I am, I am! I just hope she bites her tongue or something so this barrage of blasphemy ends!

I should look into the mystery of Halliwell. Ricky said he lost the key to his room beneath the bridge, so I should start by looking there.

Music: Lanilor Lane

(Heleon) Ah, now you are ready to fetch those potions! Of course you are!
I changed my mind. Tell me where the potions are and I’ll retrieve them for you.
Marvellous! The potions, five of them to be exact, are in a cave of sorts close by the city gate. I’m afraid it might have been swarmed by undead, though. Forgot to mention that. I slammed the hatch shut and locked it with the key I found next to it. Here you go, you’ll need that. Best of luck!
What did you mean by ‘a cave of sorts’?
Oh, that place is an excavation site. Sir Gula, some nobleman and self-proclaimed adventurer, started to dig there looking for Divine-know-what. He hasn’t been seen anywhere near it for weeks, so I thought: might as well set up a laboratory and stash my potions there. Nice and quiet, you know. But no sooner was I out of that pit when I heard the shuffle of undead feet and I realized what I had stirred.
G’day Heleon.
Good health be yours, Dragon Knight!

 Accepting this quest is actually vital for the main quest – we’ll need that key later. 

There’s the key!

An argument farther along Lanilor Lane caught the attention of the Dragon Knight.

(Vito) I don’t care about orders! These bodies are potentially of great interest to science!
(Gaius) And I will more than potentially end up in a cell if I don’t burn them like the Captain said.
But what’s a few days of potato peeling duty against the advancement of the healer’s knowledge?
Well, I think I’ll answer that rhetorical question with a big bonfire! Go on, get out of here!
Dragon Knight, please stop this fool before he destroys these perfect specimens! Think of what we could learn!
The healer is correct, my dear Champion. Their research might even save your life one day.
If you say so, ma’am! Pity though, I love watching ‘em burn!
Praise the Divine the voice of reason sounds louder here today. Thank you, Dragon Knight. I will start to work without delay!

Music: Lanilor Lane Vocals

I just have to prepare a bit and then we’re off researching! A true triumph for science!
I should talk to the goblins about what Aquila said.

If you look carefully, you can see a key under the pile of zombie corpses. It opens the chest behind Vito. But we’ll never get it now, because we told the soldier not to burn them. It’s okay though, it’s just random loot I don’t care about – not even good random loot.

The trap door is locked, and it’s an alternate exit from the Playhouse.

(Earab) The child of Ouroboros returns! Have you convinced Aquila?
(Nathirap) Will we be able to join the Champions?
Aquila’s main concern seems to be you are missing equipment.
But it was the Champions who made us hand over our weapons when we entered the city and pledged to live like humans!
*Hisss* There must be goblin weapons in the city somewhere!
There is that goblin merchant, but I’ve delayed too much already. I’d better go investigate Halliwell’s rooms before he finishes talking with Bernard.

Video: Halliwell’s Room – Phoenix Inn

Ugh… there’s a stench coming from up here.
(Behrlihn) Ahhh… a familiar smell to me.

Music: Halliwell’s Room

*cough* *cough* The stench in here… Ugh…

I REALLY need to have a word with Augustus about getting more patrols on the streets. This shit is ridiculous.

These paintings… what did Hannibal say about them?
(Hannibal) (-15000 XP) After all this time I still remember the secret of the paintings in the room upstairs. “The Dark Knight rides his steed towards the tower. Your time has come, poor prisoner.”
It looks like the paintings can move.

Finally, the second piece of our final gear. The Helmet of Arben really didn’t last long at all! Now that I have two parts, time to start mentioning set bonuses.
Order of the Viper Helmet: +10 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +5 Vitality


Increased from Rank 1 to Rank 6

Health Regeneration Bonus: 0.21 -> 0.39% (per second)

(Lucian) I’m not sure lighting all the candles is a good idea, Dragon Knight.
Oh yeah. Definitely. But I’m doing it anyway.

(Ezaazh) Halliwell, you greedy dog, have I not cursed enough unfortunates for you? I’m still digesting the last one.
You wouldn’t happen to be the stuff of nightmares that snacks on that poor fellow in the healer’s cellar, would you?
Don’t tell me you have come here on behalf of that insignificant pawn! His plight is just the first taste of what will befall Aleroth! It is pitiful that you don’t tremble in fear, creature!
Funny, I was just about to say the same thing to you.
Know that I am favoured of Abraxas, the Viridian Horror! His Demonic blood flows through me. The power to curse and devour. And Devour you I shall!
(-22500 XP) Hail Abraxas, who gives strength through blood! I wonder what powers it would grant a feeble human such as this.
And I am the Dragon Knight! Slayer of the Archdemon Ba’al! No Demon can stand before my might, you snivelling fool!
A little over the top, don’t you think?
He postures, I posture. Don’t tell me you’ve never used your deeds as a way to intimidate your foes.

This guy isn’t hard. Again, Nightmare difficulty.

Most bosses have the annoying tendency of healing themselves when they fall below 50% Health. Maximum rank Fatality helps a lot. But it would take a lot of the fun out, so I won’t be using it on bosses.

Yara took a phial from her pack and filled it with some of the Demon’s blood.

I hope killing the demon will have helped Kelton, but this might be needed just in case. But at least he won’t get any worse. I’d better check Halliwell’s other room at the Circle of Trust first.

The Blood of Ezaazh is meant for Kelton, but if you want, you can drink it yourself. But there’s a price. It will raise your Strength by 10 points, but it cuts your Vitality and Intelligence by 5 points each. I don’t think the tradeoff is worth it.

However, if Vitality and Intelligence are at 5 or lower, they are reduced to 0 when drinking the blood. So if you want to min-max like crazy, don’t increase the base points, and you can effectively get 6 or 8 free stat points to Strength. But that’s far too much trouble for an ED game, so it’s only really useful when starting a new FoV game – if it weren’t for the fact that you already start an FoV game with only the base attribute points.

Video: Halliwell’s Room – Circle of Trust Inn

Music: Troll Village

(Byron) You again? You must be hard of hearing!
(-22500 XP) All these damned Champions… No wonder Aleroth is going to the dogs! Seekers, those are what this city needs.
You know, I heard some Champions proclaim all over Lanilor Lane that Seekers are more yellow than a jaundiced lemon.
WHAT? The nerve! The scandal! Come, let’s show them who are made of the sturdiest mettle!

Now for the door.

The door is shut tight by what appears to be a protective spell known as Demon’s Grip. Better luck next time.
You’ll need some sorcery to open that door. Perhaps you know of a place where magic is stored.
Yeah, yeah, back to the Prancing Seahorse it is.

What’s that beside the Seahorse?

The runes guard a vault
that no one’d dare assault.
But if entry is your plight,
then pray the sequence do recite –
from left to right!
Still missing the fourth rune…
I’ll be back.
All right, Dragon Knight!

Dragon Knight, what brings you back here?
Have you found anything that could lead to a clue?
Not yet, I’m afraid.
I discovered a hatch in Crow’s Nest. It was rusted shut, but it’s been opened recently. There might be something inside of importance.
How can I help?
It’s locked with a four-digit combination I don’t have. In your search, can you keep an eye out for the combination for that?
I’ll try, Dragon Knight!
Also, do you know of any magic to counter the Demon’s Grip spell?
Demon’s Grip? Hmmm… Yes, I did find a counter-spell recently. I put it on the desk there.

I’d better hurry back.

Now for the spell.
Oh - … really?

What is it?
I know who created this spell, that’s all. Here goes.

“If a door is barred by Demon’s Grip,
use this spell to quickly strip
the timber of that which blocks.
Behold, now it unlocks!”

Music: Halliwell’s Room

Really? This is the barracks. No one was on watch? No one noticed Halliwell dragging a dozen bodies up the stairs?
I’d better look ar- someone’s coming.

(Halliwell) Well, what have we here? Looks like someone needs to learn a bit of decorum. When one breaks into anothers room one might discover things one did not want to… An agonizing death at the hand of a closet Demon-worshipper, for instance!
(-22500 XP) I’ll quickly dispatch of this insect and warn Laniel we’ve been found. First I’ll return his key, then we’ll sacrifice his house-mates Tom and Hansel!
Hard times indeed if you are what passes for a holy man these days.
Strange times indeed if you are what passes for a Dragon Knight… Slayer! This city… all that lives in it… flesh for our Lord, Abraxas! He will free what lies beneath, he will bring the light of day to Behrlihn and you will not stand in his glorious way!

Mind-reading Halliwell before the fight here is the only way to get Laniel’s room key.

What’s this?

I never knew there were others that flocked to my cause! This mere pawn: a follower of the Demon Abraxas, a good friend of mine and as it would appear and advocate of salvation. One day I shall thank him with the blood of ten thousand women!
Personally, I’d go with a fruit basket.
Do not forget to examine what you found here closely. These clues are vital!

This age-old amulet contains a cryptic inscription: ‘Shine across the shield of truth is what the Blue Moon does.’
That’s supposed to help, is it?
“Clue I” complete! Quest Reward: 7920 XP, 1600 Gold, 2 Skill Books. Bonus Chosen: 3960 XP, 1600 Gold.
Not it’s time to root out the last of the rot. To Tom’s house, where I shall dispatch Laniel.

Wait… something feels strange… that tingling…



Order of the Viper Set Bonuses
Order of the Viper Helmet: +10 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +5 Vitality

(Ezaazh) Halliwell, you greedy dog, have I not cursed enough unfortunates for you? I’m still digesting the last one.
I am not who you think, but feel free to try and curse me if you like.
A willing subject! But no, I will just have you now!

There is no alternate conversation if you kill Halliwell before talking to the demon. I took out the next scene from the main update for flow reasons.

(Carlin) No no no, don’t do any of that fancy dual wielding! Grab a shield and stay behind it until you’re sure to hit something.
(Niles) But… how will I see what’s coming at me?
You’ll feel the impact of arrows, never you worry. And you’ll be blessing me for my good advice when you do. Just give it a peek now and then. Bash ‘em with your shield when close and stab ‘em through the neck when they’re down.

(Halliwell) Well, what have we here? Looks like someone needs to learn a bit of decorum. When one breaks into anothers room one might discover things one did not want to… An agonizing death at the hand of a closet Demon-worshipper, for instance!

Actually, I think I’ll ‘separate some ex-New Order brains from ex-New Order skull’.
Bah! New Order… Bunch of Divine-fearing weaklings. Too cowardly to embrace the Demon!

You’ve been out of the closet for a long time, impostor. I killed your friend over at the Phoenix Inn.
Hah! Allow me to tremble in terror then, for you have slain one of millions!

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