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Part 104: To Kill a Predator

Chapter 79 – To Kill a Predator

Taurus’ House
Secret Sewer Tunnel

Music: Luxurius’ Chamber

Music: Luxurius’ Dungeon

With the Demon-worshipping danger removed, the Dragon Knight was free to refocus on another threat less powerful, but nearly as vile: the corrupt and carnal General Luxurius.

Video: Taurus’ House

(Yara) Here’s General Luxurius’s house. Maybe I could just knock? … Nothing.

At least Taurus was kind enough to leave his key behind.

I hear something moving. I’d better be ready for anything.

Where did they come from?

The only thing of interest in Taurus’ house is this lever. Pull it three times and get the key from a cauldron to open a chest of random loot.

Maybe they came up from below…

Music: Luxurius’ Dungeon

Video: Secret Sewer Tunnel

Take my advice: Jump over the green mist. I think that the sewer gas in Aleroth is what Damian used to kill everything in Broken Valley and on Sentinel Island. That shit is nasty enough to even overcome my 15.97 per second health regeneration. I spent 3-4 seconds in it and lost nearly 400 health. It’s not instantly fatal, but you want to spend as little time as possible in that stuff, especially if Strength isn’t your… strength.

Also, I got killed in the first enemy encounter because I ran through the poison to demonstrate it, didn’t bother powering up or summoning anything, and got knocked into the stuff again. Nightmare difficulty!

If my sense of direction is working, this door should be under Luxurius’s manor. … Locked. Of course.

There is a locked chest past some stepping stones…

The key is over on that rubble pile, and oh yeah, enemies to my left.

If you’re playing on a high difficulty, be careful, this room has a lot of enemies. Be prepared to run. I’m certainly not going to attempt this room until I can re-summon my creature. Oh, and the ground is safe in the rooms with statues.

The puzzle here is to match the colours to the statues. It barely qualifies as a puzzle, the hardest thing you might have to do is remember things for a handful of seconds.

Just plug in the right colours, and poof.

I assume this key is for Luxurius’ door.

Video: Luxurius

Music: Luxurius’ Chamber

If it wasn’t obvious before, this place will make it even clearer that Larian wasn’t even trying. The tunnels were 1 floor below Lanilor Lane. This room is 3 stories ABOVE Lanilor Lane. There’s no explanation for this.

Are you all right? I’m here to help.
(Celie) The things that bastard did to me… Kill him! Make him suffer!

(Eliza) We should all jump him together and snap his neck!
(Ariadne) But he’s so very strong! That could get us all killed!
Are you all right?
The General kidnapped us! Rescue us, please!
You have to get us out of here, stranger! Luxurius is mad! He keeps us locked here as slaves.
Poor Anne. Looks like she got captured as well.
Maybe that means he’ll let the other girls go.

(Luxurius) Hmmm… And so, my dear Anne, at last I come to you.

(Anne) No, please! Let me go and I swear from the bottom of my heart I won’t tell a soul!

(Luxurius) It’s too late for that now, dear. You will be mine!
No! No! Somebody help! Divine save me!
Hush now dear, can’t you see we have a visitor? Now then, seems a sewer rat has crept into my chamber of lust and leisure. Would you like it to join us?
Over your dead body.
No? Just a moment then, dearest: business before pleasure! Guards! To me!

(Ariadne) Luxurius is being attacked! Here’s our chance! Let it, girls!

Luxurius’s corpse contains the Order of the Viper Belt, that’s our third piece of the set now. Its skill bonus is +5 Life Leech – that’s why I took points out of it earlier. I’ll be putting on the Rank 10 Healing Aura enchantment (+0.3% HP regeneration). Luxurius also dropped a random +3 Wisdom amulet (about time), and a +5 Vitality Charm which is going onto the belt immediately, as well as another random belt which would be awesome if I didn’t just get this one. (+6 Critical Chance, + 82 Mana & HP).

I went back and added in the mentions of the other +5 Skills to the other two pieces of Viper armour.

Life Leech

Increased from Rank 8 to Rank 13

Chance of Leech: 24% -> 34%
HP Drained: 22% -> 32%

(Anne) Divine reward your heroism, Dragon Knight! The deepest recesses of hell could not have spawned a monster more horrid than this debauched incarnation of lechery.
(-22500 XP) My father Richard wants me to marry a valiant man, a Champion! But Tom is… is valiant in his own right, isn’t he?
Worry no longer, Anne! Tom sent me to rescue you.
Oh, my dearest Tom! How like him to look after me from a distance! I shall return to my lover’s house and try to forget about the horrid fate that might have befallen me. Please do visit us should you find the time so we can reward you like a hero should be!

The Dragon Knight finished off the remainder of Luxurius's corrupt guards and took Anne up on her offer of a visit.

(Tom) Good heavens, my love is safe! I cannot thank you enough.
You can, my friend, you can!
Hahaha! Yes, I will compensate you for your pains. Please accept this gold. May you prosper by it!
“Beauty and the Beast” complete! Quest Reward: 6211 XP, 1300 Gold, Skill Book. Bonus Chosen: 3105 XP, Random earrings (+2 Wisdom, +10 intelligence.)

I bid you a warm welcome, Dragon Knight! Our house is your house.
How have you been holding up, Anne?
Oh, I’m fine! I still shudder at the thought of that dungeon and its, well, purpose and paraphernalia. But what worries me more is how a villain like that could live in Aleroth without anybody knowing or caring about it!
You and me both. If both Aleroth and I survive the current crisis, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the city.
Imagine what other monsters might stalk these streets! I mean: what’s next? Zonked zombies out for boozers’ brains? Honestly, what is Rivellon coming to?
I hear your father is Richard: would that be Champion Richard?
Why, yes! You know daddy then? Isn’t he the sweetest man you ever saw?

Treats me like a princess he does and still there are foul mouths who claim he’s as sophisticated as a poo-flinging primate!
(-22500 XP)
I must take my leave.
By all means, my hero!

Mind-read Anne twice for an attribute point. Don’t feel bad that we killed Richard. He deserved it, regardless of Anne’s blinders. And he would have died just the same when Broken Valley was gassed.

I put the attribute point into Intelligence.

Summon Demon

Increased from Rank 2 to Rank 3

Mana Cost: 110 -> 114
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 200 -> 220 Seconds
Demon Level: 23 -> 24

Taurus’ House
Secret Sewer Tunnel

Music: Luxurius’ Chamber

Music: Luxurius’ Dungeon


Luxurius’s room on the second story has a magical barrier. I spent a little while trying to remember how to open it.

First, hit this button in the tub…

It turns the lighting weird, and it highlights three buttons.

Hit them all, and the barrier fades.

Luxurius’s room is open. It has a chest containing 5000+ gold.

There’s another chest in the secret chamber that can’t be picked open and has no key. That one can only be opened if you cut off Tom’s finger and turn it in to Luxurius.

Richard’s Letter

I upped the bonuses in the belt.

Order of the Viper Set Bonuses
Order of the Viper Helmet: +10 -> +15 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +5 -> +10 Vitality
Order of the Viper Belt: (NEW!) +15 Magic Armour Rating

Yeah, there is an alternate approach, and a way you can be incredibly cruel to Tom just for the sake of being cruel. There’s no personal gain – well, not much – and it’s not funny, just nasty. It's a bit long with a couple variations, so I'll show that off in a bonus update.