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Part 113: Madam Eve’s

Chapter 87 – Madam Eve’s

CSI: Aleroth
Analyzing the clues

Music: Madam Eve’s

Video: CSI: Aleroth

(Yara) Tell me about the first murder scene.
(Madam Eve) There lies the body of a gentleman who hailed from Broken Valley village. Folo was his name. I don’t know what he was doing here, in my establishment specifically, I mean: it was just him and a pig in there.

I guess he was travelling to a fair and ended up here.

Wrong time, wrong place, poor fellow.

Tell me about the second murder scene.
Such a sad affair! A young couple it was – Derk ‘n’ Dana I believe – they were here on their honeymoon of all things! What rotten luck. The way they were torn apart, it’s incomprehensible… like a great rage must have taken possession of the murderer. It’s all I can do to hold it together, sugar! I may need you to hold me before long.
Tell me about the third murder scene.
I don’t rightly know much about him, to tell you the truth. He was a nobleman of sorts, who like so many came here to look for some company. You know. He was killed in his room just like the others, but his escorts won’t let anybody in there because they are waiting for some kind of approval from his hometown to move the body. Perhaps you, a Dragon Knight, can convince them to turn a blind eye. Shouldn’t be a problem for you, sugar.
Goodbye for now, madam.
Hurry back, sweet lips!

This is why I inserted the scene earlier with Folo, Kevin, Derk and Dana getting on the zeppelin that took Rhode to Aleroth. Rhode got to Aleroth somehow, and so did those folks, so that was as good an explanation as any.

Madam Eve’s Charter

In case you didn’t figure it out by now, Aulus and Minius are gay or at least bisexual.

The Murders in the Rue Lanilor
It is essential that we solve the mystery behind the murders in Madam Eve’s. It’s mandatory, in fact.

Alright, the first murder scene…

Ugh… poor Folo… well… maybe.

(Kevin the pig) Oink!
So, Kevin, what happened here then, eh?
(-15000 XP) You can see flashes in Kevin’s mind that depict the murder of Folo, but from a low height. During the struggle Folo was repeatedly stabbed with a weapon that was afterwards flung under the bed…
Er… Rosebud?
Oink? *Kevin starts to blush*
I shouldn’t have asked, I shouldn’t have asked, I shouldn’t have asked…

Interesting. I’ve never seen anything like that?
(Lucian) Hmmm… the style reminds me of weapons that were popular in my day. These days, they're much fancier.
There’s something on the desk as well…

The Adventures of Folo and Kevin

I wonder if I can do the Dragon Slayer memory-erasing ritual a second time.

The Blade beneath the Bed
We need to learn more about the murder weapon. This is part of the overall quest.

Now for the second murder scene…

It’s hard for me to be upset – I thought they had been killed in Broken Valley – I already thought of them as dead.

What is this? Ick. I don’t think it’s from either of these two.

Nasty Necrolysis

(Johnbee) A sad affair, this. I knew we shouldn’t have come to this place of ill repute!

(Sheridan) I’m sorry, Dragon Knight, but I cannot allow you into this room. My master’s remains are off-limits
Why won’t you let me into this room?
My lord is a Prince of Rivertown whose family would not allow anyone to tamper with his dead body. They pride themselves in the mausoleum wherein are displayed, in a perfectly preserved state, generations of their ancestors. An embalmer is on his way, ready to maintain the Prince’s corpse in as impeccable a condition as possible. All outside influences are strictly forbidden.
I’m sure you can make an exception for so esteemed a citizen as I.
I would, but my orders are clear. No one enters this chamber.
(-7500 XP) I sense something behind this door. Find a way in! You must!
Move aside you buffoon!
Neither threads nor insults will make me yield. Please step back!
I could kill them…
But that would be wrong.

You can’t fight your way in, you actually need to make a case that’s better than “Fuck you, I’m a Dragon!”

Mm, it’s you! How fares the big investigation, sugar?
Would you happen to recognize this type of metal? I found it in one of your rooms.
It’s certainly not something I have seen before. Perhaps Gofannon the smith can help you: his knowledge of metals is positively encyclopaedic.
I found this rather fetid piece of flesh in the second murder room. Can you tell me more?
Oh, how revolting! Please, don’t dangle that in front of me! Talk to Doctor West, he’s the city mortician and necromancer. You can find him in the building down by the city gate. I believe it’s called the Circle of Trust Inn.
I need to investigate the last crime scene, but those Seekers won’t let me in.
What a nuisance! But maybe you can convince them when you have gathered enough clues in the other rooms.
Goodbye for now, madam.

Music: Market Square

Video: Analyzing the clues

(Gofannon) Always a pleasure to see you, Dragon Knight!
I was told you might know more about this piece of metal.
Truly? Let me have a closer look then. Ah, yes, a cracked dagger. No wonder it broke seeing how old it is. Yes, we no longer use this alloy at all. Whoever used this weapon must have had access to a century-old armoury. Unless he himself is more than a hundred years old! Hahaha! I’m sorry I can’t be more specific, but there you have it. Still: never mind old blades, eh, Dragon Knight! I have the newest and sturdiest metal in stock!
Goodbye then!
Always welcome!
Now to see Dr. West.
“The Blade beneath the Bed” complete! Quest Reward: 5632 XP, 900 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2815 XP.

This might be a bit of an meta moment, acknowledging that items in Divinity 2 no longer have degrade and break with use.

Music: Troll Village

(Doctor West) Ah, that sweet smell of formaldehyde! Always puts me in a jolly mood.
What – if anything – can you tell me about this piece of morbid flesh?
Oh what a fantastic specimen! *sniffs* Yes, the aroma is unmistakable. And that soft, spongy texture: quite exquisite. This, my friend, is the deathless, lifeless tissue of a very rare type of undead: a ‘natural undead’ to use layman’s terms: a creature that lives after death without the influence of any necromantic magic. No verified case has surfaced in as long as a good seven decades if my memory serves me well. There was a sighting in Aleroth back then, and again in a nearby graveyard.
(Lucian) Oh yes, I remember that well. I had to put that fellow down a good three times before he stayed dead. What a nuisance!
Oh yeah, you told me about that guy.

That’s what you’re dealing with, no doubt about it. How very exciting for you! A true undead!
Goodbye, Doctor.
May death follow in your footsteps!
I’ll just have to hope that this is enough to convince the soldiers to step aside.

“Nasty Necrolysis” complete! Quest Reward: 5632 XP, 900 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2815 XP.

Look at that quest log. That’s all we’ve got left, really.

Music: Madam Eve’s

I have evidence the other victims were killed by a very rare type of living dead who wields a century-old blade. Still not convinced?
(Sheridan) I must admit this sounds quite alarming. Why would such a creature attack the Prince?
How can we find out if you don’t let me into the room to investigate further? I promise not to touch anything I don’t have to.
There’s nothing for it: I grant you access to his chamber. May his murderer fall by your blade!
Don’t have a blade; don’t need a blade.

Nothing interesting about the body. Wait –

The hell is this?

I found this strange pale substance in Prince Michael’s room. Any ideas?
Honey, I don’t know what to tell you… but…

Oh, that? No, I have no idea. Let me see, do you know Chanelle? She’s a fantastic alchemist. I’m certain she can push you in the right direction.
Goodbye for now, madam.

Dust to Dust
Same drill as the previous two – take the evidence to an expert.

I found this weird powder at a crime scene over at Madame Eve’s and she pointed me to you.
(Chanelle) Probably one of those ‘delicate creams’ I make for her, gone bad and pulverized. Can I have a look? Hmmm, no, this is different. It’s… it’s Pixie Dust! This is very rare indeed. Did you know, Dragon Knight, this powder was used in various powerful potions, but also, by those who could afford it, simply as a means to cover up stains of all sorts? The latter effect was reversible, though, if you had the right essences. I actually have some, so here you go! Perhaps there are secrets to be discovered where you found it.
Good day to you!
Always welcome!

This stuff reveals stains, huh?

I can’t say I’m looking forward to spreading it around Madam Eve’s.

Dragon Knight! Thank goodness you are here! It is horrible, horrible! I saw it, the creature… It came back for the bodies and… it killed those poor guards! It must be here somewhere! It could be anywhere! Gods, I am so afraid!

Why come back for the bodies?

The trail ends here. No bodies, no blood, nothing… Clearly whatever took them is intelligent enough to try and hide its tracks.

“Dust to Dust” complete! Quest Reward: 5632 XP, 900 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2815 XP.

Another secret switch…

Now where do you go?

CSI: Aleroth
Analyzing the clues

A reminder: From this update until the end of the game, it's just the main quest. We're almost done.


Order of the Viper Set Bonuses
Order of the Viper Helmet: +30 Ranged Armour Rating
Order of the Viper Cuirass: +20 Vitality
Order of the Viper Bracers: +20 Strength
Order of the Viper Leggings: +30 Heightened Reflexes
Order of the Viper Belt: +30 Magic Armour Rating

(possibly ) Concept art of the Skeleton Princess from Dragon Commander.

wdarkk posted:

So uh, that's a romance option eh?

From what I’ve read about the game, she is. But Dragon Commander is a game about choice, so she is just one of several possible princesses. And each princess has five different possible endings. Romance isn’t a guarantee. The ending you get with the princess of your choice is probably going to mostly be based on what you’re willing to trade-off to get her support.

The example given for the skeletal princess in the demo video is that she wants to establish a nation of the undead, but the catch is that it’s where a Dwarven city is now. Side with the Princess and you get additional undead army units fighting in your fleet, but you annoy the dwarves and you lose out on useful upgrades.

The princess is hoping to be restored to life (and creating an undead nation is one step towards that path). In the meantime, she wears a wig and a corset stuffed with a pair of melons.