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Part 116: The Engineer

Chapter 90 – The Engineer

Bonus: Other weapon styles: Fatality and Thousand Strikes
The Engineer
Goodnight, Tree
Bonus: Aleroth at Sunset

The extra video at the end is a commentary-free tour of Aleroth under the new lighting conditions.

Music: The Engineer

This music is a remix of “Fortress of Kali”, but I like how well it fits this part.

Video: The Engineer

The Source Square waypoint is near the sealed gate to Crow’s Nest. The red tint isn’t just for this one area, either: Go back to any outdoor area and you’ll see that it all looks red and the shadows have moved. Yes, an actual indicator that time is actually passing!

(Lucian) Those stairs should take you straight to Champion Academy, Dragon Knight.
(Yara) That’s where Rhode went. Did she make it? Is there anyone still alive in there?

(The Engineer) Here now, someone made it past my traps. Mayhap I am a bit rusty after all these years. Not that I would mind being rusty in my old metallic self. This squishy sack of meat does not suit me at all. Look how easily the tissue scars!

Music: The Engineer

The scales of a Dragon though, now those would fit me fine! And ripe for the plucking they are too!
I am the Dragon. No one else can be.
Believe whatever delusions you want, nothing is impossible for one like me. My army of walking dead shall conquer Aleroth and my victory will be complete. Come corpses of citizens and champions, I command you to kill this creature now!

And you, Skulk, fire up the machines! Let the raging engines herald my victory!

(Abbott) I’m here to help you, Dragon Knight! This place will be riddled with traps, but I’ll attempt to disable them. You just try and slay that monstrosity, that’s all anyone can ask of you!
(Behrlihn) This asinine automaton secures strength through trickery and machinery. Eliminate his devices and you eliminate him.

If Abbot survived the final trap, he shows up here to disable the traps in the arena. If he didn’t, well, they weren’t threatening anyway.

The Engineer is under an invulnerable bubble shield. The only thing that get get through are retaliation bolts coming from us. We need to shut off all four machines to get him to come out and play. Doing so triggers the spawn of more enemies.

The enemies are only occasionally dangerous enough to make you require healing.

We can’t attack the Engineer yet, but come up to his platform – do you see that chest over there? Jump to it and…

The last piece of this set. I really don’t like the placement of the last two parts. There are many other spots that they could have placed these. The last two are in late-game main quest territory. Yes, you can do this quest as soon as Crow’s Nest opens, but it just feels wrong to go here before getting the other clues.

It’s true that the Ranger doesn’t need the extra power, but this area really feels like it shouldn’t be done until after you’ve done everything else, and saving it for last means you get less time with the rest of the set.

Blast! Shulk! Burnt to a crisp! I will make you pay for that in blood, you misbegotten dog!
He is vulnerable now! Go draw his blood!

The Engineer. A cold, cowardly construct. He was on our side at first, tempted by the power promised by the beast. But the more he saw, the more he realized, awe turned to fear and during the last days of the struggle he betrayed me to the Council. Dead or not, I shall wreak vengeance on him yet!

Okay, this game is the first I’ve ever heard that the Engineer was not just a normal human, whose job title was “Engineer”.

This is another apparent retcon. What was apparently an ordinary man is actually a millennium-old supernatural robot man … who retired from trying to take over the world and started installing traps and such, and who could be persuaded to stop his vengeance-driven quest with pocket change.

There was no indication in Divine Divinity that he was a robot-person. Yes, he had the appearance of a lich, which is a haunted suit of armour, but I didn’t think I was meant to take that as his literal appearance in life. There were tons of those guys around as normal enemies.

But this just makes the monks treatment of him even stupider. Yes, hire and then try to kill the MILLENIUM-OLD METAL MAN. That’s a smart play!

This magnificent blade of time-forgotten centuries reveals in runic shapes: “The Fire God resides in the snake’s mind.”
“Clue IV” complete! Quest Reward: 7920 XP, 1600 Gold, 2 Skill Books. Bonus Chosen: 3960 XP, 1600 Gold.

You did it! The Engineer is dead… again. And I will have nothing further to do with him or the treasure I sought. I have learned my lesson!
Good for you. Too bad about all the dead folks, though.
Magnificent machines, aren’t they? The Engineer might have been dangerous and evil, but he was also a genius!
Why do I even bother?

Video: Goodnight, Tree

Oh boy, I can’t wait to hear what ‘clever’ rhymes Bellegar will come up with this time.

… Huh… That’s… unexpected…

Killing the engineer solved two long-standing side-quests, so I’m off to claim the reward before I go on.

(Nericon) <How fares the struggle that will cleanse this stone-built grove?>
<As I told you it would be: this evil has been removed, never to return.>
<Ah, relief courses through me like a warm wine from root to leaf. Raw nature earned its victory again. I will return to the world of spirits and leave Aleroth to rest and bloom once more. Farewell!>
“Nericon’s Wrath” complete! Quest Reward: 6211 XP. 1300 Gold, Skill Book. Bonus Chosen: 3105 XP, 1300 Gold.

(Augustus) Yes, my friend? Can I aid you in any way?
I have found and eliminated the source of the undead uprising.
Marvellous! Well done, my friend! Once the Black Ring threat is removed we shall clear the Crow’s Nest of the last deathless remnants and reclaim the entire town. I shouldn’t wonder that after the war one of Aleroth’s squares shall be graced by a golden statue in your likeness!
Goodbye for now, Augustus.
Best of luck, Dragon Knight!
“Dead Rising” complete! Quest Reward: 10560 XP, 2400 Gold, 3 Skill Books. Bonus Chosen: 5280 XP, 2400 Gold, 5 Malachite Gems.

This quest gives an awesome reward. Three more skill books, and I randomly got 5 Malachite gems as one of the three optional rewards.

Level 44!


Increased from Rank 4 to Rank 11

Evade chance: 16% -> 30%

Finally, Champion Academy. Somewhere in here is the key to Aleroth’s salvation.


Bonus: Other weapon styles: Fatality and Thousand Strikes
The Engineer
Goodnight, Tree
Bonus: Aleroth at Sunset


(The Engineer) The scales of a Dragon though, now those would fit me fine! And ripe for the plucking they are too!
Your little escapade is about to end in failure, Engineer.
On the contrary, ignoramus! My army of walking dead shall conquer Aleroth and my victory will be complete.

Delacroix posted:

I've gotta say for such a screenshot heavy workload you place on yourself, you have a fairly insane update schedule. There are only a handful of LPs let alone consistent LPers that spring to mind when you update with such regularity.

I can only do one of these a year, and even then I need to take a long break between them. I can't understand how some others can just keep doing them one after another.

This update was completely done a couple of days ago, actually, but I didn't want to double post. I've transcribed and finished the screenshots for the next two chapters.

I'm really looking forward to the end of this LP.