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Part 118: The Five Orbs

Chapter 92 – The Five Orbs

Barracks and Chapel
Secret Catacombs

Music: Champion Academy Chapel

Music: Dungeon Stealing

Video: Barracks and Chapel

(Yara) I’ll try the right wing first.

Looks like the barracks.

Nothing here. Wait…

That doesn’t look like it belongs here. But how to get it?

I don’t see anything special. Argh. Gotta take this off. …

Wait… did the room just get smaller? Let me try the helmet again.

The walls are solid – it’s not an illusion… but when wearing the helmet, I can walk right through? Strange…

I think the best explanation for what the helmet does, is that if puts the user slightly out of phase with reality, so they can interact differently with certain special objects.

(Behrlihn) Well done! These orbs are key: spheres of liberation that will undo millennia of decay! Bellegar must have hid them all over the academy. You must find them all to unlock the vault that is my prison!
Boy. He’s sure trying his hardest… to stop me…
Yes, he – why are you sounding so thoughtful?
No, it’s nothing.

Now for the other wing.

Music: Champion Academy Chapel

Wow, that’s a lot of them. Time for my own reinforcements.

That… seems to be all of them… for now…

This small library has touchplates on the floor. Step on them in the right order and the plate glows, get the wrong order and the glow stops. Here, you need to step on two, then put on the Helmet of Secrets before you can trigger the third one.

Two down.

Match the colours in helmet-world to the colours in the real world.

That’s three. So far, so good.

Hmmm… there’s no railing here. Strange.


Another orb retrieved! One more to go…
I can only see this platform with the helmet on. What if I take it off?

(Lucian) Brilliant move, Dragon Knight.
You’ve been watching me for a long time. You should know by now: high falls are just a way to get down faster.

Music: Dungeon Stealing

An empty alcove… Hmmm… the wall feels solid enough, but I bet it isn’t.

Video: Secret Catacombs

I see hovering platforms…

Up there… the last orb!

For this puzzle, you need to swap the helmet out repeatedly. Some platforms are only visible with it on, others with it off.

You have the fifth orb! We are ready. Ready for reascension!

Who put this down here? Zandalor? How’d they get this stuff through that stone wall? Or did Bellegar put in the wall after?

Here it is: the entrance. Zandalor took the shield and now you must solve the puzzle.

Barracks and Chapel
Secret Catacombs


Stop giving yourself a headache with that thing! I told you it is no use outside of the academy.

Reader Participation

Solve the puzzle. Don’t worry, this doesn’t lock us into an ending. That choice still lies before us.

Place the orbs. You can use the coordinates for your answers, or MSPaint or Photoshop if you feel like getting fancy.