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Part 12: Carl Has a Bad Day

Chapter 7 – Carl Has a Bad Day

Cleaning up Broken Valley
Broken Valley
Jackson’s Farm
Folo and David

I already did the first part of the village earlier so I could get the 533 XP of mind-reading debt I needed to avoid levelling up in the Black Boar.

Since I’m nearly level 3 already, and by turning in Hjalmar’s mask, I’ll reach level 4, I decided to clear out all the remaining goblins from Broken Valley first. That got me to level 3.

Video: Cleaning up Broken Valley

Since I’ll start finding lock level 3 chests, I spent a skill point on Lockpick. I have no other real use for my spare skill points yet.


Rank increased to 1.

Video: Broken Valley

(Captain Rodney) What brings you to the barracks again, friend?
(Dragon Slayer Yara) I killed Hjalmar. Here is his mask.
Well done! Here is your reward, Slayer. Remember, there is more gold to be earned if you manage to eliminate those other outlaws too.
"Hjalmar" complete! Quest Reward: 1200 XP, 300 gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP Level up!


Rank increased to 2
Damage Bonus: +5->15%

The graves have inscriptions which the narrator will read.

(Folo) What are you coming around here for if you’ll not help me?
(Richard) I enjoy gloating, Folo. You should try it sometime. Hahaha!
Miserable man! I bet you never felt affection for a thing in your life!
That’s right Folo! I never even stay for breakfast! Hahaha!
Intolerable! Just leave me be!

The armoured man walked off. Yara decided to see what Folo was so upset about.

(Folo) Slayer, please listen: I’m in desperate need of help! It’s my pigs, you see!
What’s the matter with your pigs?
The New Order impounded three of them, but they’re my pets and were never intended to be eaten!
(- 33 XP) Bessy! My poor pig! She was too young to die, my Bessy!
Why would the New Order impound them?
They say there’s a famine somewhere, but I don’t want to lose my little ones!

1. I understand your attachment. Consider them rescued! (Accept)
2. A famine? Then I can’t in good conscience retrieve your pigs. I’m sorry. (Decline)
3. I sympathize, but I won’t oppose New Order directives. (Decline)

The thread voted that we will be rescuing the pigs. You can still get a partial quest reward from going to tell Lieutenant Louis, but it’s smaller than what you get for helping Folo.

I understand your attachment. Consider them rescued!
Oh, bless you, Slayer! The pigs are over at Jackson’s farm. Whisper ‘Rosebud’ in my Kevin’s ear and they’ll move to a safe location.
Saving some pigs, potentially at the cost of human lives… Actually, that’s exactly the kind of judgement I’ve come to expect from Dragon Slayers.

At the bottom of the hill was the impolite man in armour.

(Richard) Hey there, Dragon Slayer. I’m Richard of Aleroth. Care to make some extra money?
You sure look like you belong to some military order.
The best! I am a Champion of Aleroth, defender of the Healer City. We are garrisoned inside the city and keep a large presence in the Orobas Fjords. You won’t find better soldiers in Rivellon, Slayer. Not even those of your order, I might add. And certainly not those New Order softies. Them and their damned devoutness! Just go find something to kill already!
What a prick.
Why do you call Aleroth the Healer City?
Why, because of the Source, of course! It is a magical stream of water that heals every wound. What do you think is the main ingredient of those little red potions you have?
Hopefully not Goblin hearts.
Yes, the Source is the pride and joy of the city and has survived the two Aleroth slaughters and the last war with Damian. Long may she run, Slayer! Hail the Source and hail Aleroth!

Aleroth was the starting village in Divine Divinity. Back then it was a quiet place with a population of 6, representing 4 of the 7 races. All of them were healers or retired healers. I’m not sure if an incident from Divine Divinity counts as one of the Aleroth Massacres.

Aleroth was mentioned again in Beyond Divinity, as the site of a massacre by Paladins crazed under the influence of chaos magic. It was presumably a larger town since the first game.

In the 50 years since Beyond Divinity, Aleroth has prospered and grown into a large city, and the game does acknowledge that it took 50 years to make it that big.

Have you seen any Dragons around here?
The last Dragon was dispatched well before my time and nowhere near Broken Valley! So I doubt a Dragon Knight will turn up here.
What was that you said about extra money?
I specialize in tracking down and exterminating goblins. Obviously there are plenty of the little bastards to go around, so I’ll pay you for every goblin heart you bring me.
(-400 XP) These peasants are so gullible. The hearts they fetch me are worth three times as much back home!
Slaughtering goblins and getting paid for it? Count me in!
That’s the spirit! Bring me the hearts and coin will follow!

This is a simple quest. Kill goblins in Broken Valley, and there’s a chance their heart will drop when they die. Turn them in to Richard for 50 gold and 50 XP per heart. If you mind-read him, though, that’s upped to 150 gold and 150 XP per heart, so the mind-read will pay for itself in just three hearts!

You can decline this quest, and Richard will run off to hunt the goblins by himself. You can find him later near a small goblin village. I’m pretty sure that they won’t be able to kill him, and I’m pretty sure that even if they did, he would only drop generic loot at best. Also, declining the Hearttaker quest locks you out of another quest, so there’s really no benefit in doing that.

I carved out some goblin hearts for you.
Good show! Let’s have them!
Here you go.
And here’s your money! I’d spend it on drink and girls, but that’s just a suggestion!
Hold on a second. I could get more gold for these in Aleroth! A lot more!
Where did you hear that?
Does it matter, or should I take these hearts elsewhere?
Alright, all right, I’ll pay you in full!
See you around, Richard.
7 Hearts turned in: Reward, 1050 Gold, 1050 XP.

Blacksmith! A moment of your time!
(Derk) Not now. I’m terribly busy!
You wouldn’t turn down a customer like that, would you?
I’d turn down the Divine right now! I have work to do!
Bah! Look, my sword needs…
I don’t care what your sword needs!
What’s so important anyway?
I have been ordered to erect Dragon defences.
Dragon defences? In a two-bit town like this? What a waste of time!

Good Lord, not another Slayer! Stop disturbing me, will you, or I’ll never be able to finish..
Not very fond of Slayers are we?
Lot of fairytale-believing infants playing soldier, nothing more.
Remind me not to rescue you if a Dragon attacks.
Yeah, when Folo’s pigs fly!
(-133 XP) I think I lost my cellar key last time I saw Dana in Tim’s barn. But oh, it was worth it!

The second part of the Rivellon Guard’s set is for sale here.

I’ll pick it up after I lower Derk’s prices some more. The third part won’t be seen for a while, and it’s a warhammer, so no use for us anyway.

(Sean) If it isn’t the Champion of Aleroth! Right grand to have a Champion ‘round. Don’t you miss the city, though?
Not really. I have a great remedy for home sickness: decapitating goblins!
Hahaha! I hear you! … Man, I could use a beer right about now!
Let’s meet up in the tavern later, why don’t we?
Good idea! Tim serves some fine brew!
He’ll have to compete with the Aleroth Ale I’m used to!
Oh, he’ll cope, I assure you!

Let’s look for Derk’s cellar key in Tim’s barn.

It’s here only after you mind-read. In the upper-right you can also see a book.

Dana’s book of conquests


Since I’m level 4, and have wiped out all the low-level enemies from Broken Valley, I went ahead and officially re-did Chasing the Dragon and To Lay a Ghost to Rest, which advanced the story and kicked me up to level 6.

I put in the attribute point from Arben’s tomb into Spirit.

That granted me access to the level 6 skills.

Battle Rage
– “The Battle rage skill does exactly what it describes: like a mad barbarian would sieze upon a poorly protected convent, you launch yourself into the fray, heeding not the danger it leaves you in. Most likely any clear and present danger will soon be eliminated, but do remember that this rage detracts from your defensive prowess for its duration.

Mana Cost: 27 -> 195
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 60 -> 180 seconds
Melee Damage Bonus: +20% -> 160%
Melee Armour Penalty: -42 -> 0

A powerful boost to your melee damage at the cost of melee armor. Points increase the bonus and reduce the penalty. With enough points, eventually the penalty becomes 0. This is a buff I’ll try to have up all the time, and I should be able to keep it up most of the time, since the cooldown is short compared to the duration.

I also found an amulet in Arben’s Tomb which gave me +2 to

– “Fear may paralyze you: block all functions, body and mind. But this is something different. This is fear that strikes at the very core of one’s being, catapults one into a sickening frenzy and leaves the victim with no other impulse but to flee. In other words: you cast the spell and your enemies do a runner.

Mana Cost: 23 -> 149
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Duration: 10 -> 22 seconds
Distance: 4 -> 12
Enemy Level: 9 -> 51

At Rank 2: You inspire fear in all unfriendly creatures that are level 16 or lower and closer than 5 meters to you. They run off for 12 seconds.

The enemy level requirement means you have to keep pumping points into this for it to remain effective. But it isn’t really needed often to make enemies take off. It also isn’t likely to work on bosses. There are no enemies higher than Level 12 in Broken Valley, so this might see some use if I get into trouble.

Music: Jackson's Farm

Video: Jackson’s Farm

(Tarn) Good day to you! Talk to I-do-things-by-the-book Lomax if you need something!

(Tarn) Why must we always get stuck doing guard duty?
(Lionel) Yeah! And to think Merill and his pals are having the time of their lives in the Black Boar right now.
(Lomax) Just quit your grumbling, would you? We’re New Order, not guard recruits.
(Tarn) Well excuse us for wanting to wrap our lips around a large ale – and not Louis’ arse!
There’s a lot of people around here. It won’t be easy to sneak the pigs out.

(Carl Jackson) Top o’ the morning to ya, Slayer!
Yes, and some generic greeting to you. All is well, I trust?
Aye, it’s a quiet life on me farm. Fair enough when rain’ll fall and them goblins keep to ‘emselves! Mind you, that New Order or summat is a wee bit of a pain in the old backside! Some of ‘em gave taken over one of me barns, but I reckon they’ll be gone soon enough.
(-33 XP) Right good day for farmin’ this! Right good day anyday!
Aye! Be safe now!

(Dana) Oh hello, Slayer. Here – would you mind doing me a little favour?
Eh… not much else to do, I guess.
But of course not, madam!
Wonderful! Please bring this letter to Derk the blacksmith in the village.

But don’t tell my husband. It’s… private, you know?
(-40 XP) Why must Carl keep that key up on a beam? I can never reach it! Wait a minute… Maybe that’s why!

A Private Delivery
Hey, thanks for the spoilers, game! I haven’t even opened it yet! There are several variations to this quest. It’s tied in with another quest. The one the thread voted on, though, was the one which is the most beneficial to us. All other options are worse for us.

Another disturbance. What is it with you people? Can’t you see I’m busy?
I have this package for you.
What’s that…

Derk opened the letter and read it. To Yara’s surprise, the gruff smith actually blushed.

Oh… I was wondering when she’d… I’m in your debt, Slayer.
Care to share what’s in the package?
Dana is finally ready to leave that miserable old peasant! I shall take her away from him this instant!

"A Private Delivery" complete! Quest Reward: 600 XP, 150 Gold, Derk lowered his prices by 25%! Bonus Chosen: 300 XP.

Carl was rather despondent when Yara returned to the farm.

It’s a miserable life, Slayer!
Cheer up Carl! You’ll find someone else!
Hopefully her legs won’t open as often as tavern doors on penny ale night!
I don’t know, Slayer! It’s hard to find decent folk nowadays!
Speaking of which, I wonder what Carl was trying to hide from his wife in their cellar.
This recruit is going to busy herself snooping around a farmer’s dusty cellar, while a mere kilometre away, the other Slayers are preparing to ambush the last Dragon Knight? I have better things to watch than this.

Got the key!

Hmmm… nothing much here except a diary. Eh… I already broke into his cellar to satisfy my curiosity, I may as well go all the way.

This booklet is filled with boring information about crop rotation and livestock, not to mention the worst spelling you ever saw. Suddenly your eye is caught by a passage about a man named Boothe and how he apparently wooed Carl’s wife. Carl murdered Boothe! Even though he expresses guilt, he sure is glad he was never caught…
Poor Boothe. My sympathy for Carl only goes so far. I know what I have to do with this.

Skeletons in the Closet
The key is always on the beam , even if you never mind-read Dana. The quest determines the fate of Carl Jackson. If you resolve this before handing over Dana’s letter, it can affect the reward from that quest. If you resolve this without taking on Dana’s quest, you never get it or the reward.


What brings you to the barracks again, friend?
Captain, you should take a look at this journal.

What’s this? Farmer Jackson’s diary? Why did you bring this to me?
Because he wants all his friends to sign it, but he was afraid to ask you!
Don’t get cute with me, Slayer! Tell me!
Just turn your attention to this page.

Rodney read the diary. Yara was pleasantly surprised to see that his lips hardly moved at all while reading.

By the Divine! Carl… a murderer? Then I have no choice but to arrest him. You just solved a ten-year-old murder case, Slayer! I’m impressed! And grateful!
"Skeletons in the Closet" complete! Quest Reward: 1200 XP, 300 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP. Level up!

Given that we’ve levelled up 5 times in this update alone, it might seem like we’re levelling absurdly fast, but we’re nearly done with this part of Broken Valley, and the next area starts off with level 7 enemies.

Carl, I am here to arrest you.
Arrest me? What’s all this then?
You botched up the perfect crime by writing about it in your diary, you fool!
Me diary? How did ye…? Oh no. This can’t be!
Come along now Carl. You’ll have to spend a few years in a cell! More than enough time to reflect on your stupidity!

What a shame. Now if I can just distract those New Order guards, there will be no witnesses to the pigs escaping.

(Lomax) Hail, Slayer! The New Order greets you!
Yes, yes, yes, formalities give me itches in uncomfortable places!
Regardless, I put value in some decorm! So tell me, how can I be of assistance?
I’m in no need of assistance, thank you!
Very well, just shout when that changes!

Hey, Slayer! Those are New Order pigs, okay?
Yeah, the likeness is striking.
Ha, ha. Very funny! Please leave them be. They’ll be shipped to Rivertown soon.
Hmm… I bet I know how to get those guards to leave.

Hail again, Slayer!
Yes. Hail again, Seeker.
So tell me, how can I be of assistance?
Don’t you have anything better to do than guarding pigs?
Such as?
It would seem three stunning round-bosomed sisters are lost in the woods and in need of assistance.
Then we have a duty to save them! Off we go, Seekers!
(Tarn) With pleasure!

Er… Rosebud?

Slayer! Why did you send us on a wild-goose chase? There are no gorgeous triplets in the woods!
More’s the pity, I should say.
Exactly! I mean… We’re here to help, you know. Ahem. But, hold on! Where… where are the pigs?
They’ve moved on, Lomax. At some point, you just have to let go.
What are you even talking about? Divine, you slayers are a strange bunch!
Time to make my getaway while they’re still confused.

(Joris) We heard you exposed Carl’s dirty little secret. I bet Captain Rodney was grateful.

What’s the matter with your face?
I’m smiling. It doesn’t happen a lot!
Any particular reason? Or does nature try to correct itself?
Nothing you would understand!
Ha! It’s a woman, isn’t it! Good luck to you!

Video: Folo and David

You’re back! My pigs, are they safe?
Safe and sound! I whispered “Rosebud” and off they went!
Oh, that is fantastic! Here is your reward, Slayer! I am so grateful!
"Saving the Bacon" complete! Quest Reward: 1200 XP, 300 gold Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.
I suppose I should do something about that deserter hiding in the tavern.


Increased from Rank 1 to Rank 3

I upgraded Lockpick to Rank 3 because Rank 3 chests start showing up in Broken Valley, and I may as well show off something in the Black Boar which requires Lockpick Rank 2.

(David) Who? Oh, it’s you again.
Still a picture of calmness, I see.
Look: I don’t know what you want, but I can’t help you, whatever it is!
So, you’re a deserter? My, my, what a bad boy we have been!
Divine, you know! Please, don’t tell a soul or I’m as good as dead!
I think I’ll tell Richard. I’m sure he’ll be very thankful.
No, don’t! You don’t know him, he’ll kill me for sure!
Yes, yes, yes, I’m off to see Richard!
No! I must flee! Run for the hills! Away, get out of my way I say!
That should ensure Richard won’t spot him when he comes for that drink. What else did I have to do… Oh yes, Lieutenant Louis wanted to see me for something…

Cleaning up Broken Valley
Broken Valley
Jackson’s Farm
Folo and David

Jackson's Farm

Next I’ll post an update about the Level 3 and Level 6 skills, then the summary dungeon update, and hopefully somewhere in there I’ll get the videos finished.

On the third floor of the Black Boar are two locked rooms. They require Lockpick level 2. The left door just has a chest and some loot. The right door, though…

…Just has this book.

The clue tells us where to go.

The second part.

Third part.

The reward for following the trail is a Skill Book hidden in the fireplace. It’s one of the easier ones to find, so don’t miss it.

Winthrop’s Mace

(Winthrop) Oh my! You startled me, citizen!
An easily startled guard! The people of Broken Valley can sleep soundly…
I’d like to see you sleeping soundly after having witnessed what I have.
And what, pray, might that be?
A Dragon!
Interesting! Where, exactly?
Down in the valley. Large as a house it was! Nearly scared me to death! I need to breathe for a bit, excuse me!
(-40 XP) The drill sergeant will kill me if he finds out I lost my mace. It must have slipped from my hand near old Jackson’s farm. I remember holding on to it before I reached the place.

The mace is on the far side of the pig pen.

It’s not very good.

Jackson's Cleaver

In Carl Jackson's cellar, there's a button hidden on a wall.

Pressing it lowers a weapon on a chain.

I think it might be the weapon which murdered Boothe, but I'm not sure.

For some reason, Carl was back at the farm. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I already had Peavey in jail. We can talk to him and he thinks he’s in jail, so may as well…

Ere’s the cretin whot got me incarcerat’d!
You’re hard enough to understand as it is Carl, let’s not use big words, okay?
I’m no ‘alf-wit even if ya think I am!
(-30 XP) I’ll be out of ‘ere in no time! All I need is a spoon and a zepp’lin pilot’s uniform!
Oh, go on! Git out a here! Leave me ta rot! That’s whot ye want, isn’t it?

Voting Results:
1. Lieutenant Louis’s jailbreak?
a) Escape tunnel immediately. = 1 Vote
b) Mind-read, THEN escape tunnel. = 3 Votes

2. Optional dungeons
a) Videos only = 1 Vote
b) Summary update with screenshots and videos = 3 Votes

3. Stabbey’s Narrative: Peavey and Quincy
a) Peavey can redeem himself. = 2 Votes
b) Peavey will remain a coward. = 2 Votes (Tiebreak roll = 4, 5, 5)


SQR = Standard quest reward

1. An assassin offers us a choice.
a) Defend an old man and his innocent daughter (Default) (Reward:  SQR * 1.25, 25% Trading discount  )
b) Aid the assassin and kill both of the civilians. No reason, just because. (Reward:  SQR, trader is unavailable due to being murdered. )