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Part 123: Flames of Vengeance

Chapter 96 – Flames of Vengeance

Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga - Finale IMPORTANT – Watch this!

The entire chapter is done in video, and I suggest you watch it.

Music: The Dragon Knight Will Prevail

A remix of “The Dragon Terror Patrol Will Prevail” as the final boss music? Awesome!

Video: Divinity II: Dragon Knight Saga - Finale

(Ygerna) Aah, the flames… my body… wrecked because of you! The pest that brought ruin to my citadel and my beauty!
(Yara) You should have killed me when you had the chance. Your boyfriend had the same problem. Separation anxiety, perhaps?
It was a mistake I shall not repeat!

(Lucian) It is over, Ygerna. Admit defeat.
Why should I do that? I have vanquished the demise of my very soul and I shall vanquish the Dragon as well! What is more: that heap of hovels called Aleroth may be saved from destruction, but you did not end the Damned One! Damian is elsewhere, preparing for… completion… and I will slay you here, then infiltrate the city in disguise and free Behrlihn!
Yes, I would recommend a visit to an illusionist before you beg baldy for another kiss.

You have fuelled my anger enough, serpent! Your attempts at insult move me not. But enough of these mere words. This battle has been postponed long enough!
I agree. Go ahead, scarred sorceress, and face death once more!

Music: The Dragon Knight will Prevail

As you might guess from an expansion that had “Vengeance” in the title, our final boss is Ygerna. She teleported from Damian’s Palace, but did not escape unscathed. She is level 45, and VERY dangerous.

She summoned a Demon, I summoned one of my own. But hers is non-responsive for some reason.

And my Level 40 Demon goes down in a mere six hits from Ygerna.

Do you see that red number? One hit from her did over 400 damage – more than a quarter of my health.

Attacking Ygerna woke up the Demon, but it’s just a distraction and goes down quickly.

Don’t take her lightly or she will cut you down fast. You should run away and heal often.

I’ve gotten her down enough that she’s started repeatedly healing herself, but don’t let your guard down. She runs away…

Then does a Rush Attack, a Whirlwind, and…

A point-blank fireball. Now I have to run away!

You will not evade me this time, witch!

Finally… after all these decades… I am free. Mere words cannot express my gratitude, Dragon Knight!
What will you do now?
Scratch that itch on my back. You don’t know how long that’s been driving me crazy!
Ha ha ha! Let’s go home!

Excerpt from “Last of the Dragon Knights”, by Zixzax the Almost-Wise:
…and with the surprising return of the Divine One, the Dragon Knights have been redeemed.

Now, the last of the Dragon Knights seeks to restore Maxos’s Temple and Sentinel Island to their former glory, as places to train a new generation of eager young men and women… so that the Dragon Knight is not the last of the old… but the first of the new…

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