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Part 16: Asshole and Assassin

Chapter 9 – Asshole and Assassin

Locke’s Quest
Buad Blood
Bonus: Broken Valley Conversations

Video: Locke’s Quest

This is the trader, Locke. You can usually find some decent quality magical items for sale. His unique items are the Wizard’s Companion, a bracelet with +2 Mana Leech, and the helmet from the Defenders of Aleroth set (the first Wizard set).

I might wear all the pieces except the weapon, they grant extra magic damage, which does work with unarmed.

(Locke) Slayer, so good to see you! Come, you must have a look at what I sell. Or do me a favour, maybe?
(Yara) A favour, you say. What did you have in mind?
It’s naught but a small matter. But it nags me, you see. I recently paid one of the guards for a rabbit he’d shoot for me, but he never delivered it.
Perhaps he got sentimental.
And I get sentimental when I lose money. You look like the type one doesn’t play games with! Talk to the man about it, would you? His name is Keane.

For a Pound of Flesh
The references continue! This quest is simple enough, although it’s one of the worst quests for someone playing a “good” character.

(Keane) Welcome, Slayer! I’m Keane.
What’s all this about a rabbit?
Rabbit? Wait a minute, you weren’t sent here by Locke, were you?
No, I just randomly start conversations about fluffy animals.
Really? Well, I like hamsters!

They’re… Why are you looking at me like that? Oh. You did mean Locke, didn’t you? Listen, Slayer, the man is blackmailing scum! I gave him the rabbit a week ago. You’re not the first he sent, either. That Richard bastard nearly broke my army extorting me!
(-33 XP) Let’s hope the goblins will end up cutting out Richard’s heart. Now that would be poetic justice!
I’m not sure what to believe. I’ll look into this further. Count on it.
I certainly hope so, Slayer!

Hmmm… Keane’s diary. He might have written something incriminating in here.

Nothing about a rabbit in here. Or about Richard. Hmmm…

(Richard) Ah, you’re back! What news?
I carved out some goblin hearts for you.
Good show! Let’s have them!
Here you go.
And here’s your money!
Hearts Handed In: 4 Reward: 600 XP, 600 Gold! Level up!
I heard you roughed up Keane a bit!
Ha! Year, the little weasel conned some merchant. Didn’t take me long to set him straight, though!
Funny how Locke didn’t mention that he sent Richard as well.

I just reached level 8.

My points in Strength are showing up on the damage count now! Okay, so one to minimum damage isn’t much.

Battle Rage

Increased to Level 2. Damage bonus: 20->30%

Well, Slayer?
Locke did strike me as a money-keen man, to say the least. I believe you, Keane, and what’s more I’ll make sure he’ll not bother you again.
You do your Order proud, Slayer! I can’t pay you for your kindness, but perhaps this might prove useful: I heard Locke talking to his cart! Don’t know what that was about, but what he said was “Gold, more gold!”
Thanks. I think I’ve heard enough.

Ah Slayer! Have you dealt wit the lout? Or do you want to take a look at my wares?
(-133 XP) I will buy with them, sell with them, talk with them, walk with them and so following. As long as at the close of the day I am richer than I was at dawn.
I don’t think he’s the one who should be called a lout!
What? I don’t understand!
You didn’t send Richard to do the same thing I was asked to do?
I… No, I didn’t! He lies! What scandalous behaviour! I am wronged and you do not seek revenge?
If anyone deserves revenge, it’s Keane. If I hear of Keane, or anyone else being harassed at your request, I’ll be back, and you’ll regret playing games with ME.
You lack proper judgement, Slayer! Damn you: it is I who must suffer here!
Not yet…

At that point, Locke had the good judgement to stop talking.

"For a pound of flesh" failed! Locke has raised his prices!

If you side with Keane, you get no quest reward, and Locke doubles his prices for you. What an asshole. If you side with Locke, you get a 25% discount, but you’re helping Locke, who is an asshole. Because he doubles his prices, I try to avoid doing this quest or turning it in until I’m completely done with Broken Valley and will never be coming back. My narrative has something in mind for Locke, later, oh yes.

Locke’s cart is in the shade of the tree near the waterfall, between Tim’s barn and the chapel.

(Locke’s Cart) Give me then ye olde word of passing!
Say, are you one of those new model five Grischa security carts?
Latest model, newest magical properties, state of the art.
You don’t sound that convinced, you know.
Hey: you be the one that has to say things like ‘Give me then ye olde word of passing’?
You mean a password?
Yes, yes, yes, on with it!
(-120 XP) Gold, more gold! Gold is all that man thinks of.

2. Tangerines?
3. Not a clue!

I love that they took the care with this game to give a magical talking cart a surly personality.

Gold, more gold!
More gold you shall have!

Your reward for helping Keane is to get the password without needing to mind-read the cart. But there’s really nothing exciting in it. There is a ledger, though.

What a miser.

Grischa was a Dwarven blacksmith in Divine Divinity. His goal was to become the most famous smith in the world, and you could help him with that by having him reassemble the Dragon Armor to restore its power.

Hmm… nothing much to do. Ohm I guess I could talk to “Upton” about his secret identity.

Video: Buad Blood

(Miller Upton) I see you’re fond of my mill!
Good to see you again, Mister Upton… or should I say Buad?
(Buad) Ssshhh! Who told you… It was the tree, wasn’t it? Curse that heap of talkative timber!
Buad isn’t exactly a name for the ages. But the lengths you go to are a bit extreme, no?
I like my name, thank you very much. And I did not go under the guise of Upton just to have a laugh. I am the unfortunate victim of a hunt. A hunt by assassins.
Why? Caught in the sack with a nobleman’s daughter?
Nothing like that no, unfortunately. At least then I’d have thought it worth the sacrifice. Many years ago I was a famed alchemist in the town of Verdistis. Until one day I was approached by a member of the Assassins’ Guild. They ordered me to cure a sick member of their guild and I tried to, but I mixed a wrong herb in his tea and he died. They swore revenge. I fled here, but I think they finally tracked me down.
How do you know that?
I have the feeling I’m being watched lately, so at night I close down the mill and hope for the best. Even now, I still want to remain known as Upton to the good folks of this village. But if you, a Slayer, would be courageous enough to defeat these hired killers, the reward would be great!

Buad Blood
We have nothing to go on, at the moment. We don’t even know if the assassination threat is even real. But Linda suddenly develops a question mark over her head.

I should also note that Buad vanished from Verdistis at least 70 years ago, so he’s at least 90, probably pushing 100!

(Linda) Oh. Hello again, Slayer.
I know about Buad and the merry band of assassins. Can you tell me anything more?
You know? My father confided in you? I’m so glad he did. A Slayer can help us, I’m sure! But I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe the assassins have been around, but we hardly ever venture outside anymore. Perhaps some of the other villagers saw something if they went outside at night. I know Romon the priest likes moonlit walks and Folo’s wife Rose has trouble sleeping sometimes. Captain Rodney usually stays up late as well. I’m so sorry I can’t be of more help. Please, Slayer, look into the matter, would you? My father is very dear to me.
There’s not a lot to go on, but I’ll try.

I hear you like to burn the midnight oil. Did you see anything strange in the streets?
(Rodney) Strange you say? No, can’t say I have. I usually catch the odd guard recruit stumbling home drunk, but that’s about it.

Tell me, Father, have you seen anything suspicious in the village at night?
(Father Romon) Dear me, no! Should I have? I’m sure I would have noticed if there was anything suspicious going on. Dear me!
That just leaves Folo’s wife, I guess.

(Rose) Welcome to my home, Slayer!
A lovely place you have here.
Thanks! We ‘ave indeed! A fine spot to live, is this. Can’t say that of all the places in old Riv’llon: with them Demonkind ‘n’ necrodancers and their ‘orrors. But over here, no. You’ll see nothin’ bad’ll happen to this valley – not in a million years!
You sure have lots of pork stored.
Aye, we have that! Mind you, if it weren’t for me, you’d find nothing but bleedin’ cauliflowers! Me husband Folo loves his damned pigs so much he’d never eat them. But I make sure the guests over at the Black Boar get their chops in time. Silly man. Imagine becoming a pig farmer and not wanting to butcher the things!
(-33 XP) I wonder if Folo loves them blasted pigs more than me. He certainly sees more of them.
Your husband asked me to get his pigs back from the New Order, and I did.
How very kind of you! That Kevin will make for a mighty fine stew when I get my hands on him.
Might you by any chance have seen something ‘out of place’ in the village during the night?
Oh, I don’t know. Let me think. … I did see some weird characters ‘round the old mill, now that ye mention it. Skulking about they were – keeping in the shade, like. Don’t know what that was all about. But I heard them whispering, saying they were going back to the burnt chapel in the valley. And that’s about it.
Bye, ma’am.
Aye, bye.
I’d better check that out.

Video: Antumbra

(Jesse) You! Get out of here if you want your throat to remain uncut!
(-33 XP) Just our luck to have Slayers snooping around!
I’m here on behalf of Buad. You will leave him alone.
Hahaha! You are too late, Slayer. Our best assassin is on her way to see that dead miller walking as we speak.
Then I shall have to pay her a visit.
You’re no match for her. No one is! But I’ll not let you disturb her during her work, so I’m afraid I’ll have to put you to sleep!

Yara’s years of training made the assassin no match. The fight was over quickly.

I’ve never had to kill someone before. But it’s part of being a Slayer, I suppose. … No time to brood, I have to get back to the mill!

I decided to use some of my potions to buff myself up for the fight. I shouldn’t have cast the spell though, as it will wear off before the fight starts.

(Antumbra) The time has come at last, Buad. You should have known better than to think the Assassins’ Guild would forget about you.
(Buad) And what a good just they did too! It was your grandmother who first started to track me down!
You dare to insult the great Penumbra? Her granddaughter was going to make this quick, but now you and the girl will suffer!
(Linda) No! I beg you, have mercy on us!
Aren’t you a little young to be playing with knives, Little Miss Murder?
What?! Who are you, bold enough to address an assassin like that?
Slayer! I applaud your timing. Please, drive her away from here!
A Slayer? Impressive. I’ll not fight you if I don’t have to. Why don’t you let me finish this matter and we can talk some more.
Why would I let you kill this man?
Because it’s my job, just as killing Dragons is yours. You don’t see us interfering with that.
Apples and oranges. You’ll not harm Buad. I’ll see to that.
Ha! You didn’t see that coming, did you, you mean witch!
No. But don’t you worry girl, I can handle Slayers. Try not to dirty the floor as you witness what gruesome ending shall soon befall you.

AntumbraThis is a pretty tough fight, which is why I saved this quest for last (almost) in Broken Valley North. It was worse in Ego Draconis, though, where you were likely to be at only level 6 at best, instead of my level 8, and she was quite capable of killing you. Linda and Buad join in, but I don’t think they can do much to hurt her, but I also don’t think they can die.

Wow! Who taught the miller’s daughter how to fight like that?

We did it! She’s dead!
I can’t believe it! How can we ever thank you, Slayer?
Live happily ever after and I’ll be contented.
A true hero! May the Divine forever watch over you!
"Buad Blood" complete! Quest Rewards: 1500 XP, 400 Gold Bonus Chosen: 750 XP.

I also remembered that I was now level 8, so I could put on the Rivellon Guards’ Leggings, so I equipped the set.

The bonus in green is the set bonus for having more than one item equipped.

Antumbra mentions that she is the granddaughter of Penumbra. Penumbra was a character from Divine Divinity. She was an assassin held prisoner by the Thieves’ Guild, and you could break her out. My Let’s Play added a bit more to her role that existed in the game.

The most interesting thing about Penumbra having a child is that in Divine Divinity, the player character (the Divine One) could have an optional sexual encounter with her. So was Antumbra the granddaughter of the Divine?

Video: Leaving Broken Valley (Continues into Chapter 10!)

I’m tired of waiting around for Rhode. I’m not going to go near that temple, but I am going to see some of the rest of the valley.
It’s begun. The Slayers have engaged Talana. Their strategy is sound, she will not escape easily. Soon the last of the Dragon Knights will die.

Excerpt from “The Last of the Dragon Knights”, by Zixzax the Almost-Wise:
The young Dragon Slayer’s restlessness, and desire for fame and fortune led into the heart of Broken Valley. But the Slayer didn’t know that their life was about to end.