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Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga

by Stabbey_the_Clown

Part 17: Reborn

Chapter 10 – Reborn

Dream of the Dragon
Marius Blocks the Way

Video: Talana WATCH THIS!

What is the newborn Slayer doing there? That’s where…

Music: Epiphany of Anguish

What’s that? … I sense something here…

A woman in black armour stumbled into the ruin. She clutched a wound in her abdomen, but blood poured freely from it regardless. It was clear she was beyond all aid and would be dead within minutes.

(???) Not… not another of the Order. I have seen too much of such vermin today already.
It’s… it’s her!
(Talana) If I still had my strength, I’d rip you apart just as I did so many Slayers. You pathetic soldiers who, like bloody excrement, persistently trail in my wake! But Rhode – she fights like a Demon possessed. And that sword… how it did sting. Wielding such power that it might extinguish the life of Talana, last of the Dragon Knights.
(-400 XP) Slayerbane! My cleaver! Lost in flight. May the creature that finds my weapon use it to strike down Rhode in agony!

The weapon Slayerbane will now appear nearby. Here’s the second part where Yara’s attitudes towards Dragons comes into play. The other options are:

1. Hold your split tongue, Betrayer! You have but one duty here, and that is to die.
2. I can’t tell you how much it pleases me that I shall give the final blow.

But you voted to make Yara less passionate.

The last Dragon Knight is about to perish. I can understand your rage and sorrow.
Could it be? A Slayer with a heart? One who sees beyond the veil they held before those silver eyes? Surely not.
How I lament the idiocy of mankind. They chase the Great Ancient Ones, paying no need to the true evil that prepares to rear its head again.

Let me show you the lurking bane that will one day try to claim dominion over this world anew. Let me show you.

What’s happening… to…

Music: Reborn

Video: Dream of the Dragon WATCH THIS!!

How does it feel, Slayer? What is it like to suddenly find yourself in the body of the being you hate above all?
What? How…?
You had better get used to it: I bestow upon you the very essence of my existence. Slayer no longer, Dragon Knight reborn.
No… you can’t do that, that’s impossible!

This… I did not expect this could ever happen…

We get a brief flight in control of a Dragon. We start off with Firebreath, a short ranged attack good for taking down static defences, and Fire Sphere, a homing fireball good for destroying enemy fliers. I’ll explain more about the Dragon Form once we have it permanently.

How am I flying with such ease? It shouldn’t be… the memories! The Dragon memories the Slayer ritual granted me… that’s why I can control this form so well!

Do you see those horrid constructs? They are the perverted machinations of Damian, Rivellon’s true Nemesis.
The Damned One?

With my powers I leave you my crusade: Damian’s destruction, a Dragon’s legacy.
Wait… Damian is your enemy? I don’t understand. Talana? Talana?

The destruction of the Damned One is a just cause, even if it was a Dragon’s mission. … Are those platforms of his design? They must be. They’re bristling with towers. … Flying siege platforms… what could stand against those? Only a Dragon…

Something is… I’m not alone in the sky!

One of Damian’s Dragons! So big…

Got to get away.. AAAHHHH! The towers… I’m hit…

Can’t move…

A dream… yes, it was all a horrible dream.

I’m glad that nightmare is…

…oooh, FUCK!

Locke’s Quest
Buad Blood

Dream of the Dragon

Bonus: Broken Valley Conversations

Marius Blocks the Way

If you try to leave Broken Valley north before finishing Arben’s Tomb, Marius and your fellow Slayers block the only road out.

Epiphany of Anguish


Folo’s book of Poems


You have encountered a Damned One. Would you like your possessions identified? (Y/N)