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Part 24: Bellegar

Chapter 14 –Bellegar

Bandits and Bellegar

Yara’s Current Auras

Video: Casper and the chickens

On her way to the rendevous with the bandits, Yara noticed a man on a plateau who seemed a bit upset.

There were many chickens milling about the plateau, and the man’s movements seemed rather… chicken-like.

Music: Chicken

(Casper) You! The chicken, have you seen it? My chicken! The chicken!!

1. I saw chickens, yes, but I don’t know if one of them is yours, though.
3. Last chicken I saw had a one-way ticket to a roasting dish.

(Yara) What in the name of the Divine’s underpants are you talking about?
My chicken! The blasted chicken!
So you’re looking for a chicken by running around like a headless one?
Do I look like I want to be the butt of jokes right now? I have to find my chicken! Oh, why did this happen to me? I was taking a stroll when a man popped out of nowhere and Soul-Forged me with a chicken!
(-100 XP) ”Your heartbeat, young man, will considerably quicken
When I tell you, you have with a Soul Forge been stricken:
A Soul Forge with a chicken!!”
Curse him! If I catch him I’ll use my mother’s best recipe on him!

May the Black Ring get their hands on that Bellegar!
Bellegar! Bellegar! Bellegar!
You’re awfully chicken-hearted about the whole situation.
Wouldn’t you be? A Soul Forge is no laughing matter! If that chicken is killed by a hunter or an eagle or something, I’m dead too! Ooh, I must find it! But there are so many chickens! Where to begin? So many chickens! Everywhere chickens!
A soul forge? I know a few things about soul-forging, and it means that this Bellegar must be very powerful.

Yara left, partly because she didn’t knowing anything which she could do for the man. And partly because she spotted some more goblins.

Soul forging featured very prominently in Beyond Divinity, and it has a major role in this game as well, which we’ll actually be finding out about really soon. When two entities are soul-forged, their minds and their life are tied together. They share thoughts, and if one of them dies, so does the other. It’s a very powerful spell, and is known well by only a few.

Oh, and we can’t do anything for Casper, except finding and killing the chicken. But that won’t really help him.  It will net us an achievement, though.  I’ll probably show that off as a behind the scenes thing after a certain update.

What’s that?

It’s the third of four mystery levers. One more until the surprise!

(Talana) Don’t you have anything better to do than kill goblins all day, Dragon Knight?
Not really?

This is Robin’s storage. What is the password?
[iUgh… it’s on the tip of my tongue… Darn it. I can’t remember.[/i]
… Rats.
Be welcome in your storage, Robin.

The only thing of interest in Robin’s storage is this chest.

It's the bow for the starter “Wild Dwellers” ranger set.

Opening the chest though does not go unnoticed.

The door closes and three level 10 armoured boars spawn in. They drop ham when they die.

While I’m in the neighbourhood, I may as well see Sosostra.

Video: Bandits and Bellegar

(Madame Sosostra) You have met your fortune, as I predicted! Perhaps you’d like me to reveal more?
I would like you to read my fortune again.
You know the price.
(-50 gold) Here you go.
Good. Let us look once more at what the future holds… I see a warrior on a bridge, clad in strong armour. He will challenge you to a duel, the outcome of which is up to you.
Bye for now, Madame.
May fortune smile upon you.

In case you were wondering, the man on the bridge does not show up until you get Sosostra’s second fortune. The same goes for the rabbit and the third fortune event.

Ragnar marked the ambush spot on my map. It should be right over there.

Yara arrived just in time for the bandits to spring from hiding to challenge the nobles.

(Jenae) Cherish these moments, gentlemen, for they are your last!
(Filip) You would be wise to take your own counsel. We are not the easy victims you take us for.
The truth or untruth of that statement shall soon be decided.
But what’s this? Another player joins this little scene. And who might you be?
Your backup. Ragnar sent me.
You’re welcome to join us, then!
Nah, I changed my mind. I’m going to kill you instead!
Soldiers, have at them!

With Yara’s help, it didn’t take long for the New Order guards to mop up the bandits.

(Todd) Ha ha! We won! Well done! Hahaha!

Mind-read whoever talks to you for a free attribute point.

We won! Praise the Divine! If it weren’t for you, stranger…
(-700 XP) [+1 Attribute Point]
Don’t mention it.
Oh, but I shall. They will hear of this in Broken Valley! Take this purse of gold. It’s the least one can do! We will be on our way now, but one hopes we shall see you again in the Black Boar? The drinks are on us!
"Daylight Robbery" failed! Quest Reward: 1200 XP, 300 gold Bonus Chosen: 600 XP
Those men were fortunate indeed, to meet a paladin in their hour of need. You will make a good Dragon Knight. To Lord Lovis, then!

I think that whichever side you choose is invulnerable, because they don’t die. Either Jenae or Filip gives you the +1 attribute point after mind-reading them, so there’s no advantage to either side. You get the “quest failed” noise when siding with the travellers, but you get a quest reward anyway. In a nice detail, if you save the travelers, you can find them sitting around the table on the second floor of the Black Boar.

Talana is NOT happy with you if you side with the bandits. I’ll show that off later on my alternate path run.

We’re coming up to an extremely dangerous area soon, so I put the extra point into Vitality.

Level: 11
Vitality: 20
Spirit: 15
Strength: 24
Dexterity: 1
Intelligence: 3

The video shows that it went into spirit, but that’s an older video, I had to do the update again because said extremely dangerous part killed me and I hadn’t saved.

Don’t be a moron like me. Save often, this game is NOT FORGIVING.

Yara continued down the road, when she noticed another path.

I wonder what’s up there.

The answer of course, was more goblins, but before Yara could get into the thick of the fight, there was a flash of light as some one teleported in.

Music: Bellegar's Theme

(Bellegar) Creatures from this broken dale,
fear now all my magic gale!
And know the greatest mage by far,
is the mighty BELLEGAR! Bellegar! Bellegar! Bellegar!

Bellegar started attacking the goblins. The goblins started attacking Bellegar and Yara.

It didn’t take long to rid the area of goblins.

Sorcery by amateurs is often tragic,
they have no clue how to properly use magic!
Fire, storm, and deadly blast:
that, my friend, is how you cast!

With that, the mage teleported away just as suddenly as he appeared.

Bellegar! No one so erratic should be so powerful! Let’s travel to Lord Lovis before we meet him and his deviltry again!

Bellegar is definitely an odd character. He’s not completely insane, in the sense that he’s disconnected from reality. He is definitely less sane than most. It’s possible that his seeming madness is actually the result of a combination of being both immortal and immensely powerful: he does these crazy things because he’s bored out of his skull and needs entertainment.

However some people think that he’s simply nuts. Could be either, really. Bellegar will show up again from time to time, and it’s rarely a good thing.

Video: Seth

Yara returned to the road, which was occupied by more Black Ring troops. Eventually, she came to a bridge.

There was a man in armour standing in the middle of it.

Walk no further, traveller. We shall not move from here until one of us will have emerged victorious from our duel.

1. It’s your funeral, my good man.
3. I have no interest in duelling you, sir.
4. Move along junior, mummy called and dinner’s ready.

Who are you that you should challenge passing wanderers?
I am Seth: an old knight who, in a war-torn land, seeks battle still.
(-700 XP) In Seth’s mind is only the image of his sword Brightblade… and how he’ll vanquish you with it.
Then I won’t disappoint you. Ready?
I am ever ready for combat. Good luck, Slayer.

I don't know what that old fool was thinking. Was he actually seeking death? I do know that that Slayer was very ruthless for one dealing with an man who must be over ninety years old by now.

You get 750 XP if you refuse to fight Seth. He runs off. He was a higher level than I was, so I got bonus XP for fighting him.

Seth was in Divine Divinity. He was a knight sent to Aleroth to escort the healers to Rivertown. He carried the sword Brightblade. After the healers were escorted, he was never seen again. I met him during my Divine Divinity, LP, so I decided to add a reason for his desire for death in battle to my narrative in that LP.

The poor guy must be at least 90 by now. Age has taken a toll on him He was level 45 in Divine Divinity, here he is down to level 12.

This looks like the spot where Tagos lost his axe.

Ah. Here it is.
You’re really going to give it back to him?
Why not? He’s not going to have a chance to use it, I’m going to tell the New Order about that camp soon enough.

Bandits and Bellegar

Jackson Farm - (I forgot to get this one back then.)


Bellegar’s Theme

A Sense of Menace - (First heard in Farglow as Rhode gives the symptoms of “dragon wildness”, and it will be heard more later.)

I’m swapping out the Adventurer’s Ring for the one I got from Seth, which has a higher mana bonus and a more powerful aura.

The Maps

Overall (click here for plain map)

(Jenae) But what’s this? Another player joins this little scene. And who might you be?
Rivellon’s newest Dragon Knight, at your service.
Haha! I’m honoured to finally meet the court jester! Tell me jester: who will you be siding with today?

(Jenae) But what’s this? Another player joins this little scene. And who might you be?
Someone of no importance. Just passing.
Nevertheless, your next decision will be quite important: in fact, your life depends on it. You chanced upon is, so now you must choose sides. Which one shall it be?

Both these give you the same choice.
1. Why, the outlaws of course – as is my wont.
2. Not your group of lowly brigands, if that’s what you’re wondering.

If you side with the bandits, even if you don’t mention that Ragnar sent you, Jenae still thinks you did say it was Ragnar who sent you. I’m not sure if that happens if you go here without visiting Ragnar, but I’ll check on my alternate run.

Walk no further, traveller. We shall not move from here until one of us will have emerged victorious from our duel.

It’s your funeral, my good man.
Mayhap, Slayer. That shall now be decided. Good luck.

I have no interest in duelling you, sir.
That is your decision to make, but you have been challenged and to deny me is to admit cowardice.

Move along junior, mummy called and dinner’s ready.
Your sneers deflect from my mind like arrows from my armour!

Both of those lead to a choice to fight or not.

No one calls me a coward. Prepare for the fray.

So be it. Your labels are of no interest to me.
Goodbye then, coward. May my next opponent be made of stouter mettle!

Total Bunnies Killed: 4. I got one offscreen when returning to town to buy stuff.

Anonymous Limerick
You want to travel through Broken Valley?
Then draw your weapon and do not dally.
Parry troll and goblin rage,
Ever evade the rhyming Mage,
Or I guarantee you a bloody finale!
(found by the corpse with Tagos’ Axe)

Yara’s Current Auras

I used the enchanter and put two new ones on the Talisman of the North.

Reader Participation

1. Where to?
a) Lovis Tower, (Reward: “Festival of Immortals”, Main plot,  Additional +6-6 Magic Damage )
b) Investigate the Mine immediately (Reward:  Quest-resolving item, set item )
c) Follow the road back towards the Mine and Bandit Camp (Reward:  Bounty Item x2, +1 Wisdom Bow, Willy’s stash )

2. We’ve found an artefact in Lovis’s tower for Romon the priest.
a) Examine it closely. (Reward:  +1 Attribute point, but no quest ) (Default) = 1 Vote
b) Hand it over to Romon without examining it. (Reward:  A quest, but no attribute point. )

3. Louis has been gathering food to stave off the Rivertown famine. Richard of Aleroth thinks the food should go to Aleroth, even though they’re better off than Rivertown.
a) Side with Louis and Rivertown (Reward:  SQR, +1 Attribute point  )Default) = 1 vote
b) Side with Richard and Aleroth (Reward:  ***** SQR ****** )

4. Follow-up: If you decided to side with Richard, how do you want to remove the New Order Soldiers guarding the food? (If you sided against Richard, I will ignore your vote for this.)