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Part 25: Lovis Citadel

Chapter 15 – Lovis Citadel

Sosostra, the Wishing Well, and the Tower base
Citadel Ascent
Citadel Armoury
Bonus: Dive
Citadel Main Chamber
Bonus: Pulling the Thread

The reason why I put off buying the wishing well bracelet until now was because I literally didn’t have the money before.

I heard that selling potions was a good idea. However, that requires having ingredients and a formula. Thankfully, Lamotte had a Rank 2 Dexterity potion formula, which requires 2 Fatferns per potion. Fatferns are the most common plant in Broken Valley.

In just the areas I’ve already visited, I picked up 89, making 44 potions. I kept 10 for personal use and sold the rest for a substantial profit, most of which was gone again by the end of the update.

While wandering around harvesting Fatferns, I ended up back at the new mine, and on a whim, I checked the dead guy, and he had a really neat item on him! They also match my Rivellon Guards’ armour set!

You might want to watch the video for the voice-acting – not Sosostra, the scene after that.

Music: A New Dawn

Video: Sosostgra, the Wishing Well, and the Tower base

Sosostra (Sosostra) You have met your fortune, as I predicted! Perhaps you’d like me to reveal more?
(Yara) I would like you to read my fortune again.
You know the price.
(-50 gold) Here you go.
Good. Let us look once more at what the future holds… I see you in the sky above the valley. You will behold the lands like no one but the eagle has.
Bye for now, Madame.
May fortune smile upon you.

Yara returned to Drevan to see about getting some new enchantments crafted, when the well caught her eye.

(Wishing Well) Here comes another adventurer, searching for glory and treasure. And I can help you on your way.
Was I just addressed by a stone-laced pit?
(Talana) My, what a charmer you are.
Something like that, though this ‘pit’ expects a bit more courtesy. And for good reason. I am the Wishing Well, and you, traveller, may make one wish.
So are you THE Wishing Well?
Oh no, there are others, though not that many. There was a curious one in Ferol that called itself a miraculous water-dispenser. Imagine that! Always a bit stuck-up it was, especially after having granted a wish to an adventurer who would later become the Divine.
That foolish young adventurer should have wished for wisdom. The cost of arrogance was vast indeed.
Making a wish sounds good. I think I’ll have a go.
Good! But remember this: I like nothing more than the sound and feeling of gold as it clatters down my shaft.
I see. So what amount would… satisfy you?
Let’s just say the amount of gold you throw in influences my disposition. A few coins make no impression, a purse-full tickles my fancy, and a king’s allowance really gets me going. So, what will it be?
I think I’ll throw down 1000.
Are you mad? You complain about tight purses, and yet you shell out coin for fortunes and wishing wells?
Oh yes, that’s the stuff! Wish away!

There was indeed a Wishing Well in Divine Divinity, hidden in a corner of the Dwarven Woods on the east side of the world map. It offered a variety of options, including a level up, a boost of 5 or 10 for a specific attribute. Most were worthless, though. I chose the level-up.

You can throw down 10, 100, or 1000. Better rewards for more gold. This well only offers two choices: experience or a powerful item. The experience is only about 5000 with 1000 gold, so get the item instead. At 100 gold it is a +1 Unarmed bracelet, and at 1000 it’s a +1 Wisdom bracelet. The thread voted for “whatever”, so I chose the Wisdom one.

I wish for a powerful item.
Yes, just what a hero needs! May it serve you well, Slayer!

You know what I wish for? To reach Lord Lovis!
All right, already! I’m going!

The bridge had long since collapsed, so Yara followed the path to the bottom instead.

Another teleporter shrine… and what’s this door?
The door is locked. There is no handle.

Yara headed back to where someone had erected platforms and ladders to reach the bridge.

Video: The Citadel Ascent

Music: Festival of Immortals

This is probably the best music in the game. Seriously, listen to this and/or watch the video.

There was another teleport shrine, and a massive gate to the rest of the tower, but it was locked shut.

Hmm… with my new draconic agility, I think I can jump up there.

By leaping from platform to platform, Yara found the switch for the gate.

Two more gates awaited. One just led back to the bridge and road, and the lever for it was on the ground level. The second lever required more acrobatics to reach.

Who built those ramps and scaffolds, and why?

Damn. No getting around this one. The lever’s on the other side, and there’s nothing for me to jump on. I guess I’d better see where that scaffolding goes.

Another locked gate. But I think these statues might have something to do with it.

Yara pressed the plates below the statues in the order they were pointing at, and the gate opened.

The proper way to go to meet Lord Lovis is DOWN, not up. That’s what the little glowing sparkles are for, because people didn’t realize that was a path. In Ego Dragonis, I was one of them, actually. I took the fun way to get down and never realized that path was the right way.

Wow, what a view.

Was this what Sosostra meant about me viewing the lands from above?

Well, I guess this is it.

Video: Citadel Armoury

Ugh, what a mess.[/sub]
Hello? Anyone here?
Uh… I wasn’t actually expecting an answer.

(???) I know you not, stranger, but do not be alarmed. I wish you no harm and I do not wish to die, so let us just talk and perhaps even trade.
Who are you exactly?
(Carlin) Lord Lovis’ old smith, Carlin. Quite famous in my day. But give it a few centuries and fame fades, you know. Now I’m, just your typical cursed undead. A dreary existence, I assure you.
You said you do not wish to die, but how can that even happen to a skeleton?
Oh no, don’t go there! I’ve heard of living skeletons like me that fell apart because of an excess of existential thought!
Pity it doesn’t work on more of them.
Fine, I’ll just drop the subject.
Thank you. I do think that’s best.
(-400 XP, 25% discount.) Carlin’s skull is empty, and so you find nothing to read.
Trading sounds like a good idea, Let me see what you have.
You won’t be disappointed!

The existential thought making skeletons fall apart is a reference to Divine Divinity, where that happened.

Carlin is a merchant and since this is DKS not ED, he has some very nice items that I’m going to pick up.

I didn’t get this obviously. But a magic-user might want to.

I got these, they’ll be very good for a while when turning in quests.

This is what I came to see Carlin for. It’s better than the Rivellon Guards armour, and with the hat equipped:

I get an extra 7 damage for wearing two items. Not too shabby. This set is notable because it’s the ONLY set where the +Magic Damage bonus is NOT on the weapon and I can make use of it. Magic Damage can be found on amulets, bracelets, and earrings, and I’ll be looking for those as well. Every little bit helps. Unfortunately, the item generation system won't let both +Magic and +Melee damage to appear on the same item.

Do you mind if I take a look around here?
I suppose not.

Yara investigated the crumbling rooms. There were switches, but whatever purpose they originally served, now they only caused injury to Yara. Eventually there was only one chamber left untouched.

Maybe my Dragon Knight status comes with fire immunity?
No such luck, Dragon Knight.

Inside the burning room Yara found another switch. There was a surge of energy in the main chamber as something materialized.

Fun fact: for some reason, the door locks when you come and doesn’t unlock until you pull the switch which makes the stone appear.

I hope that priest Romon will like this thing… whatever it is.
We’re here to meet Lord Lovis, not steal from him.
He’s really let this place go. I’m not sure he cares.

You have found a mysterious stone covered in strange markings and made from an ore unknown to you.
Stone: reveal all your secrets, I command you!
To your surprise, the stone does not answer.

Yara examined the stone more closely.

The tip emits a faint, yet haunting light.

Yara looked closer into the light.

Suddenly, you are swept away by a swirl of magical energy.

Yara found herself in some strange watery dungeon. An angry-looking ghost was there.

Mindread the ghost for a free attribute point.

(Toshan) So you have come at last, Lord Lovis. I’ve long been dead, yet denied eternal rest because of you: my former master. Now the time of reckoning is at hand!
(-400 XP) [+1 Attribute Point]

He thinks I’m Lord Lovis? How blind is this ghost? Just a guess, but I’m pretty sure Lord Lovis didn’t have *these*.
Just hold back on all the drama, All right, see-through?
I am beyond your petty insults and you are beyond my mercy! Time to die, “master”!

Idiot ghost. Now, where am I, and how do I get out?

Level 12, finally. I’m saving my skill points for when I reach level 15. The rest is the standard 1/1/2 Vitality/Spirit/Strength. The bonus point from the mind-read went to Spirit.

This is glowing. What happens if I touch it?
If I could slap you, I would.

That makes two of us.

A platform appeared hovering in air. And some skeletons appeared.

What’s that platform for… oh, there’s a switch. But I can’t reach it yet. Maybe… ah, there’s another pedestal over there.

When Yara pulled the switch, a bunch of weapons dropped from chains above.

Meh. I thought I heard another rattle echo of chains, though.


Don’t get one of the weapons. It’s a trick. The weapons are unimpressive for your level. In a corner drops the actual prize: a skill book. I missed this one a couple of times in Ego Draconis. I bet a lot of people in the thread missed this one too.

I think that it should be pretty clear what the quest will be if you don’t look into the orb before giving it to Romon. It’s not a very satisfying quest, either.

The door led Yara outside, to the shrine by the lake.

I think you made a wrong turn in the tower, Dragon Knight. Shall we try again?
There’s got to be a way down past that gate.

Perhaps we should turn right this time, Dragon Knight.

There’s a platform down there.
You’re not thinking of…

Video (Bonus): Dive

*sigh* Well, at least you’re not scared of heights. That would be a severe drawback for a Dragon Knight.

Yara landed on the platform just past the locked door.

Penelope… that name sounds naggingly familiar for some reason.

Video: Citadel Main Chamber

Music: Waltz of Woe

Well done. We are here. Lord Lovis is close by.

This door also locks behind us until we do something in this room.

There’s nothing here! I came all this way and there’s nothing here!
Patience. Look around and see if there’s anything you missed.

Uh, a dead guy, with a scroll in his hand.
The scroll bears a spell in an alphabet you can read, but its meaning remains nonsensical to you.
Well, here goes…
Hmmm, I wonder what that did?

A lever appeared.

The platform lowered into Lovis’s throne room.

Larian Studios announces their next game: Dragon Commander!

Dragon Commander first details.

Sosostra, the Wishing Well, and the Tower base
Citadel Ascent
Citadel Armoury
Bonus: Dive
Citadel Main Chamber
Bonus: Pulling the Thread

Festival of Immortals – This is probably the best song in the game. It is awesome. Listen to it now!

Waltz of Woe

The Maps

Lovis Citadel

Citadel Dungeon

Total Bunnies Killed: Still 4.

Blood-stained Journal

Found by a body near the entrance to Lovis’ Citadel

Toshan’s Diary

Found in the dungeon where Toshan lurked.

Video: Pulling the Thread

(Carlin) I know you not, stranger, but do not be alarmed. I wish you no harm and I do not wish to die, so let us just talk and perhaps even trade.
You said you do not wish to die, but how can that even happen to a skeleton?
Oh no, don’t go there! I’ve heard of living skeletons like me that fell apart because of an excess of existential thought!
Think about it, though. You don’t even have the flesh to keep them bones together.
Please, just… just stop it. Nothing good can come of this!
And your voice. Where does that come from? What organ produces it? How can you see me? How can you hear me?
No! No more! I beg of you! Not another word!
Not to mention your ability to reason! You have no brains, yet you can think? Mind-boggling… in a sense.
Noooo! It can’t be! This cannot be happening! I… I… aaaagghhh…


(Toshan) So you have come at last, Lord Lovis. I’ve long been dead, yet denied eternal rest because of you: my former master. Now the time of reckoning is at hand!

Don’t do anything rash now! I’m not Lovis!
You seek to deceive me? You are as cunning as ever, but your wits will not save you from death!

I am your master still! Bow before me, worm!
Once I cowered before you, but death has released me from your hold. Now I shall give you what I was denied!

Chained Equipment

If you opted for the stuff hanging from the chains, here it is:

Yara’s Current Auras

As of the end of this update.

Reader Participation – Lord Lovis Trivia Edition

These questions are pretty tricky, with plausible-sounding wrong answers. Get all five right and win a prize! (For Yara, not you. Sorry!) The answers to at least 4 of them can be found in earlier updates.

1. To whom was Lord Lovis born?
a) Ysmay, shield-maiden of the Forgotten Empire.
b) Hildegard, the twinblade warrior of heritage unknown.
c) Anastas, queen of ancient Ferol.

2. Who does Lord Lovis serve?
a) Ouroboros, god of Dragons.
b) The Divine, even in death.
c) Maxos, the Dragon Mage.

3. What was Lord Lovis’ greatest victory?
a) The Battle of Ten Thousand in which he slew more than six hundred foes and three Black Ring generals.
b) His duel with the Dragon Knight Brom, who had insulted him and did not live to tell.
c) The first raid on Yuthul Gor, which almost led to the final destruction of the green race and is known to them as “The Coming of Blood.”

4. Who was the fiend that set in motion Lord Lovis’ downfall?
a) Damian, the Damned One himself, scourge of Rivellon.
b) Ephiatles, a traitor who guided the Black Ring armies to this tower.
c) Ba’al, the Arch Demon who raided this valley.

5. What was Broken Valley called when Lord Lovis still ruled supreme?
a) Maxos Dale.
b) The Valley of Shrines.
c) Citadel Lake.