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Part 27: Enemy Mine

Chapter 17 – Enemy Mine

Mine Attack

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: A New Dawn

Video: Black Ring Siege

As Yara approached the mystery glow, she was attacked by some more Black Ring soldiers.

Level 13. My Strength is a bit low, so I’m going to start going 3/1 Strength/Vitality OR Spirit, alternating between points each level. This point went to Vitality.

(Yara) What the hell…?

I wouldn’t step too close to that… thing.


How do I stop this thing?

Oh, crap!

With the death of the demon, the hellish portal exploded.

(Talana) Impressive, Dragon Knight, impressive! But only the first Demonic foe in a line of many!
Hmm… I bet a demon’s claw would make a trophy suitable to impress that egotistical hunter Robin.

You need a fresh Demon Claw to show Robin to complete the quest. This is one of three sources for one in Broken Valley. It’s also the one the game acknowledges in dialogue.

The demon also drops the third piece of the Defenders of Aleroth set, the leggings – or in the case of Yara – an armoured skirt. Another piece of the set boosts all the set bonuses, so the +5 to Magic Damage goes to +7, although my actual magical damage goes up by 3 – from 8-8 to 11-11.

I don’t know what the Black Ring were going to do with that, but it must have something to do with the mine. I’d better warn them.

As Yara got close though, she saw many guards and miners fleeing, as if their pants were on fire.

Video: Mine Attack

(Rory) You! Quickly! Get away from the mine!
Why? Your canary died?
No! We’re blowing up the gate! Now move!
(-120 XP) The mine is overrun, and my secret pension is gone! Unless they don’t find the hidden wall in the little office, then… No, I must flee or I’ll die here!

The explosion brought a ton of rubble down from the mountain, doing a fine job of blocking off the entrance.

(Daedalus) Fools! Do you think mere rock will stop the Black Ring? Out Demon Commander Ba’al is here and he shall find the sigil for the Damned One! And now you insolent imbeciles will feel the wrath of the Ring!
Ba’al?! Sigil?

Divine have mercy on us! The Black Ring are everywhere! Get out of here if you value your life! No mere human stands a chance against these fiends from the pit!
But then, I’m no ‘mere human’. I’m a Dragon… Knight, trained as a Slayer.
What are the forces of Damian doing here?
I do not know, though Guild Master Williams might. Alas, he was in the main building when we were attacked and most likely is dead by now. Do what you will and if you can save Williams, so much the better. But don’t come haunting me afterwards claiming I didn’t warn you! Now I’m out of here and won’t stop running until I find a Champion garrison or something. Good luck to you!

You are no match yet for the Black Ring elite. Leave, lest you want to hand Damian his victory here and now. No! What are you doing?

Music: Battle Large

I like this music. It’s used in a few places where there’s a challenging gauntlet of some kind, most notably the (Chapter 21)  Temple of Doom .

I can’t just abandon those miners!
And how many more will die if you fall here, Dragon Knight? You must learn to pick your battles.

Yara defeated the Black Ring troops in the yard, but she was unable to save the lives of the guards and miners caught outside.

Well, there’s certainly no getting in here.

I’d better see if there are any more miners in the office.
You’re just going to walk in? You have no idea how many Black Ring are in there.
You’re right. ... Maybe a disguise would help. One of those Black Ring troops who died in the fighting was a woman. I think I could fit into her armour.

Yara stripped the corpse of its armour.

The helmet’s had it, but the rest looks salvageable. Ugh… too bad bathing wasn’t high on her list of priotities.

It’s obvious from certain things that at one point you were supposed to be able to go in and rescue the miners. Something changed though, and the enemies outside the office are all level 11 and 12, but inside they’re level 27. (In Ego Draconis you could enter at a low level, and then you die instantly because level 27 enemies are nasty.

It’s now been locked in DKS, so I can’t technically enter the office until I come back later, but the dialogue inside there only makes sense if I go in and do the rescue now. So through the magic of LP, that’s what I’m doing.

(Siddell) I was told we’d be shipping the prisoners to the slave camps in Yuthul Gor soon.
(Stroud) Why bother sending them so far instead of simply killing them? The greenskins make better serfs as far as I’m concerned.
Our Damned Lord demands all the hands and claws we can get for the construction of his Flying Fortreses – and there is no going against his orders!
If you’re suggesting I’d disobey Damian, I’ll start a game of hide-the-dagger-in-your-guts, and make damned sure you win!
Ah, shut yer trap and let’s play some cards. The winner gets the girl upstairs, eh? Ha! She has the greatest…

Hey! An intruder!
Hehehe! Them sparkly eyes are mine!

I forgot, you need to be that ugly to join the Black Ring. Do they really carve a “D” for Damian on their heads?

At the top of the building was Guildmaster Williams and two surviving guards.

A Dragon Slayer? What Divine providence brings you here at this hour?
Nothing to do with providence, I assure you.
You’re a sight for sore eyes - whatever the cause or reason. Tell me: how fare the other miners and guards?
(-400 XP) Am I lucky they never asked for the number combination of the treasure chest in the mine office! I’d have cracked immediately. Maybe I can still save what’s left when these monsters are gone!
It looks like at least a decent number of them made it outside.
And a decent number lay dead no doubt! I still can’t believe it. The Black Ring stirs! They must be here because of the shrine we found when digging for ore.

What shrine?
I know nothing more about it. We were digging a new tunnel when we ventured upon a door. A large hall lay behind it. New spread and a week later, there they were: the forces of Damian. You already took them on, so if you want to kick them out of my quarry, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There is a hidden passage into the mines that is known only to the guild masters. It’s a bit to the east of the mine, hidden away behind a small goblin enclave. Sneaking past them is a dangerous business, but I don’t think it will be for you. Here, take this key. It will open the door.

Yara heard armoured boots rushing up the stairs. Black Ring reinforcements.

More of them are coming.
Now, let’s fight our way out and hope we at least survive this dark day!

A Guild Without a Master
Protect Williams and make sure he gets to the bottom alive. This can be hard, you’ll want to be several levels higher than the enemies here. They deliberately target Williams, and he goes down pretty quickly, so you need to be fast and efficient at dispatching them.

We made it downstairs! Divine be praised! You saved us from slavery and death and we won’t forget it. Thank you, friend!
I bet they don’t know about the other entrance yet. I’ll go to that goblin camp and see if I can find what they want in the mine.
You might have saved the Guild master, but don’t get overconfident, Dragon Knight. You’re no match for Ba’al.

"A Guild Without a Master" complete! Quest Reward: 6000 XP, 1000 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 3000 XP.

This isn’t the same Yara, so I didn’t really get that XP and gold. That’s also why I didn’t bother looting anything.

Mine Attack

Battle Large

The Map

Total Bunnies Killed: Still 4.

Yara’s Current Auras

If Guild Master Williams dies, Talana says:

Whoops! Lost the guild master back there!

I had to level up many times before I was able to successfully kill the Black Ring fast enough before they killed him.