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Part 29: The Rhyming Mage

Chapter 19 – The Rhyming Mage

Road to Orobas Fjords
Of Bandits and Beauty Sleep
I hate you, Bellegar
Bonus: Chicken Out

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: A New Dawn

Video: Road to Orobas Fjords

The road between the South Valley teleporter and Orobas Fjords is infested with Black Ring. Fighting them at level 11 was pretty tough, and nearly lethal. But at level 13 it’s much easier.

(Yara) More Black Ring over there…
(Talana) Where ARE you going, Dragon Knight?
I’m not sure, really.

Level 14. 3 Strength, 1 Spirit. I probably won’t quite hit level 15 before entering the temple, but I definitely will before finishing it.

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

(Bellegar) Soon I shall hang here the lamenting bell!
No one, Slayer, beats a Demon out of Hell!

That’s two demons down today. Not bad.

You get the same sequence of monsters no matter which shrine you visit first. The second shrine produces a demon. This is another possible source for the demon claw, but Tim will still refer to it as coming from the Black Ring Demon, which is one reason to do that before visiting a second Bellegar shrine.

I saved after this because I wanted to see what happens if you give Willy money. It turns out that to see all of his tricks, I actually needed to give him money at the first meeting. But it wasn’t hard to load and get that footage. See the Behind the Scenes stuff at the end.

(Willy) Slayer! Finally I caught you again! You’ll want that house now – I can feel it!
Bugger off, Willy!
You can’t be serious! A whole house for a few coins! Half now, the rest later. It’s a steal, Slayer!
No deal, Willy.
But of course we have a deal! You can’t refuse these prices!
Bye, Willy!
I can’t believe it. Three times I offered. Your loss, Slayer! your loss!

If you sent David fleeing, here is your only chance at the +1 Attribute point.

(David) What are you doing here? Are they still looking for me?
(-800 XP) [+1 Attribute Point]


Is the other conversation option, it makes him scream and run away. But I’ve decided not to be a douche.

Relax, David. No one knows where you are.
I don’t believe you! I can feel them stare… Oh, I need to get out of here!

David took off like an arrow loosed.

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Well, here we are in the Orobas Fjords, Dragon Knight. What are you going to do? Hop a boat bound for distant shores?

No. I’m going back.

Orobas Fjords is the second main questing area. We can’t actually do much here yet. The enemies start at level 18 and go up to the high 20’s. I came here because I will want to come back eventually, and going to activate the teleporter shrine you can see down there was faster than turning around and walking to another one.

Video: Of Bandits and Beauty Sleep

Music: A New Dawn

Over there… that looks like another one of Bellegar’s shrines.
And you think visiting it will be helpful… why, exactly?
I have a feeling, that’s all.

There was no obvious way to reach the plateau which had the ruin, but an old hollow log crossed the river.

Just as Yara reached the middle of the canyon, bandits sprung out from hiding.

Really? You’re ambushing me HERE? This isn’t even a damn road! It doesn’t go anywhere! It’s a great ambush… except that almost no one ever walks through here! And plus, I’m already a member of Jagon’s bandits! You’re robbing yourselves! I uh, don’t have an I.D. card, though. Come on, I thought you idiots were organized!

That rock slab leads to the ruin and… wait, what’s that over there?

Are they dead?
No, they seem to be asleep, but… I can’t wake them up. Strange.

You want to do this quest, it has a fantastic reward.

Deep snoring indicates Furley is quite dormant.
Hmmm… I wonder…
(-400 XP) Furley is dreaming about a beautiful woman. They are sitting in a tavern and he wants to seduce her. But he is so tense, and the woman is getting bored… He needs something to steady his nerves. A drink would do wonders!
Really? … Let’s see. Ah, here’s something…
He takes hold of the bottle, drinks from it greedily, and rouses.
(Furley) Ah, I needed that drink. How did you know to give me that?
You were talking in your sleep.
I see! Shouting for beer while asleep. Haha! You must have thought me a real drunk!

The man seems to be sound asleep.
(-400 XP) Namdar is having a horrible nightmare. He is in a dark cave, trying to run away from a giant troll, but he falls and twists his ankle. The fuming troll is getting closer and closer, but the terrified Namdar just can’t run fast enough. If only he could heal his wound…
Namdar fumbles the potion in his sleep, drinks it and wakes up.
(Namdar) Lord, what a nightmare that was!
Are you okay now?
I am, yes! Thanks for helping me. I hope you’ll be able to wake my friends, because no shouting or shaking will help!

Nightwinkle is fast asleep.
(-400 XP) Nightwinkle is dreaming about an archery contest she desperately wants to win. Panic sets in as she realises she is lacking a critical ingredient for her potion! Of all things, how could she for get a big red apple?
Well, I was saving some for a snack, but…
She grabs the apple, mutters something, smiles, and awakens.
(Nightwinkle) Awake at last! I would have gone mad for sure!
Because you lacked an apple?
What a stupid dream I was having! If it really had to last that long, why couldn’t I dream about the unicorn again?
Glad you’re all better now.
The three of us awake at last! Oh, that dream! I’ll never have another red apple again!
It wasn’t that bad, I, er… I killed this enormous troll with my bare hands!
That’s nothing! I dreamt that the most beautiful woman you ever saw came on to me!
Here you are, but moments awake and already daydreaming.
Ahem, yes, never mind, eh! What do you say we reward our friend here?
I know! You can have that gem we found up in the hills.
Yes, I still have that. Here, take it with our blessings.
What exactly happened to the three of you?
We were just walking to the village when some weird, rhyming fellow gave us a bottle of wine. We all shared a drink – and the next thing I remember is waking up from that awful nightmare you rescued me from.
Thank you so much, Slayer. We’ll head to Broken Valley now and hope the rest of the journey is a bit less eventful!
Quest Reward: Malachite Gem
Those who slept you have woken. Such heroism! … Wake me when we reach the Maxos Temple, would you?

This is not an official quest, so there’s no standard quest reward for helping them. But you get something much better: a rare Malachite Gem, one of only three possible in Broken Valley, so don’t miss this quest. In Ego Draconis it was bugged and typically it locked up the game when trying to talk to them, so you couldn’t finish it. That was annoying, but it was fixed in DKS, although Nightwinkle’s dialogue seems to have a couple misplaced lines still.

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

The Demon hadn’t a prayer
of defeating a sturdy Slayer!
No spawn of Hades could invoke your dread,
but how will you fare against the undead?

Pretty well, thanks. Huh… what’s in that chest?

On the piece of paper is written a single word in a language you do not understand: ‘Scopgereord’. Maybe someone can decipher it for you.
I remember seeing another set of ruins. I’ve passed it a couple of times before.

Video: I hate you, Bellegar

Treasure is nigh, you are so close to your goal!
Too bad I chose to feed you to a troll!


It turns out, Glazius, that the trolls really ARE more afraid of you than you are of them. Assuming you use the Fear spell, that is.

After Yara made her way back out of the sunken area, she spotted Bellegar in the distance.

You killed my minions one by one.
‘So now for the riches,’ you think, and then we’re done.
But there’s no reward in my wizard’s den,
Instead you can fight them all again!
I tried to warn you. It’s not like I have lived for hundreds of years already, and know what I’m talking about.

Now you have to fight all four challenges again in a row, but this time they’re all level 12. Bellegar waits for you to defeat each group before sending in another, so it’s not hard.

You bore me with your constant winning, Bellegar has had enough!

So please go away and I’ll give you some of this useless, shiny, yellow stuff!

Let’s hope that was the last we saw of that rhyming psychotic!
I agree. I think maybe I should get to the Maxos Temple now after all.

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

You want to fly free as a bird: Bellegar can understand!
Enjoy the flight and don’t worry about how to land!


Road to Orobas Fjords
Of Bandits and Beauty Sleep
I hate you, Bellegar
Bonus: Chicken Out

Majesty of the Fjords

The Map

Total Bunnies Killed: Still 4, thanks to a reload.

Yara’s Current Auras

Besting Robin gives Joris the guard new lines.

(Joris) Haha! You sure showed Robin! A Demon damn-well beats a boar in my book, no matter how big the hog is!

If you go to Broken Valley, you can find these three standing near the waterfall. I borrowed Namdar’s lines for the actual update, they were the ones implicating Bellegar.

(Furley) Well if it isn’t my favourite bartender!
I see you made it to the village safely.
Oh, yes, that we did! And wide awake the whole time, hehehe! I have to say: the countryside may be beautiful, but if this kind of thing happens here, next time I’ll be sure to take the zeppelin.
Must be off Furley.
Good day!

(Nightwinkle) Hello there!
How are you?
Great! Though I’m a bit wary of going to sleep again. What a stupid dream I was having! If it really had to last that long, why couldn’t I dream about the unicorn again?
I have to go.

Bonus Video: Chicken Out

That last shrine has a bunch of chickens running around. One on them is white. If you kill it…

I can’t believe you actually went through all that trouble just to off that raving loon.

And you get an achievement for it, too.

As mentioned before, Willy is a con man. What happens if you’re an idiot…

(Willy) Good day, Dragon Slayer! Willy’s the name, selling’s the game!
Great opening line, my money is halfway out of my pocket already.
Music to my ears! I run the Broken Valley Real Estate corporation, and I have a few things on the market just for you! First there’s Folo’s house in the village: he needs to sell it because of gambling debts. Or you can buy a piece of land and build a new house will be built according to your instructions! So, which of the two will it be?
I take it Folo’s house is reasonably priced / Will a new house be expensive?
So reasonably you’d think I’m mad to sell if for that price! / Rather, but it’ll be worth it!
And you only have to pay half now. The rest can wait till later.
(-500 gold) You’ve got yourself a deal!
Excellent! I’ll take care of the paperwork and will present you with the deed shortly. Pleasure doing business with you!

We’ve just given him 500 gold and we didn’t even get a fake deed for the effort. If you bought Folo’s house, you can go tell him and Rose about it!

Ello again!
I bought your house, Folo.
What? Rubbish! I ain’t selling nothing! You’re a weird one you are!

Anything I can do for ye?
Such a nice house this. I bought it from Willy.
Excuse me? Willy sold you our home? Ha! I hope you don’t mind Sharing, Slayer, ‘cause we ain’t moving!

Even if you do this, you can’t ask Willy about it.

Hello again, Dragon Slayer! Now, about that house of yours!
You have my deed?
Not yet. There have been some complications.

(New house)
The delivery of stones got delayed indefinitely, so we’ll have to use a more expensive kind that is available now. That will cost a few extra coins. But if you give me half now, I’ll make a deal with the mason.

(Folo’s house)
It turns out the supporting beams in Folo’s house are rotten and they need to be replaced.

That will cost a few extra coins. But if you give me half now, I’ll make a deal with the mason/carpenter.
(-500 Gold) Fine. Here you go!
Good! I’ll inform the mason immediately. That house is going to be beautiful! / Good! I’ll have those beams replaced pronto! And I’ll be back with the deed in a jiffy.

Another 500 paid and still no deed.

My good friend, there you are!
So, you finally have my deed?
I hit a little snag, unfortunately!

(New House)
A workman was attacked and killed by a goblin. Now the other ones don’t want to continue unless they’re protected. We can probably just hire some guards on the lookout for extra cash.

(Folo’s House)
Folo got drunk and he trashed all his furniture and parts of the fence. The good news is that now you can buy new and better chairs, tables and so forth.

Just give me some more coins and I’ll take care of it for you!
(-500 gold) Fine! But this had better be the last payment!
It is, Slayer, it certainly is that! Hehehe! You have a good day now!
I wanted to stop you, I really did. But someone who pays this man three times does not deserve saving.

So we pay him 1500 gold and we don’t even get a deed. That’s the last we’ll see of him  until the expansion. 

Reader Participation

1. If we see Rhode at the Maxos Temple, what should we say?
a) Tell her what happened, and the truth about the Great Betrayal.
b) Make an excuse about being bored.
c) Tell her that we’re now a Dragon Knight-to-be and we’re off to kill Damian.