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Part 37: Sentinel Island

Chapter 26 – Sentinel Island

Damian’s Warning
Sentinel Island

Yara’s Current Auras

Video: Damian’s Warning

Excerpt from “The Last of the Dragon Knights”, by ZixZax the Almost-Wise:
The corridor in the underground temple opened out onto an impossible space. Sky all around and only a tiny patch of land. A large statue of a half-Dragon Maxos floated in mid-air. The Dragon Knight knew that it had to be an illusion of some kind, but there was no time to think about it. The Damned One himself was standing there, waiting patiently.

(Damian) Did you know, hatchling, that as a ruler, it is much better to be feared than to be loved? Problem is, it has turned out you are quite fearless.

However, there is a very fine line between heroism and stupidity, and in deciding to oppose me, you have most certainly shown of the latter.

Ygerna is not yours to quest for! No. The journey ends here, now!

Music: From Hell

Damian teleported away, but two of his captains teleported in.

(Yara) I don’t understand him. He was right here. Why didn’t he just kill me?
(Talana) I don’t know. But I wouldn’t worry about it. Just be thankful he keeps underestimating you, Dragon Knight. Let us proceed to… do you intend to carry that Soul Stone with you to Sentinel Island?
Oh, right.

The stone almost pulsates in your hands and deep within you can see a distant sphere of life angrily resisting its confinement.
Sorry, Lovis. But your servants deserve freedom more than you do.
Amidst the sounds of a thousand splinters screeching, a scream of endless anguish echoes and dies away.
I have a feeling Lord Lovis will regret that decision. You certainly just gave him the time to do so.

(Abalam) You have done it! I can feel it!
I have smashed the Soul Stone upon the blood altar as you asked.
Lovis shall ever suffer and we are free. You chose the right path over gold: the Wisdom trial was not wasted on you! Be blessed, adventurer, and farewell!
“Lost Soul” failed! “In Cold Blood” complete! Quest Rewards: 1200 XP, 300 gold. Bonus Chosen: 600 XP.
I suppose I should tell Lovis the bad news.
I wouldn’t.

We’re still about 1600 XP shy of level 16, and I will not go to Sentinel Island until I am level 16. But I have a plan. Do you remember that I went to the Orobas Fjords Grand Knight teleporter shrine a while ago? This is why.

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

There we go.

Music: Waltz of Woe

(Lord Lovis) You destroyed my Soul Stone! I could feel its sundering!

Alternate options:
1. That I did, and with pleasure!
2. I was told of your horrific deeds. I wish you all the best in the dismal eternity!

But I’m going for the third option because it’s funnier, and it’s the only one which has anything different.

Yeah… Whoops.
I am cursed for eternity and you say ‘whoops’? You shall die a thousand deaths and suffer a thousand tortures every day!

He took that better than I thought.

I plopped the new torso onto my creature. Here are the current stats of it. I’ll switch to a Mage head once I find one.

Video: Sentinel Island

It looks the same… but the air… it’s hotter, drier.

There are chests to the right and left. They contain the final parts of the Wild Dwellers and Blood Echelon sets. Too bad they waited so long, we start getting pieces of the next tier of sets almost right away.

(Maxos Book) Congratulations, Initiate. You have passed the trials. Enter the Battle Tower freely and seek me out in the Throne Room.

Music: The Island (Unused Track)

Music: Sentinel Island

This sure isn’t Broken Valley anymore.

Now what?

Music: Patriarch

(???) Be welcome, Dragon Knight, to Sentinel Island: the home of Dragons of old, now a harbour of horror and insanity.
But you are sane, strange lady?
I am beyond sanity or madness. My consciousness is of other proportions. That consciousness now rejoices as it sees the prophecy nearing completion.
The prophecy?
You shall be the new inhabitant of the Battle Tower, and I, the Island, have brought you your servants.

You are the Island itself?
(Sentinel Island) I am Sentinel Island, yes. And I lived in perfect symbiosis with Maxos’ magic until he left me and Laiken took his place.
How come you are, well… alive?
I do not know. It seems I have always been, since the earliest days of Rivellon. Soon the Dragons flocked to my shores, drawn by the magic within and around me.
What is so special about your magic?
It is the raw power of creation that can bring beings to a state of transcendence and grant them untold powers. The race of Dragons is the only one that could eventually master it, so now my magic has become synonymous with them.

(0 XP) You wish to know my thoughts? Your mind would melt were I to show you all. But I’ll bestow you with a fraction, because your betterment suits my purposes.
Level up!

This is why I wanted to reach a fresh level before coming here. Mind-reading Sentinel Island instantly takes you to the next level, and erases all XP debt (her actual mind-read cost is like 1400, but the debt is erased instantly). If I’d come here without the trip to the Fjords, I would have only reached level 16, which would have sucked since I was so close to there anyway. Don’t miss this!

Why are you called Sentinel Island?
Haha! Oh, I don’t have a real name: it’s just what the rare visitors started calling me after Maxos built his tower. He was the only human who could ever fathom at least part of the power that I am. But one day he was gone and not even I know where he went or why.

You have brought me servants?
Indeed. The tower was designed to meet the Dragon Knight’s needs. You shall be provided with an alchemist, a necromancer, a trainer and an enchanter. Eight are on my surface, four shan’t see another day. You decide who serves and who dies. Four totems make for four choices, but talk to the candidates first. They know you are here.
So I must choose who lives or dies? I don’t know if I want to be that judge.
Bur judge you must or I will randomly do so. Four shall live, four shall die: whether you decide for them or not.
What are these totems you mentioned?

They are… representatives. Hidden, no, but ordered to appear when they sense your presence. Talk to them when you have made up your mind. You’ll soon see: they shall then do the hard work for you.
A strange task you have given me, but I shall endeavour to finish it properly.
Good luck, Dragon Knight. Choose well.

The Prophecy
This quest can be completed by finishing a series of 4 sub-quests: Enchanted, I’m Sure, Caught Undead, Sparring Partner, and The Gardener. It should be obvious what those ones are. Chapter 28 will tell you all you need to know about this.

We have been here but moments, yet our meeting has been strange. Sush is the nature of this place. But we cannot waver now: the Dragon Stone must be ours so the power of the Dragon may be yours.
To the Battle Tower, then… um… I can’t see where it is from here.
Dragon Knight…
Who knows what direction I’ll have to walk. Or how far.
Dragon Knight…
Maybe it’s past that ridge.
Dragon Knight!
Turn around. And look up.


Damian’s Warning
Sentinel Island

The Island (Unused Track)

This track is similar to Sentinel Island, but it’s not heard anywhere in the game. It was in the OST download from Kirill Pokrovsky’s website though.

Sentinel Island

This is a great track, but there’s a glitch in it which produces that strange hitch in-game.


The tracks in the game which were not part of the released OST don’t have names, so instead of using the generic ones for all cases, I kinda had to guess.

Rivellonian History in Sonnets, Part II

Here’s what the view from the sky room is looking towards the Maxos Temple.

I kinda think “I am cursed for eternity and you say ‘whoops’?” would make a great avatar quote. I could make an avatar-sized image of Lovis on request.

Yara’s Current Auras

You can talk to the Ghosts after Amdusias dies.

(Benedict) Dead… Dead at the hand of an Initiate! You won after all, Maxos. May your victory taste as bitter as our defeat!

(Fendrel) Some justice at last! The false Dragon has been slain. Perhaps it will make this unending burden easier to bear. Perhaps…

(Francis) You are gone from here, great Amdusias! Death is better than this! Why must I still dwell here, ever horribly conscious?

The other two options in the Lovis conversation just lead to the "you shall suffer a thousand deaths..." line and the skeleton fight.

(???) Be welcome, Dragon Knight, to Sentinel Island: the home of Dragons of old, now a harbour of horror and insanity.
You are mistaken: I'm not a Dragon Knight yet.
Oh, but you are. It is but a matter of time. It has been foretold: it is the prophecy.
The prophecy?