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Part 38: Armour Sets: Farglow / Broken Valley Edition

Let’s Talk About Sets – Farglow / Broken Valley Edition

Now that Yara has reached level 15, she can equip the three sets that she started with in Farglow. I did that already with the Annihilator set, but I sold the other two. But that’s what old saved games are for.

This set lacks leg armour. Usually I remove pieces which aren't part of the set for photoshoots, but not this time.

I’ll be wearing this for a while (minus the axe), but I’ll start switching pieces of it out for one of two other possible sets.

The Annihilator set gives hefty bonuses to Melee Damage (+19) Strength (+12) and Vitality (17 = 119 HP). It provides +1 to Battle Rage.

Total Melee/Ranged/Magic armour: 13 / 19 / 13

The Mining Guild provides a 94 HP boost, and a substantial bonus to ranged damage. Bonuses directly to damage are added before other factors, so the +17 to ranged damage makes your minimum damage 17-17 before other factors are added in. The bow also has a high base critical chance at 17%, and it increases your Heightened Reflexes (critical damage) by 12%. It provides +1 to Stun Arrows.

Total Melee/Ranged/Magic armour: 18 / 4 / 21

It gives high bonuses to melee and magic attacks, but almost nothing against other rangers.

This set is for the mage. It gives +13 to Spirit = 91 Mana, and some hefty magic damage bonuses (+29), and that’s before the 21-39 magic damge it already does. It provides +1 to Life Tap.

Total Melee/Ranged/Magic armour: 24 / 14 / 7

I’ll also show off the completed Broken Valley Wild Dwellers and Blood Echelon sets. And then I’m selling those too, because they’re taking up way too much inventory space.

A high bonus of 20 to ranged damage. This armour set gives a high bonus to ranged armour rating.

Total Melee/Ranged/Magic armour: 14 / 21 / 9

The Blood Echelon set is mostly concerned with increasing your armour ratings, which makes sense for a set which includes a shield. It doesn’t really do anything else of note.

Total Melee/Ranged/Magic armour comparison:

Annihilator: 13 / 19 / 13
Blood Echelon: 26 / 26 / 17

Annihilator probably wins out for having other bonuses, especially since Battle Rage reduces your melee armour rating by a lot. And since Yara does not use a shield, the armour bonuses from the Blood Echelon set are actually inferior to those of the Annihilator (except melee, which is reduced by Battle Rage).