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Part 41: Candidates, Part II

Chapter 28 – Candidates, Part II

Hermosa, Radcliff, and Barbatos, and the Shipwreck (15:52)
Kenneth (2:58)

Video: Radcliff, Hermosa, Barbatos, and the Shipwreck

(Briscoe) Let them attack, I say! We gave ‘em a good lickin’ last time!
(Pedro) Yeah, but we lost three men as well.
(Briscoe) Well, I like the think of the keg o’ rum as half full!

(Briscoe) Welcome, traveller. You’ll be safe inside the encampment.
(Pedro) You’re a real-a land-a-lubber, aren’t you? I can always a-tell!

This music sounds familiar, but I’m not sure it was in the game files that I found.

(Henry) Stranger, please. Leave the chef to his art, oui? I am cooking an exquisite bouillabaisse that you will tell your grandchildren about!
(Eleanor) My husband Henry, what a character he is! Just because he can put a decent plate of food on the table, he fancies himself a king!

Do you even know the fishes you are throwing in that cooking pot?
No, I don’t! So what, you think I’ll poison you? I, the greatest chef ever?
When I see scores of dead whales on the beach that must have eaten those same fishes, I’d think twice before preparing them - your chefness!

(Sam) Hello there! I’m Sam, the first mate. I salvaged some things from the cargo hull and I’m not adverse to making some coin. Care to have a look?
(-700 XP, 25% discount) If only I was still allowed to leave the camp… I could pick up those Desert Earth Roots I saw earlier. Yum, to be able to taste a sweet cup of tea again!
I found some Desert Earth Roots, would you like them?
Absolutely, thank you so much! They look so delicious!
Sam has lowered his prices! (25% discount)
I’ll have a look at your wares, please.
You won’t be disappointed!

Here we go, fresh leggings. I should get better enchantments on them before too long though, neither of those are that great. I lose out on 2 Magic Armour and 1 Ranged armour, and 21 health, but I gain 35 mana.

A surprising number of people missed these. It’s their own fault, if they hadn’t learned by now to check every single merchant for the new unique items they carry. Set items have been appearing on merchants since Broken Valley village.

I like these, they’ll be useful once I become the Dragon Knight. Right now the +1 won’t stack with the Annihilator Bracelet.

(Radcliff) Augh, my head. Feels like a leprechaun is sculpting in side my skull. So, you’re that Dragon lord or something, right?
I didn’t know Battle Tower Island had its very own town drunk.
Pfeh. I may have the occasional bottle o’ whisky, but I’m still the best enchanter you’ll ever meet. My guess is that’s all you need to know about me.
So you’re an enchanter. The best you say. Why is that?
Ha! Normally my reputation precedes me! I’m the official supplier of weapons to the New Order. Their officers view the receiving of one of my swords upon promotion as a badge of honour! But those are nothing compared to the ones I could make given the right material.
What materials do you require to enchant?

Metal and crystals, basically. But not every crystal is the same. The rarer they are, the more powerful, usually. I’m sure you’ll be able to obtain some pretty scarce specimens once you’ve earned your wings!
(-700 XP) Blast this being stuck on some backward patch of island! I’d have won this year’s weapon enchantment competition again, that’s for sure.
Well, I’m off. Er, stay sober!
Don’t count on it! But wait up a minute. Listen, I’m not in the mood to stand here and plead for my life, but I do know there’s another enchanter nearby. Why don’t you bring that chap to the ship? We’ll both make you a sword and you’ll quickly see everyone’s an amateur compared to me.

(Hermosa) I do not believe we have met. I’m Hermosa, Captain of this unfortunate ship.
Quite a state your ship is in. And after all those “Don’t Drink and Sail” campaigns.
Ha ha! Radcliff’s rum does have a bit of a kick, but this was different. We were sailing the Western Sea when all of a sudden a beam of light shone down on us. Next thing I knew we were here, stranded on this strange and hostile island.
Milady, I am the Dragon-Knight-to-be the Island has told you about.
Oh! Forgive me! I didn’t realise. Er, listen – I don’t know who the other candidate is, but he or she can’t possibly match my talents. They probably all say that, but this time it’s true! Let me assure you I really am an excellent weapons trainer. Great warriors have been my students! You’ll remember that, won’t you?
What do trainers do?
They augment their scholar’s skills by rigorous instruction and exercise. I may show you ways to greaten the strength of your whirlwind attacks, heighten the accuracy with which you fire splitting arrows, improve the might of those you summon. Regular warriors and wizards have their limits. But I, I can easily push you beyond them.

We’ve never met a trainer before. Up until now (well, until we become the master of the tower), all of our skills have a hard cap of 5 points. By paying the trainer some amount of gold, the cap can be increased to 10, 13, and even 15 points. Training our skills will be vital for keeping pace with increasing enemy toughness.

A trainer can also de-allocate all our skill points for a fee. The fee increases each time you do it, so try not to make a habit of it.

You mentioned you were spirited away by a beam of light. Could you be more specific?
Well, it was a column, really. A hollow column that surrounded the ship. Then suddenly, the sea started to become blurry and force within the column stronger. What followed was a hard crashing and thumping. When I opened my eyes we were here, wrecked and lost. Before I had time to let it all sink in – that’s not meant to be funny by the way – a lady approached me and told me of the prophecy.
Have you had many problems to deal with?
We were attacked by some local ruffians a few days ago, but we were able to repel the assault. Water and food luckily don’t cause worries: Barbatos summons the necessary supplies. One of my sailors took off on his own though. He’s been away a while. Should you see Elfrith, could you perhaps tell him he’s needed here? I mean, if that’s no inconvenience.
(-700 XP) No one can teach combat skills like me, but how can I say that without sounding desperate?
I must go, Captain.
Goodbye, er… your grace!

Man Overboard
Finding Hermosa’s missing man is part of the main quest.

(Barbatos) So what is your line of work?
(Turgoyn) I’m an academic. A historian to be more precise.
Blast and damn it! Is there no one here with some knowledge of alchemy?
You can always talk to a plant. They’re probably the only ones who will listen.

(Turgoyn) Greetings traveller! I wish you a very good day.
You seem quite hale and hearty for a man stuck on a hostile island.
I have good reason to be! I’m a maritime historian, y’see, and this place fascinates me.
Judging by your enthusiasm, Sentinel Island is a maritime historian’s dream come true.
That’s what I’ve been telling the members of our club, The Prancing Seahorse. You are absolutely right, though! I wrote many a paper on the legendary Ulfmar, don’t you know: a mighty pirate. But he wasn’t a mere pirate, he was an explorer too. Then one sad day, he disappeared – ship, treasure and all – never to be heard from again.
Until you discovered something on this island?
Exactly! You catch on quickly, don’t you youngster? Have you noticed that shipwreck, perched so bizarrely atop that enormous tree?

I’d bet my prize collection of erotically engraved cannonballs that is Ulfmar’s ship! Oh, yes indeed, I’d recognize that design anywhere.
(- XP) That cannonball with the bathing twins motif will cost a fortune, but I must have it!
And you’d desperately like me to take a look, wouldn’t you?
I’m sure his treasure must still be there, but also some of his books and those are what interest me! He must have collected so much knowledge during his travels. I’d be very grateful if you’d manage to explore the wreckage, but I don’t think you can! Not unless you sprout some wings! Hahaha!
What’s this Prancing Seahorse you mentioned?
It’s a gentleman’s club in Aleroth. It’s where the intellectuals of the city gather, chat and have a drink. The current president though is a bit of an odd fellow. Narcissus is his name and he’s absolutely head-over-heels in love with himself. What a character.
See you later, Turgyon!
Have a nice day!

Legend of the Ancient Mariner
We can’t complete this quest until we have our Dragon form, and I actually am planning on failing it because the reward for failure is much better than the stupid Standard Quest Reward. And because later on certain things will make Turgoyn seem like a callous dick.

We’ll visit the Prancing Seahorse later, but there’s no mention of Narcissus. I’m not sure why, although there are multiple possible explanations.

(Barbatos) Unless you have earned three or more doctorates in various alchemical disciplines, kindly remove yourself from my presence.
You’re quite arrogant, my good fellow. You do realise your life is in my hands?
Oh, it’s you is it? The so-called Dragon Knight! Well, don’t for a second think I believe you or that pretty little green thing. It’s too preposterous to even contemplate! Honestly, the bird-brains one meets in life makes you wish there was legislation for permissible social interaction!
Do you have any idea where you are?
Why, you don’t? Lost our way have we? Poor thing! Let me enlighten you, then! This is Sentinel Island, an ancient isle that was home to Maxos and still is to Draconic magic. Before you ask: Maxos is the greatest mage who ever lived, but judging by his recent disappearance I’d venture to say his experiments caught up with him. I’m sure your mind is already dazzled by this sudden display of knowledge, so we’ll call it a day. Class dismissed.
Actually, I knew all of this already. But I’m impressed that you do as well.

(-700 XP) How dare this nincompoop try and trick the greatest potion-maker in Rivellon?
You really have three doctorates in three various alchemical disciplines?
Five, actually, but I allow scholars to address me once they have earned their third. If not, I would have only myself to talk to. Though I must say the appeal of that eventuality has risen considerably since this conversation started.
The other candidate is called Allan. Do you know him?
Never heard of the man. That means that he is either not an alchemist at all, or such an obscure one he has cured nothing besides a child’s mild cough!
Well, I’m off. Stay put now!
Order your other stooges around, but not me!

The Alchemist’s Monthly

(Michael) Don’t bother me. I have no time! I’m building a raft, you know! I’ll get away from here yet.
Good luck with that.
Keep my raft a secret, yes? The others cannot know!
The Others?

In the distance there you can see the tower at Champion Harbour in Orobas Fjords. So why are the people stranded here, so close to friendly shores? The answer is that  Laiken put a magical barrier is around the island, no one can get in or out .

Michael is a reference to a “Lost” character of that name, by the way. There’s another more blatant reference to that show later.

Video: Kenneth

Yara left the shipwreck camp and followed the shoreline south.

The Trainer totem, right next to the final candidate, the second trainer.

You – you’re a -
(Kenneth) It’s you, isn’t it? The Slayer turned Dragon. I, a true Slayer still, would hate you if I didn’t know my life lies in your hands.
I am what you and I were taught to hate, but my purpose is still noble.
And what is that purpose, if I may ask?
To rid Rivellon of the plague that is Damian.
A noble mission indeed, and not one I am averse to taking part in.
For what function did the Island select you?
To be your trainer. I can understand why she chose me, oh yes. I was never your drill instructor, and more’s the pity! The men and women I trained are now the best of the best, just look at Commander Rhode!
I trained under Rhode, and saw her skill first hand. She learned from you? That speaks well for you.
Anyway, I have a proposition to make. I know there must be a rival on the island and I challenge him, whoever he might be, to a duel: so I can prove my worth.
I may take you up on that, though I may well just choose. We’ll see.
I do hope you give me the opportunity to show my skills.
Where were you when the Island got to you?
Doing my job! I was teaching some young recruits how to properly swing a blade in the Orobas Fjords training camp. I can just imagine their faces when that strange magic surrounded me and I was gone in a flash.
(-700 XP) The Slayers back at the camp must already miss my magic training programme.
I must leave. See you later, maybe.
I don’t like the sound of that “maybe”.

“Four will live, four will die.” … I have some hard choices to make.

An End to Sibling Rivalry (10:13)
Wesson, Igor and Jonelath (11:58)
Allan and Catherine Gremory (13:24)
Hermosa, Radcliff, and Barbatos, and the Shipwreck (15:52)
Kenneth (2:58)

The Maps

Yara’s Current Auras

Remember Rothman, the guard we rescued from the pit? He goes to stand on the town’s wall.

(Wellesly) Ah, Rothman, it’s been a while!
(Rothman) Yes, and you won’t believe what I’ve been through!
Another one of your tall tales is in the offing, I see!
No, I’m serious, I’ll tell you all about it soon!
All right, go on: what’s the big story?
I was hinting for goblins when I fell into a troll pit!
You fell into… AhHahaha! You can spot those things a mile away!
Hey, I was just concentrating on the target too hard! Great hunters get that sometimes!
Okay. So you’re in the pit. What next?
I heard someone approaching, so I called for help.
Smart! Could have been the troll, though.
By the Divine, you’re right. Was I ever lucky it turned out to be a Dragon Slayer!
So the Slayer helped you!
Sure did! Then we fought the troll together! Such warriors they are! Oh, amazing!
That is a great story. I’m still having a hard time believing it, though.
Every word is true! To think I fought alongside a Slayer! That almost makes me one!

(Rothman) Good to see you again!
Still retired?
Sure am! But I have plenty of things to keep me busy.

You can have other possible words with Turgoyn.

(Turgoyn) Greetings traveller! I wish you a very good day.
Hello there. You were one of the ship’s passengers?
Indeed I was! Turgoyn’s the name, maritime historian extraordinaire, an undismayed castaway on this idiosyncratic island full of awe and wonder.
And perhaps a bit of a man of letters, as your vocabulary suggests.
Well, you have to be if you want to converse in our club: the Prancing Seahorse. You are absolutely right, though! I wrote many a paper on the legendary Ulfmar, don’t you know: a mighty pirate. But he wasn’t a mere pirate, he was an explorer too. Then one sad day, he disappeared – ship, treasure and all – never to be heard from again.

a) Ah, an old buccaneer tale! Ye’re sure ‘tis nay an old wives’ tale?
We frown on that sort of pirate speak in the club! And I can assure you it’s no such story!

b) Interesting! I’d like you to focus on the treasure part if you don’t mind.
Hehe! Got a touch of the gold fever, have you? Never you worry, we’ll get to that!

Near Allan you can find this dragon-dog statue thing. In its mouth is Ulfmar’s Axe. This only appears if you have mind-read the hermit.


Okay, time for an important choice. We need to pick four servants. The others will die.

A trainer is very important. They can increase our skill caps, which are currently all set at 5 for now, and they can retrain us to re-allocate our skill points.


Captain of the ship that was dropped here by magic. Highly skilled with warrior and ranger skills and weapon specialities.


Another Dragon Slayer, but one who is more reasonable than Rhode was – in fact, he trained Rhode. Skilled in teaching magic.

Recommendation: Hermosa. There’s no reason to take Kenneth, we are a Warrior, so we’ll benefit more from Hermosa’s price discount, and we don’t use swords. Therefore, Hermosa is the default choice and gets 1 vote.

An alchemist brews potions and provides healing for tower residents. We know what an Alchemist does already. In the Battle Tower, upgrading their services will reduce ingredient costs, but you get infinite ingredients already (although you only get them one ingredient at a time, and only 10 or so per trip.)


A young, inexperienced, not especially skilled alchemist, but he is more willing to experiment and discover new things.


A highly skilled, and highly egotistical alchemist.

Recommendation: No recommendation. Since I haven’t been putting points into Dexterity or Intelligence, my ranged and magic armour are low, and a potion of 36% resistance could help a lot. But as I’ve seen, fights in this game are not about having superior defence, they’re about having superior firepower so you kill them before they have a chance to kill you.

Five points into Intelligence might help a bit, but not a lot. That’s an extra 2.5% or 5% to Magic damage, and an extra 0.03 to Mana Regeneration (not that much).

Allan seems like an incompetent wuss, but  he gets a bit better, and in DKS, he won't be any worse an alchemist than Barbatos. Right now, his “Allan Brew” does not exist.  He is the only candidate who will outright beg for his life, although that’s understandable because he knows how unskilled he is.

Barbatos seems like an insufferable pompous ass, but  if he is the one chosen, he becomes much more respectful of us. 



The New Order Weaponsmith. Skilled with Weapons, but that does not influence ingredient costs. A bit of a drunk.


A blacksmith from Aleroth. Skilled with armour, but that does not influence ingredient costs. His loving wife will join him in the tower, should he be picked.

Recommendation: No recommendation. If the choice of enchanter lowered ingredient costs like it really should have, Wesson would be the clear favourite. You can do both of Radcliff’s upgrades at once, or you can do one upgrade and sacrifice the second upgrade for two Malachite Gems. However, there’s more than enough Malachite Gems to do all the upgrading you want, if you’re conservative with them like I am.

You might feel like a bad person if you choose Radcliff and then *someone* just happens to go talk to Wesson’s widow, though.



The creepy one who likes poison and says the word "serve" with a strange emphasis.


The creepy one who likes blood and laughs maniacally.

Recommendation: No recommendation. Whoever wins, we lose. The bonus to the creature’s armour won’t really be noticeable, whatever it goes to, and there isn’t much of a difference in quest difficulty, so this comes down to preference of personalities. On the bright side, the Black Ring will be down two necromancers, no matter what.

All votes for one person will be pooled, so there won’t be any vote-splitting.

1. Trainer
a) Have Hermosa and Kenneth duel to the death. (Pick Hermosa.)
b) Let Kenneth chivalrously refuse to duel a woman. (Pick Kenneth.)
c) Let Kenneth chivalrously refuse to duel a woman. (Pick Hermosa.)
d) No duel, just go to the totem. (Pick Hermosa.)
e) No duel, just go to the totem. (Pick Kenneth.)
Default = Hermosa (1 vote)

2. Alchemist
a) (Pick Allan.)
b) (Pick Barbatos.)

3. Enchanter
a) Have a weapon-smithing contest. (Pick Radcliff.)
b) Have a weapon-smithing contest, but tell Radcliff that we don’t use weapons. (Pick Wesson.)
c) No contest, just go to the totem. (Pick Radcliff.)
d) No contest, just go to the totem. (Pick Wesson.)

a) Tell Igor to poison Jonelath. (Pick Igor.)
b) Tell Igor to poison Jonelath. Then warn Jonelath. (Pick Jonelath.)
c) No poisoning, just go to the totem. (Pick Igor.)
d) No poisoning attempt, just go to the totem. (Pick Jonelath)

Voting closes at 7 PM EST tomorrow.