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Part 44: Sentinel Island Extras

Sentinel Island - Extras

I thought I would show off a few extras on Sentinel Island, little things you can find by exploring and jumping up on the high areas.

Here is the beached Starbound. Above it on the hill is a strange scene.

It appears to be some kind of ritual sacrifice, but I don’t know anything more about it.

Between the Seaside Teleporter shrine and Catherine is this rock formation you can jump on to reach the high ground.

There are a couple of Dragon Skeletons up there, but there’s more if you head towards the tower.

A high wall keeps you from getting past the barrier, but it’s the INVISIBLE walls that really keep you out.

There’s a tent with some chests which have good loot.

Farther along you can find a Dragon Elf skeleton which is on fire.

(Laiken) Here burns in the flames of eternal torment one who dared to disobey me. Ever shall the biting pain of fire haunt him in the after-lives he travels. May all who do not heed me, Laiken the Immortal, likewise suffer.

Above the Maxos Temple entrance, there seems to be some kind of excavation of a Dragon skeleton taking place. Well, there was at one time, maybe.

Near the Barrier shrine are some skeletons with graves. I couldn’t get closer because of invisible walls.

This chest is on the archway between the shipwreck and Kenneth camps. But there’s no way to reach it from the ground, and once you have your wings, it’s gone.

Here’s the view from the top of the wyvern spire I mentioned in Chapter 29.

There’s more stuff around, but it’ll have to wait until I get my wings.

I recorded all of Chapter 31, 32 and 33, and the only reason I didn't do 34, 35, and 36 is because of reader participation.

kaosdrachen posted:

In a world shot through with some seriously disturbed people, Laiken really does go that extra mile to take the crown.

Here's where Yara discovers the main disadvantage of being a H2H melee character: In order to kill Laiken she's going to actually have to touch him.

Yeah, it's telling that they made someone more despicable than Damian, the guy who committed genocide on the peaceful people who took him in and treated him like family.

And some good news:  Yara won't actually need to touch Laiken to kill him. 

Hammer Backspace posted:

Is it just me or is Damien the most sympathetic character we've met so far?

I like that Damian is a clear villain, but he has some sympathetic qualities, some things you can understand. He might have the soul of the Lord of Chaos inside him, but there's still something quite human about him. He's not the perfect incarnation of the Lord of Chaos - that gets mentioned later on.