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Part 45: Breaking an Entry

Chapter 31 – Breaking an Entry

Fight to the Tower
Breaking an Entry

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: A Sense of Menace

Video: Fight to the Tower

(Sassan) Laiken! I live again, Laiken! You corpse-defiling wretch!

And look who I have brought! You drive it out, but the Dragon returns to the Tower! The end draws nigh Laiken! For once it will be your blood that floods the floors and your screams that echo in the night!

I live, Laiken! And I shall see you dead!

Haha! Judging by that display of magic, Laiken has noticed our presence. He removed the barrier so his cutthroats can slay us. How he underestimates you still! Go on, Dragon Knight, let us proceed. Victory is nigh!

(Gabet) We’ve been expecting you! Now feel the pain that is Laiken’s welcome!

Music: Battle Large

Sassan helps us for this part, although usually she doesn’t manage to find her way up very far, so she never makes it to the really dangerous part at the end. And she does really terrible damage, like all NPC’s.

You battle like a veteran! But you won’t make it past us all!

The path split. One direction spiralled up an old abandoned wyvern spire, the other one headed up past some barricades.

Yara tried the spire first.

That path led right to the tower’s base. There was a teleporter shrine there.

(Talana) I do not think this door shall see us in. But perhaps there is an alternative way – and alternative methods.

This door never opens, ever. I have no idea where it leads, either, certainly nowhere I can get to even once I own the thing.

May all Demons in Hell drink your blood! You butchered almost all my men!
What is it you and your men do on this island, anyway?
We collect the loot and bodies from stranded ships. The island is protected by a magical barrier, but Laiken opens rifts to trap the boats. Like our bandit colleagues in Broken Valley, we need only deliver him the corpses and survivors: the spoils are ours.
Well, I sure left a trail of corpses behind me. Your master should be content for a while.
Not as contented as he’ll be when I drag in your mangled corpse!

Rhode waited at the top of the zeppelin’s boarding elevator, looking down at the village and path below. She knew by now that Marius, Gene, and Gunther were all dead. Even if the foul Betrayer had fled, one of them would have reported back to her by now.

The taste of failure was bitter in her mouth. She had failed in her duty. Her men had all been killed, and her final student had become an abomination. There was nothing left but to report her defeat to the Slayer command at Rivertown.

Then she would return and start the hunt over again. She will see the head of the last Dragon mounted on a spike outside the walls of the Slayer Academy, even if it took her another 50 years of hunting.

Lieutenant Louis walked up.

(Lieutenant Louis) All the supplies for Rivertown are safely stored in the cargo hold. I thank you, Commander Rhode, for letting us use your zeppelin. That will make the journey much faster. A few of my men are still in the village, but I’m sure they will be here shortly.
(Commander Rhode) No. I have waited too long already. We shall depart at once.
You’re not waiting for my men? Or the other slayers you arrived with?

Rhode was silent for a moment.

No. We’re leaving for Aleroth and Rivertown immediately. Your men knew when were going to depart. It’s their own fault for not being here on time. Now please busy yourself elsewhere, Lieutenant.
… Very well, Commander.

He walked off somewhere as the boarding elevator rose for the last time. There were three passengers on it.

One was a shabby-looking man with a ridiculous cloth hat. He was clutching something wrapped in a blanket. It was squirming.

(Folo) Is this the zeppelin going to Aleroth?
I’m sorry, no passengers.
Please, you must take us. My son… Kevin… he’s very sick. He needs to see the healers in Aleroth immediately.
Fine! If it means leaving at once with no arguments, you can all come! Someone will see that you get quarters.

The other two were a man and a woman holding hands.

(Derk) Why did you want to go to Aleroth all of a sudden, my darling?
(Dana) Oh… The great island city of Aleroth. Such beauty, such elegance! Nothing like this two-bit farming town! I don’t want to see anything that reminds of me of that awful man, that murderer! I want to see the home of the Champions. Such strong men they must have there – oh, uh, but I only have eyes for you, my love!
Anything for you, dearest!
Just go!

The elevator was locked in place and the door was latched shut.

The shabby man said the most peculiar thing to his squirming bundle. To Rhode, it sounded like “Don’t worry Kevin, she won’t make a stew out of you… I promise!”

Rhode ignored all of them. There were far more important things to think about.

A vibration raced through the floor, indicating that the propellers had started. They were on their way.

Video: Breaking an Entry

The right switch locks the door, so leave it off. The left one opens it.

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

(Undead Sassan) Stop the Slayer! Slaughter that beast!

Music: Ominous Surroundings

Yara easily tore through the bandits, but they were just to delay her.

What the hell was that crash?

Yara ran through the corridors. A bandit in a cell yelled after her.

(Elijah) Hey!
Not now.

Uh-oh. That was the way into the tower, wasn’t it.
Most likely.
That’s not going to stop me. I’ll get past it. … I don’t know how, but I’ll get past!

(Elijah) You there, please, I beseech you! Let me out of this cell!

Three options. Nice, Neutral, and Jerkish. 2 and 3 lead to the same response.

1. No problem. How can I free you?
3. Rot in there for all I care, I’m sure you’re no better than the rest of the rabble down here.

I don’t know. You’re probably in there for a reason!
I am! I’m in here because I protested when they brought Laiken a captured young couple. I don’t care what he does to corpses, but I shudder at the thought of being alive when he starts to work on you!
At least you show some conscience. Fine. I’ll let you out!
You’re going to let his butcher out? Are you mad?
It’s either that or execute an unarmed, surrendering man. I’m about to take this place over, and I’m not inclined to keep a prisoner around that I’ll have to feed and such.

Bless you! Just pull that iron ring there, that’ll open the door!

Yara released the man.

I’m free! Laiken be praised! Er… I mean, thank the Divine!
How about thanking me?
Of course! I’ll tell you a little secret!

The cell across to the left is special! They use it as a hidden storage place, you see. I don’t know what the trick is, but there must be a way to get past the back wall.
(-700 XP) That one cell has a broken door, but I saw someone inside. Another secret switch perhaps?
Another secret wall. Great. Now get out of here!
I intend to! Bye now!

A hidden button…


“Breaking an Entry” complete! Quest Reward: 1500 XP, 850 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 425 Gold.
Of all the scenarios, I really thought blasting our way in would have been the least likely one.

Doctor Needleman was harvesting plants to create his potions on the bluff overlooking the citadel. Things had gotten quite peaceful lately, now that the bandits had been broken and the goblin tribes destroyed. He heard a noise and looked up.

A large troop of human and goblin soldiers, dozens and dozens of them, was marching up the road from the mine, heading towards Broken Valley. There was no way for Needleman to reach Broken Valley. Then Needleman heard more shouts from the other direction. More troops on the Orobas Fjords road. Then the shouts became louder. They had spotted him.

Trapped. Enemies on both sides. Nowhere to escape. Nowhere to go except… Needleman looked up at tower reaching into the sky. He remembered. He ran.

Arrows started to fly. Wild shots, but won’t take long to hit. But that was alright. It wasn’t far. Not far… not far… One arrow hit him in his helmet, knocking it off his head. Keep going… have to keep going…

Almost there. The platform. There. Here. It had taken only a handful of seconds, but to him they seemed like hours. He stepped on and spoke.


More arrows bounced off the platform a split second after he vanished.

Fight to the Tower
Breaking an Entry

Sorry for the delay, I was unexpectedly busy the last couple of days, and too tired to work on this.

The Maps

Yara’s Current Auras

May all Demons in Hell drink your blood! You butchered almost all my men!
1b) They had but to pass to remain alive.
Let you pass? And face Laiken’s wrath? They’re better off dead!

2a) So you were in Laiken’s employ?
I AM in his employ, yes. I’m not dead yet, you conceited brat!

2b) Why must all tremble before that fiend?
The man who is sane and doesn’t fear him has yet to be born. I fear him though I serve him loyally.
Good thing I’m a woman, then.

Like our bandit colleagues in Broken Valley, we need only deliver him the corpses and survivors: the spoils are ours.

1b) So the sailors and passengers crash upon the beach and your men slaughter and rob them. You revolting thug!
Haha! So squeamish! I’m surprised one so weak of heart made it this far. Let’s see how well you can stand the sight of your own blood!

1c) Clever! I might make use of that trick myself, once I have kicked the old boy out.
You’re a greater fool than I thought if you think you can defeat him! Why don’t you start with me instead? Laiken will be very pleased when I drag in your mangled corpse.

(Elijah) You there, please, I beseech you! Let me out of this cell!

1a) No problem. How can I free you?
Bless you! Just pull that iron ring there, that’ll open the door!

I don’t care what he does to corpses, but I shudder at the thought of being alive when he starts to work on you!
Your remorse comes too late. You never should have worked for the necromancer in the first place.
Please reconsider! I’ll tell you a useful secret about this place if you free me!

Glazius posted:

My, that was certainly a scene. I think that's more backstory than we've got so far.

Do you mean the scene of Ygerna’s execution? That was in the backstory since Beyond Divinity, in a novella, but this was the first time seeing it on-screen.