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Part 47: Razakel

Chapter 33 – Razakel

Chapter 33

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Ominous Surroundings

Video: Chapter 33

(Sassan) The name, do you have it?
(Dragon Initiate Yara) I do. It’s Razakel.
Well done! Now we’re getting somewhere! Come on, the summoning circle is not far away.
“What’s in a Name” complete! Quest Reward: 3000 XP, 850 XP. Bonuses Chosen: 1500 XP, 425 Gold.

The cell door opened. Peavey looked up.

“Quincy? What are you doing here?”

“Captain Rodney sent me. All hands on deck: the Black Ring is invading Broken Valley.”

“No… oh no, no…”

“Captain Rodney wants to give you the chance to redeem yourself by fighting alongside us.”

“You mean he’ll let me go free if I help you fight?”

“That’s right, Peavey. What say you?”

Quincy stood in the doorway, holding out armour and a sword. Peavey got up and approached. He reached out, hand trembling. Then he slammed the door shut again.

“No no no no no… I- I can’t! I’m sorry, I can’t…. I’m staying here where it’s safe.”

Quincy stood there for a moment silently. Then he spoke. “You’ll stay here and rot while we fight and die? … Here, in case you change your mind.”

He tossed the key into the cell with Peavey, then turned and left.

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

(Undead Sassan) You are starting to vex me, servant of the serpent!
This time I’ll see you in pieces once more, prostitute of the pervert.
Your tongue is still sharp as always! Maybe I’ll slash it from your skull and use it as a replacement for my own!

Yara has an alternate line “The feeling is mutual, little miss lisp”, but the response is the same.

Enough talk, you abhorrent imitation! It’s your turn to spend some time underground!
So, my warm-blooded counterpart joins the scuffle. Splendid! Those legs of yours were always better than the ones he gave me. As of now your limbs are on sale, and I’m going chopping!
(-200 XP) If I can’t stop them, Razakel will! And master will piece me together once more!

Music: Tides of Battle

The final confrontation with Sassan is here, and this time we get to kill her. She summons an Abomination Master and a Warrior. This fight isn’t too difficult, it’s only a warm-up.

Our Sassan doesn’t do much damage, but she appears to be invulnerable and immune to all debuffs. She can heal us, and her spell is very powerful, much more powerful than our own Healing spell.

Turgoyen had seen the impact of the fireballs in the ruins nearby, and so he had gone to investigate. It was his duty as a historian. He discovered that the barrier was gone, and there were dozens of bodies in the path, bearing the markings of those that had attacked the crew.

(Turgoyn) Dearie me, whatever has happened here?

Someone came running down the pathway. He was dressed the same as the bodies, but oddly enough he completely ignored Turgoyn and kept running.

How curious…

He brightened up. He’d been fascinated by the tower since he arrived, now was his chance to see it up close.

I’m glad that’s over! Shall we proceed with the summoning ritual?
(-1400 XP) [+1 Attribute Points]
Very well. Go ahead.
Excellent! I’ll begin immediately.

Don’t forget to Mindread Sassan both BEFORE and AFTER summoning Razakel for a free attribute point each time.

I summon thee from your hellish dimension, friend of Laiken and forged of soul!

From the torrid abyss I summon thee RAZAKEL!

(Razakel) Why did you summon me from Tartarus? You know… What is this? Who are you?
Though I have no quarrel with you, I have summoned you because of the Soul Forge between you and Laiken.
Haha! I see Laiken made new friends. A smart plan, to bypass him by fighting me.
(-1400 XP) Now that I’m in Rivellon I should pay old Barnabus a visit. I’ll teach him what happens when you borrow a Demons warhammer and not return it.
Though I’m not sure why you think that little stratagem has made your life any easier!

Razakel is much tougher than Sassan, and he has more minions as well. I always kill all the minions before fighting the boss to maximize my experience.

The fight ends once you take Razakel down to about 33% health.

You fight well, human, too well for my taste!
You can’t run, Razakel, and I shall show no mercy. Die with some dignity, fiend.
But I have no intention of dying, mortal, and neither has Laiken, I imagine. Which is why I had better lead you to him. I think I owe him the courtesy.

“Let’s go! On the double! Leave everything behind, and head for the barracks!” shouted Merrill, as the stream of patrons left the Black Boar.

(Locke) But my things! My livelihood! I can’t leave it all behind!

“Better your things than your life! Now go!” said Buck.

Locke looked at his cart, and then at the barracks. He made up his mind. He wasn’t leaving, not without his gold. He broke away from the group heading for the Barracks and ran for his cart instead.

From behind him came screams and shouts. “They’ve broken through the barricade!”

My gold… I must get to my gold!

“Fall back to the Black Boar! Protect the civilians!”

Locke ignored this. He raced to his cart and said the password.

“Gold, more gold!”

“More gold you shall have!”

The lid unlatched, and Locke eagerly opened it. But the inside of the cart was empty.

“Gone? My gold is gone? What has happened?! Who has taken it?”

A wave of pain and warmth spread through his body. He looked down to see the point of a goblin sword protruding from his chest. It was pulled out roughly. Locke collapsed.

My… gold…

Oooooh! May ten thousand plagues find that coward of a Demon! Now we have no choice but to face Laiken. This will not be an easy battle, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve. What would you like me to do?
(-1400 XP) [+1 Attribute Points]
I’d like you to focus on healing me during combat.
It shall be done. Now let’s go!

Laiken in his Lair
The boss fight will have both Laiken AND Razakel at once. However, we only have to kill one of them, then the other dies immediately.

I spent the two Sassan-given attribute points on Vitality and Spirit.

You can also ask Sassan to do something different in the final battle.

2. Face Laiken head-on and don’t back down.

Not a good idea, her damage to him will still be negligible. This option is worthless and dangerous to you.

3. Summon every creature you can. Strength in numbers and all that.

Probably not terribly helpful since I’ll still need to kill the enemies anyway, the summons probably do terrible damage and may not even last for long.

Healing is the best option, so I’m doing that without letting you vote.

Excerpt from “The Last of the Dragon Knights”, by ZixZax the Almost-Wise:
After half a century of silence, the forces of the Damned One were moving at last. But the Dragon Knight had no time to worry or interfere. The necromancer Laiken still blocked the path to Dragonhood.

“Mister Sam, sir! Mister Sam!” shouted Elfrith.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked.

“Barbatos – and that new couple! They just vanished, right before my eyes!”

“What? How?”

“I- I don’t know sir! – I went to see Cap’n Hermosa and she’s gone too – And look!”

Elfrith pointed out over the channel. Something – several somethings were flying towards the island at a steady clip.

“What are we going to do, sir?!” asked Elfrith.

“I… I don’t know…” said Sam.

Chapter 33

Tides of Battle

The next chapter will be the finale of the Act, and finally,  we will become a Dragon . There will be a new thread title coming after Chapter 34 and before Chapter 35:

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga –  Fuck you, I’m a Dragon!!! 

The Maps

Yara’s Current Auras

(Razakel) Why did you summon me from Tartarus? You know… What is this? Who are you?
I make it a point not to converse with Demons. Defend yourself.
As you wish.

You fight well, human, too well for my taste!
Too well for the taste of a lot of Demons, as I have come to realize.
So I am not the first of my kind, then, to gaze at death when looking at you.

Reader Participation

1. Because of the Soul Forge, we can kill either Laiken or Razakel to remove both of them. So we should focus on only one. Laiken will attack with magic from a distance, Razakel with his claws up close, and with a group of abominations. Who should we target?

a) Laiken.
b) Razakel.

Glazius posted:

Is it possible to soul-forge yourself with a nonliving thing? Like a rock? Which you then put in a chest on a turtle on a griffon on a dragon in the most remote mountain in the world?

Yes. See this book from Chapter 25.

I believe that might be what happened to the ghosts in the temple, and it might be why Lovis's soul was in a stone - although it might work differently than regular soul forging, because smashing the stone freed the ghosts and Lovis's ghost didn't die like the usual subject of a Soul Forge.

Veyrall posted:

Yes, but that won't make you immortal, just a permanent ghost. If you want immortality, you have to bind yourself to something living or, in Damien's case, something that used to be living. Of course, one wonders how you're supposed to keep Damien dead, since if Ygerna dies, he comes back to life.

There's apparently a lot of life-extending stuff in Rivellon. Zandalor was at least 600 years old in Divine Divinity, so they could keep Ygerna locked up in a cell, potentially for centuries.