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Part 48: Laiken

Chapter 34 – Laiken

Chapter 34

Yara’s Current Status




Music: A Sense of Menace

Video: Chapter 34

(Laiken) So, we meet again. The usurper and my erstwhile slave come to claim my Battle Tower.
(Dragon Initiate Yara) All cool, calm and collected now, are you? Damn near had a bout of hysteria out on the platform earlier.
But I have now had the time to reflect upon you and the situation you place me in. I realized it was but a matter of time before you’d arrive. You probably suffer from the delusion that this tower is yours by right, do you not?
The usurper here is you, Laiken. The Dragon within me makes good my claim and this tower shall be mine.
An absurd suggestion! I have been its undisputed ruler for hundreds of years. Between the moment I spilled the blood of Sassan here, and the racking, killing and defiling of those newlyweds this morning, countless necromantic excesses have passed the aeons unchallenged.
Talking of necromantic excesses, I met your inanimate inamorata a couple of times.
Ah, you were enticed then, by the unique delights she promises; your mind reeled at the possibilities, the fantasies.
To be honest, when I look for ecstasy in something cold and dry, I draw the line at gin on ice.
How eminently provincial of you. A mind so dull, doctrines so savourless, corroborate the view that the sheer wealth and potential this edifice offers would be completely wasted on you. But enough of this chit chat. Summoning Razakel was a nice enough idea while it lasted: but you have come here to fail, my friend.

All I can offer you now is an eternal life by my side: another undead puppet to be subjected to my every twisted whim.
(-1400 XP) First I kill them, ah yes, KILL THEM and then, then I get it from the chest, and then, then… it can begin.
A tempting offer… but I’ve had better.

Music: From Hell

This is most definitely a boss. It is the hardest fight in the game so far. Laiken, Razakel, and 6 Abominations - 3 warriors and 3 masters. I am one level above Laiken and Razakel and 2 above the Abominations, but it’s still an extremely dangerous fight.

Because of the Soul Forge, only one of them must be killed, then the other dies as well. The thread voted mostly for Laiken, so that’s who I’ll be terminating.

Here’s what my stats look like after drinking the best potions I have and casting Battle Rage.

Thankfully, I have an ace in my sleeve in the form of Sassan. She heals me at the appropriate times, and the healing is so strong I don’t need to bother using my own healing, I can just keep fighting relentlessly.

The last of the minions are dead, all that’s left is Laiken and Razakel.

(Talana) The necromancer is no more, but a greater evil still eyes your tower like a snake ready to strike.

It took the effort of Nigel, Buck, Merrill, and Anthony to move the heavy kegs in front of the Black Boar’s doors. But the hammering on the doors started almost at once.

Boom, boom, boom, went the rhythmic pounding on the doors.

“I never thought I’d be pleased to see you lot barricaded inside my tavern,” said Tim, but his face was pale.

Boom, boom, boom.

“Oh, what shall we do? We’re trapped in here!” cried Elsa.

Boom, boom, boom.

“You lot get back upstairs where it’s safe,” said Merrill.

Boom, boom, crack! Some of the heavy oak doors started to give way.

“That’s right. No one gets to destroy a pub if WE have anything to say about it!” said Nigel.

Boom, boom, crack!

“We’ll teach the Black Ring not to mess with the New Order!” shouted Anthony.

Boom, crack, crack!

“You’re so brave,” said Elsa.

Boom, crack! Crack! There was a glugging noise as the ale started pouring from the broken keg.

“Hey! That was damn good ale, that was!” said Buck. “We’ll teach you a lesson for wasting it!”

Tim cocked his head to the side. “Maybe I misjudged you. If we survive the night, free drinks here for all the New Order!”

Boom, crack! Crack!

“Yer a kind man, Tim! Now get upstairs, the two of you. They won’t get past us!” said Merrill.

Elsa and Tim ran up the ramp.

Boom, crack, Crack!

“Remember lads, we’re all in this together,” said Nigel. “Watch each other’s backs.”

Crack! Crack!! CRACK!!!

The shattered keg dissolved into splinters, and in poured the enemy.

Music: Damian Attacks

(Damian) So the Dragon is about to hatch with the aid of the elusive Zandalor. I should have known you’d still crawl out of the woodwork, old goat!

(Zandalor) Hold your tongue, villain! How dare the scourge of Rivellon show his face here? You shall pay yet for the atrocities you committed.
Ha! You are up there in your ivory tower of moral absolutes and still you lose perspective.

The Divine’s death, the war: it was he who caused it by murdering my beloved!
Lucian did the right thing! Ygerna worked for the Black Ring and therefore she had to die. He would have done it again, if need be, and so would I!

Cur! I loved her and you butchered her!

Now for every drop of her blood you spilled, oceans of man’s will flow -

- starting with that of your new pet here. My armadas will see to that!

Loud booms could be heard, and the tower shuddered slightly with each impact.

He is launching an attack on your tower! Go on now: become the Dragon and show him your might!
“Laiken in his Lair” complete! Quest Reward: 3000 XP, 850 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 1500 XP, 425 Gold.
Hurry now and find the Dragon Stone to unleash the powers I gave you. Hurry and become the Dragon!

Take this time to grab Laiken’s loot bag (and Razakel’s, if you killed him instead), and check the corpses for any loot. This is your only chance for that. The chest behind the throne can wait until after.

We are under attack! Quickly! The Dragon Stone lies beyond that door.

Level 20 now, the final tier of skills is unlocked. The rest of the game will be spent increasing the power of the existing skills.

Death Blow

Critical Chance: +3%

This increases the chance of performing a critical strike. It is very useful for rangers, and extremely valuable for us, because we have no weapons to increase the base critical chance modifier. The rare skill points I can spare will go here.

Thousand Strikes

Increased from Rank 2 to Rank 3.
Damage Multiplier (per strike): 1.1x -> 1.2x
Mana Cost: 136 -> 148
Knockdown Chance: 15% -> 20%

At Rank 3, The effective damage from hitting someone with all 6 strikes is hitting them with 7.2 normal blows.

Life Tap

Increased from Rank 2 to Rank 3
Mana Per HP: 2.5 -> 3

With my health of 439, this will refill 132 mana, helping me use Thousand Strikes more often.

Excerpt from “The Last of the Dragon Knights”, by Zixzax the Almost-Wise:
The Dragon Knight had at last become a Dragon Knight in fact, and not merely in name. It was not a moment too soon, as Damian was launching an attack on the Battle Tower.

Vacca the Dragon Elf had seen the approach of Damian’s airborne assault, and quietly slunk back into his cave to hide. He curled up by his campfire with a book, and stroked his precious, square-shaped gem.

What happened outside couldn’t hurt him, as long as he stayed safe in his cave, he thought.

The poisonous gas which was now spreading all over the surface of the island, and between the cracks in Vacca’s door, had other ideas.

Chapter 33

Damian Attacks

This is the end of Act II. Sentinel Island and Broken Valley as we knew them are gone. Now we start our journey as a full-fledged Dragon Knight.

New thread title coming before the next update:
Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga –  Fuck you, I’m a Dragon!!! 

Yara’s Current Auras

Total Bunnies Killed: 14… or 15. I walked around Broken Valley and killed a bunch of bunnies with my auras. EDIT: At least, that's what I thought I did at the time, apparently I didn't save after doing that, so that never happened. I didn't discover this for quite a while.

(Laiken) Between the moment I spilled the blood of Sassan here, and the racking, killing and defiling of those newlyweds this morning, countless necromantic excesses have passed the aeons unchallenged.
But unchallenged your monstrosities shall no longer go.
Save me the botched grammar and hollow platitudes typical of the paladin!

Ah, you were enticed then, by the unique delights she promises; your mind reeled at the possibilities, the fantasies.
So enticed I unstitched her. But don’t feel bad: she was past her expiration date anyway.
The actions of an ignoramus, a vandal, a destroyer of art! And it is this mongrel that wants my Battle Tower. How utterly contemptible.