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Part 50: The Dragon Roars

Chapter 35 – The Dragon Roars

Chapter 35

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Fly, Dragon, Fly

Video: Chapter 35

(Dragon KNIGHT Yara) By the Divine… all the people on the island… BASTARD!
(Talana) You are a Dragon now! Show that cursed lot the might of the Ancient Race! Burn their flesh and topple their towers!

We now have Dragon form available to us. The Dragon is fast-moving, powerful, and tough to kill. It regenerates mana incredibly quickly, but it has NO health regeneration at all, unlike human form. So you’ll want to keep an eye on your health, because you don’t have many good healing options as a Dragon.

Left-click is Firebreath, and Right-click is a quick dash you can use to move around fast or dodge enemy fire. There’s a one-second cooldown after dashing, but there’s no mana cost.

These Flying Fortresses form the most extraordinary of challenges. They are built in different forms and for various functions, which you’ll learn to recognize.

The Flying Fortresses will be the core of Dragon combat in the game. They are a combination siege engine and troop transport. This is just a baby one, it only has Ballista and Nest towers, with some weak fliers, and no ground troops or generals (read: Bosses). The real ones are much, much bigger, many more islands, many more towers, and they’re packed with some of the toughest enemies in Act III. It will take at least an hour to clear each one, and there are 5 of them. I’m not even going to THINK about entering one until I’m at least level 26.

I’m still not quite sure how I’ll be handling these in the LP. Suggestions are welcome.

Taste my fiery breath, vermin!


Dragons start out with 1 point into Firebreath and 1 point into Fire Sphere, a homing fireball. The point in Firebreath is permanent and can’t be reallocated, but the Fire Sphere one can be reallocated - but you don’t want to.

Fire Sphere

Fire Spheres track enemies and are superb at taking out enemy fliers. They can also do heavy damage to structures, but the cooldown means you can’t spam it as much as you’d like.

Firebreath is your default left-click attack. It is a short-range attack good at burning down structures, but not so good at hitting the fast-moving enemy fliers. It drains mana pretty quickly when used constantly.

That was a Ballista. They aren’t too powerful, but be wary of them as they often come in great numbers.

Dragons have their own stats and skill screens. They have 5 armour slots: Head. Torso, Claws, Legs, and Tail. Each piece of Dragon Armour typically gives a +1 bonus to a skill. The Bone Helmet piece I got from Amdusias’ chest gives +1 to Spirit, the Dragon Healing spell, and the Bone Tail piece from the Temple of Doom gives +1 to Dragon Polymorph, which changes enemies into Ladybirds.

Your level determines your offence and defence stat, so unfortunately the only way to adjust that is with special armour pieces.

Dragon Polymorph

Polymorph is actually pretty useful because certain enemies later on have the ability to heal themselves to full, which is obnoxious, but they can’t heal while polymorphed, so change them into a ladybird and nail them with fireballs until they die.

A blue circle around an enemy means they’re targeted and a Fire Sphere will home in on them, and I believe that a red circle means they’re close enough to use Firebreath on them.

Good riddance! That nest tower would have kept on throwing enemy after enemy at you.

Nest Towers are enemy flier spawners. The enemies created by this don’t give out experience, so take these out quickly, because fliers are just annoying.

Dragon Spirit

Dragon Spirit is the healing spell, but it doesn’t heal a lot – 50 HP a second for 5 seconds at Rank 1 – 250 HP total, which isn’t much given how much HP you get in Dragon Form. It also has a long cooldown – 40 seconds, which is a long time to wait if you’re injured.

You can use potions in Dragon form, but even the very best potions don’t do more than 300 or so HP over 5 seconds.

I do wonder… if Ygerna had never been executed, what would Broken Valley look like today?

Chapter 35

Fly, Dragon, Fly

New Update coming later today with the Dragon Skills.

Yara’s Current Auras

Total Bunnies Killed: 14… or 15. I walked around Broken Valley and killed a bunch of bunnies with my auras.

Reader Participation

1. We’ve found Turgoyn’s precious book in the tree. Turgoyn wants to keep it because it’ll impress the people at his club. We might want to use it because it’ll give us TWO skill points, but this will make the book evaporate.

a) FUCK Turgoyn. Everyone from the beach is dead you jackass, and all you care about is some stupid book? (This fails the quest, but who cares.) (Default) = 1 vote.
b) Give him the book. Because a lame-ass Standard Quest Reward is REALLY worth sacrificing two skill points to appease some callous jackass we’ll never see again.

2. A corpse has washed up on a beach and two women found a ring on it (with random stats).
a) Tell the women they can keep it.
b) Tell the women they should find the man’s family and return the ring to them.
c) Threaten the women into giving the ring to us.