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Part 53: Ruined Island

Chapter 37 – Ruined Island

Chapter 37

Yara’s Current Auras

Another slow update, this one will show off the stuff around the Battle Tower outside.

Music: Fly, Dragon, Fly

Video: Chapter 37

Yara noticed that the shrine just outside the Battle Tower was still active.

(Dragon Knight Yara) Turgoyn?

(Turgoyn) Ah, good to see you again! How goes the ascent to Ulfmar?

I haven’t been able to reach Ulfmar’s ship yet.
Too bad! I’d be the hero of the Seahorse should you discover something!
Turgoyn, where is everyone else? From the ship?
Back where I left them, I suppose.
Haven’t you been paying attention? LOOK! LOOK at those floating islands!
The Black Ring attacked! Everyone from the shipwreck is DEAD, Turgoyn, DEAD!
Oh dear.
“Oh dear”? … I can’t listen to this.

Walking down the path will start filling your lungs with poison gas, so you should jump onto the rocks.

The game usually wants you to leap off a cliff to transform, it complains that there’s not enough room, but you can usually do it from water or ground level if you keep trying.

There’s a lot of stuff in the wyvern nests to plunder, including a Dragon Skill book.

South of the Battle Tower is an island with a treasure chest. I didn’t know it was here until today when I was roaming around getting some extra shots for a map.

Above Vacca’s cave – well, where Vacca’s cave used to be is a suicide, with a key beside the chest it unlocks.

I have seen enough, I have seen too much. He is a monster. My memories burn. I only pray they will not find me here and bring me to his cellars. Not there, anywhere but there. Let the wyverns take me. And the gulls. I cannot forget what I have seen. Let all fade away.

Out over the water is something hidden by some rocks.

It’s Michael, and his raft. On his body is his diary. You get the achievement “Adrift” for finding it. “Adrift” was the title of an episode of “Lost” where Michael and his destroyed raft floated back to the Island.

This is the scrapbook of Michael, the raft-building sailor.
(Michael) The raft is almost finished, but it is mine and mine alone! The others may find out, take me away! No, it shall not happen! My raft is ready and I will depart now, even as the sky is growing darker.

To the south of Michael’s raft is another ship dropped on top of some old ruins. This one also has reading material.

Cargo list of this month’s shipment to Broken Valley.

No, we can’t take any of that gold, sadly.

There was a broken sarcophagus which contained a skeleton and a letter.

Bury me in the shadow of the tower. Let me lie forever among the bones of the ancient ones that preceded me.
The document is simply signed “M”.

So is this body that of Maxos himself? It’s hard to say.

One theory about Maxos’ disappearance was that he entered the Hall of Echoes, and never returned. However, the problem with that was that you need some things to survive that trip, and those were left behind. He couldn’t have gone without them.

So on balance, I would have to say that yes, I think this body is that of Maxos himself.

Landing on the Wyvern nests can be tricky, you can’t see where you’ll land when you transform, and if you miss, it will likely mean plunging to your death in the poison gas below.

The chest contains Part 1 of Ulfmar’s journal, the book Turgoyn wants, and the helmet for the Hunter set.

This book is filled with wondrous magic, ready to be used – but lost in the process.
If I read this, it will give me more power… but Turgoyn won’t be able to brag to his club. What should I ah ha ha ha, screw that guy.
You feel enlightened by the book’s magic, but it evaporates in your hands.

I managed to board the ship, which is where I found a book full of powerful magic. I used it of course, which caused it to evaporate.
What? How could you? You must have known the book would vanish! That’s what magical books do! So much I could have learned from it! I’d have been the talk of the town! And you cared only for yourself!

That’s when Yara hit him.

I think of everyone else! ALL THE TIME! I think of the people down on the beach, who died because of what Damian did here! I think of how I can stop him, and the best way to stop him, to stop the Black Ring is to get more power for myself.
So yes, I used your precious little book and stole your personal glory.
But if a precious prize and bragging rights means more to you than the fate of the world, then here – take these.
W-what are they?
Ulfmar’s journals. And have his axe too.

The Legend of Ulfmar the Mariner and Other Stories - Volumes 1-3

Yara threw the axe down. It stuck in the dirt between his legs.

Maybe in a few days I’ll even think about sending someone down to feed you.
But don't count on it. Now, goodbye!

Chapter 37

The Map

I spent the 6 free skill points to get Firebreath and Fire Sphere up to 3, with one point each into the Polymorph and Spirit skills.


Increased from Rank 1 to 3

Mana / Second: 60 -> 80
Damage / Second: 40 -> 53

Fire Sphere

Increased from Rank 1 to 3

Mana Cost: 29 ->36
Damage: 200 -> 260
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Burn Duration: 8 seconds

Dragon Polymorph

Increased from Rank 1 to 2 (+1 bonus)

Mana Cost: 49 -> 55
Duration: 20 -> 25
Targets: 1 -> 2
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Dragon Spirit

Increased from Rank 1 to 2 (+1 bonus)

Mana Cost: 49 -> 55
Duration: 5 seconds
HP / second: 50 -> 56
Total healed: 250 -> 280

I found this in the chest at the end of the scavenger hunt through the tower. I’ll probably be wearing it for that +6 to damage. It will really add quite a bit with all the percentage bonuses.

Yara’s Current Auras

(Turgoyn) Ah, good to see you again! How goes the ascent to Ulfmar?
Very well! I managed to board the ship, and I thought this might take your fancy!
How exciting! Let me take a look! Oh yes, this is brilliant. The magic that is in here! The places the man must have found! I am a very happy man, my friend, and I hope the rest of the treasure made all of this worth your effort!
“Legend of the Ancient Mariner” complete! Quest Reward: 6000 XP, 1000 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 3000 XP, 500 Gold.

At least they give you a hefty XP bonus and two optional rewards for giving up 2 skill points, but it’s still not worth it.

I omitted a line from the end of when you DO use the book. Here it is below.

Go on then! Go find more treasure and magic to absorb, but leave me alone!