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Part 54: We Don’t Need Roads

Chapter 38 – We Don’t Need Roads

Grand Knight
The Barrier

Yara’s Current Auras

I changed amulets, thus losing two damage auras.

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: Grand Knight

(Yara) Broken Valley…

(Talana) Don’t forget, Dragon Knight, that you may use the Stone to instantly travel to your Battle Tower.

Music: Return to Broken Valley

The valley… it was so beautiful… full of life...
Damian was here… And now this unfortunate valley is drooping with fog as black as Acheron.

It’s too late. There’s nothing I can do here. … I can’t worry about helping the dead. I must continue looking forward.

You look forward, Dragon Knight, yet you remain blind.

I saw a lot of towers.
Oh yes. The flying fortress which assaulted your tower was only the barest tip of a much larger iceberg. The forces of Damian will block your path to the Hall of Echoes at every turn. You will need to expand the limits of your power to remove them.

Whew. I didn’t realize flying would be so tiring. The first time I thought I was just tired from the fighting in the Battle Tower. Is it always going to be like this?
No, Dragon Knight. You are new to flight, but in time, only a dozen years or so, you will have gained enough stamina to fly for an entire day, or more.

Behind the Grand Knight was a small camp and cave.

(Crabbe) Hello there! I’m Crabbe, mine prospector.
What are you doing out here?
Why, prospecting, of course! I was sent to check if a mine that was closed after some accidents two years ago might still be viable for excavation. I had barely entered the place when the spear of an imp tried to carve me a third nostril! Perhaps you could get rid of that vermin? You sure look capable enough. They’ll have a leader, so chop off its head and the rest will be as good as gone.
(-1200 XP) Crabbe’s mind is filled with facts and figures of all kinds of stones and ores, but red ore specifically. No doubt, from now on, you’ll be able to find this precious commodity more quickly and easily.
Are there many minerals to be found in these parts?
Oh, yes. The Orobas Fjords are filled with riches if you know where to dig. It’s no wonder the Dragon Knight Orobas was so rich. All the mines belonged to him! Now mining has become rarer because of the abundance of goblins and wyverns. The most prominent active quarry is in High Hall, a mountain hamlet about an hour’s walk away.
Where can I find this mine you’re talking about?
If you look out to sea from here, it’s just round that headland. I don’t have a boat however, so I might be a bit of a problem to get there.
Bye, Crabbe.
Be safe now!

Red Ore Alert
The solution to this quest is tied up to the solution to two other quests, so I’m going to get the third one before pursuing this.

I’m not sure what good only being able to find extra Red Ore is. Yes, you can get here and talk to Crabbe before unlocking the Battle Tower, but by then you have likely visited all the places where you can find Red Ore in Broken Valley, and afterward, there aren’t that many – and I don’t think the bonus carries over to Runners. Now if this was for increasing the chances of finding Malachite Gems, then this would be worthwhile. But just for Red Ore, and after unlocking the Battle Tower? Don’t bother.

Yara made her way down the narrow, trail down the side of the cliff. It was full of Goblins, and she wasn’t the only traveller they had accosted.

These guys are packed full of experience, even though I am two levels higher then they are.

(Cadby) *pants heavily* We… we made it! Oh boy, how scared I was. Phew!
(-300 XP) Ew. Lucky it’s laundry day.
I have GOT to stop doing this to everyone I meet.

Glad I could help. You can relax now. They’re all dead.
Yes, yes of course. I’m still a bit nervous though. Hehe. Listen: take this, yes? Least I can do. Least I can do. Phew! I’m off, then. Thank you, Slayer!
Reward: 1000 XP, 1000 Gold.

If he’s hoping to find a laundress in Broken Valley, he will be disappointed.

Cadby is immortal and won’t die no matter how long you let the goblins pound him. He was being hit the first time I popped in long ago. You have the option to mug him if you want, but I don’t think it makes a difference in reward.

Level 21. 3 / 1 Strength and Spirit. My skill point is being saved for Level 22 and Life Tap and Thousand Strikes.

Also, my Dragon form’s Offence and Defence stats have each increased by 1.

I don’t understand. There’s no road ahead. There’s no dock, either for ships or zeppelins. So how do travellers get from place to place here?

(Karen) Why shouldn’t I keep it? It brings out my eyes!
(Nora) Your eyes are pretty enough without that ring on your finger. It’s just not proper!
What seems to be the problem, ladies?
A body washed up on the beach and I took this beautiful ring from it. I mean, I’m sorry the poor man’s dead and all that, but it’s not like he has any use for it anymore.
Karen! How can you be so uncaring? We must find out who this man is and return the ring to his family.

As voted, we’ll agree with Nora. Talana has something different to say for each answer.

1. I think you are both wrong. I think I should have the ring. Now!
2. I agree with Karen here. Dead’s dead, but a nice ring… that’ll last you a lifetime.

You are quite right. Find his family, tell them what happened and give them back the ring.
Well spoken, Slayer! Come, Karen, we have some detective work to do!
Oh, all right! I guess it’s the proper thing to do. Pity though. How it sparkles!
You big goody-goody, you.
Reward: 3000 XP.

There might not be any roads, but where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

A campsite?

Sorry about the motion blur. That’s what it looks like even going frame by frame. Can’t do anything about it.

Put on all your +Mindread Gear now, and if you have any extra +Wisdom gear, put that on as well.

(Laura) Excuse me, traveller, but might you be one of the four?
As in the Fab Four?
What? No, I mean did you discover a note and part of a seal in your house recently?
I have been fortunate enough not to find animal parts in my house.
I meant seal as in sigil, of course! The note told of great treasure in an old tomb somewhere here in the Orobas Fjords and of three other explorers with parts of the seal. We must reunite at the tomb and claim the riches. Now that you know of it, perhaps you can find the others. This is a dangerous area and some may have perished.
(-2400 XP) [+3600 XP]
Do you know whose tomb you are looking for?
I haven’t a clue. Many heroes fought and perished here over the centuries. If you really explore the Orobas Fjords thouroughly, I think you’ll find that an old tomb isn’t the most startling discovery.
Do you have any idea who wrote the notes?
I didn’t recognize the handwriting, nor do I know who might let us undertake such a quest. I just hope this is the real thing and not some wild goose chase!
Be seeing you!
I’m off to locate the tomb. Hopefully I’ll meet you there later!

Grave Robbers
A four part quest, triggered by finding any of the four holders is one of the seal pieces. Laura is number 3. Once we find all four, we go to a certain tomb and the next stage of the quest.

Mindreading her costs a base of 2400 XP, but provides a bonus of 3600 XP, so there’s a profit even if you don’t have any +Mindread gear.

There’s also a book here, Torn Archaeologist’s Notebook, but I won’t reveal the contents until after we solve the quest.

Video: The Barrier

Black Ring towers. What are they doing here? They’re just trying to distract me from my mission.

Yara flew past the towers, but was stopped dead soon after.

What the? A barrier of some kind!

That barrier keeps you from going past on foot, too, so you can’t reach the next town until you have the Battle Tower.

That looks suspicious.

That bunker looks like it’s well protected, probably for good reason.
I don’t know what that bubble is, but maybe I can reach the ledge…
No! Don’t!

Do NOT try the following at home unless you have a very recent saved game.


Must change back…

That was an Anti-Dragon field, Dragon Slayer. I would have thought you of all people would know about them. Any Dragon who flies into a field dies very quickly.

Alright, so it looks like I’ll need to find another way into there.

There must be a way of getting into that bunker. My guess would be a teleporter.

There’s one. I wonder if it goes somewhere useful.

One of the more common complaints I see on the Larian forums are from people who cannot find this teleporter. Sorry, but it’s not that hard to find. You’ve got wings for a reason, people!

This teleporter has ‘Camp Sentinel View’ written on it. Its destination is Camp Eagle’s Nest. The control panel has been destroyed.
Here goes…

There are lots of these all over Orobas Fjords, but there are only 3 Waypoint Shrines. These teleporters could theoretically be used for transportation, except that they’re basically all destroyed and only go one place. That was no doubt to explain how normal people move around, while forcing you to use the Dragon form.

(Lady Kara) Well, well, well, my love. Look who we have here!
(Lord John) Why: it is the Dragon Knight, my dear, ensnared by the Black Ring and unable to shapeshift into its fire-spewing self.
How kind the serpent is, my sweet, to so openly walk into our little trap. Almost like it wants to be slaughtered.
Quite considerate indeed, my darling. Which is why I suggest we return the courtesy.
You’re always the gentleman, my cherished, and I quite agree. Come, let us see what music it makes when we pierce its flesh.
Then we’ll drink its blood by the fire, my precious, and make jubilant love.

Grand Knight
The Barrier

Return to Broken Valley

The Map

Sorry, this would have been up last night except that Youtube was doing maintenance and ate my first video.

On top of the helmet of the Grand Knight is a crumpled note.

“Here be Dragons!”

Yara’s Current Auras

(Nora) Karen! How can you be so uncaring? We must find out who this man is and return the ring to his family.

I agree with Karen here. Dead’s dead, but a nice ring… that’ll last you a lifetime.
(Karen) See! I told you it was okay! Thanks ever so much, Slayer.
I still think it’s wrong! What if it was his wedding ring and there’s a girl somewhere pining away now he’s gone? Perish the thought!
Dead’s dead… How profound!

I think you are both wrong. I think I should have the ring. Now!
What? But…
Don’t argue, Karen! Give the ring and run!
That was quite nasty.