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Part 55: Champion Harbour

Chapter 39 – Champion Harbour

The Bunker
Champion Harbour - The Docks
Champion Harbour Shipyard – Brutus and Sejanus
Champion Harbour Shipyard – Morgan and Aurelius

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: The Bunker

(Beird) No, halt! You win, Dragon. We surrender!
(Abram) What? No we won’t, you rotten coward!
(Beird) The Dragon just killed Lord John and Lady Kara! You really think we can take it down?
(Abram) Er… yes, er… We surrender! And we’ll trade with you! I have unique magics to offer!
(Beird) And I the best the Ring’s smiths can fashion!
What?! Members of the Black Ring surrendering?

You can decline the surrender and kill them, but I’d rather use them as merchants to convert vendor trash into gold. Plus, as you voted for Yara to be heroic, it’s not proper for her to kill someone who has surrendered.

Silence! You are Black Ring and you will die here and now.

(Yara) Fine. Stand back, don’t touch a thing in this bunker anymore and you’ll live.
What?! The Dragon Knight is ACCEPTING the surrender? I would have slain them at once without mercy.
(Beird) We have a deal, Dragon!
(Abram) May it be the Damned One’s will!

(Beird) Is it trading you want?
Tell me about the Black Ring presence here.
(Beird) We were sent here because of you. Sent to slay the serpent. Damian the Great chose the king and queen of Poenari Castle, the mighty couple, to have the honour of your blood. But he did not expect you to be so strong and neither did Lord John and Lady Kara, united now in death.
You are mistaken.
(-900 XP, 25% discount) (Beird) As long as the Dragon doesn’t find the girl, we can still have her later!
Who is the girl so predominantly on your mind?
(Beird) Agh, tricks! Dirty mind tricks! She’s a Champion, the only one we didn’t kill ‘cause she’s pretty. Lord John and Lady Kara, they like ‘em pretty! I could tell you what they planned for her, but I don’t want you to wretch all over me. Hehehe!
Where is she?
(Beird) Behind the door downstairs, but the key? That I threw out of the window! Hehehe!
Show me your wares.
(Beird) If I must.

(Abram) Dragon, Demon: it’s all the same to me.
Tell me what you did in here.
(Abram) Besides mutilation? We used the Champion machinery to put up the force fields that blocked you. We knew you’d have to come here, so we waited. You vanquished us nonetheless, yes, but never doubt this: Damian will win in the end.
One mere Dragon Knight cannot hope to prevail against all the lies, the deceptions, and the armadas of the Black Ring.
(-900 XP, 25% Discount) (Abram) Soon as it turns its back on me, I’ll slit its throat!
‘Soon as it turns its back on me, I’ll slit its throat!’ Ring a bell?
(Abram) No! Twas but a joke, a stupid thought! Don’t get mad, Dragon! I’ll er… I’ll lower my prices! That’s right! Cheapest magic you’ve ever seen.
Let me see what you have for sale.
(Abram) Good, good!

I’ll be spending a lot of money buying formulas and equipment just to disenchant it. Thankfully I’ve accumulated a huge pile of diamonds from my runners, to help make up the cash shortfall from equipping them, so I can afford to spend a bit.

He also sells this for rangers. But its not impressive even if you are a ranger.

The barriers and anti-dragon fields went down.

There was a young Champion officer cowering in the cage.

(Olivia) No! Please don’t hurt me!
Shhh. It’s okay, I’m here to rescue you.
Oh, Divine be praised! I’m Olivia, Slayer, Captain of this little citadel – until my entire command was wiped out today. Still, I thank you for saving me, and please feel free to take anything you may find useful in this room. I shall travel back to Aleroth. But before I go, is there anything you want to ask of me?
How did the Black Ring manage to overtake you?
They came from within! A portal opened and there they were. Before I even saw a definite shape, all lay dead in dark red pools. I was spared by their leaders, but only to serve in some perverse ritual later. It would have been of… indescribable horror.
(-225 XP) The nightmares… will the nightmares ever cease?
Tell me about those teleporters I found.
Oh, they can be found all over the fjords. Orobas, the Dragon Knight who ruled here before the Great War, had them installed to allow fast and safe travel through the region. Your order banned the use of all devices connected to Dragons. But Augustus, Aleroth’s more senior Champion, allowed us to operate them anyway. I don’t know how you feel about that. But I’d advise you to either make use of them, or be prepared to do a lot of walking and dangerous climbing.
Goodbye and good luck, Captain!
Divine blessings, Slayer!

Olivia gives you a key to a locked chest with random loot in the bunker.

Video: Champion Harbour - The Docks

A half-destroyed castle… and… are there people moving down there?

More anti-Dragon fields, Dragon Knight. You might draw too much attention if you just plunged from the sky. I would suggest a more subtle approach.

I bet that the real reason for these Anti-Dragon fields is because Dragons are the most hunted and feared species, and being seen transforming would theoretically make everyone upset at you. This way is less immersion-breaking than it would be to walk onto the docks and transform in front of everyone.

Music: Champion Harbour

(Marcia) It’s a pleasure to meet you, Slayer! Tell me, are all of the order as pleasing as you?
I uh, have to go over there to… do stuff… now.

(Dennis) I’ve been hearing strange things about Broken Valley! Black Ring and all that. Reckon it’s true?
(Selkirk) I don’t know. I don’t know, Dennis. Sure hope those are rumours, is all!
I’ll tell you this, Selkirk: we’ll see more of that Damian before our time is up. You mark my words! What is the world coming to, Selkirk? First them goblins cause all sorts of trouble and now look at Aleroth!
I don’t know. I don’t know, Dennis! I don’t understand the world anymore.
I’ll tell you this, Selkirk: things are going to get worse before they get better. You mark my words! Trolls at High Hall. At High Hall! Where did they come from? Who ever heard of such a thing?
I don’t know, Dennis! I couldn’t tell you and that’s the truth!
I’ll tell you this, Selkirk: That’s not the last evil to break free in these fjords. You mark my words!
I don’t know what you want, Slayer, but I doubt I could help. I know how to fish and that’s about it.
I’ll tell you this, Slayer. Rivellon hasn’t seen the end of her misfortunes yet. Damian? He’ll be back. You mark my words!

(Tita) Been a while since we heard from the bunker.
(Marcus) Captain Olivia is running drills again, no doubt. More “Teleporter Training.”
(Aula) She never lets up, does she? How much better can you get at magically zapping about the fjords anyway?

Hey, Slayer! Welcome to the harbour!
Our commander is inside, if you want to speak to him!
The Slayer camp is not far from here, if that’s where you’re going. Just follow the path along the water.
Oh yes… I’d almost forgotten about the Dragon Slayer training camp in the fjords. I’m not sure visiting it is a good idea, though… given my circumstances.

The entrance to the fort was beside the elevator to the zeppelin platform.

Video: Brutus and Sejanus

(Brutus) Perfect! A mercenary, no doubt about it. I’ve got a spot of troll trouble and I pay well, so let’s deal.
Why don’t you just send some of your men?
I already did! Why do you think I’m looking to hire someone off the street? Now pay attention. Yesterday a man came running from High Hall, claiming trolls were attacking the settlement. I sent one of my best soldiers up there. Quintus is his name, but I haven’t heard from him since. Go to High Hall and take care of things. I’m afraid the situation might be dire!
(-225 XP) Brutus’ head is filled with worry only. Aleroth, trolls, goblins and of course: Black Ring.
Very well. I’ll return when I have news.
Good! I wish you the best of luck then!
Where can I find High Hall?
Facing the water, it’s to your right and up in the mountains. Not the most comfortable stroll to take, but the view is spectacular.
What can you tell me about this region?
It’s an untamed area, but a goldmine for those with an adventurous spirit. To us Champions, though, it’s one big training area. Between the goblins and wild wyverns, there’s plenty to keep us busy!
Take care, Lieutenant!
Will do!

Between a Troll and a Hard Place
This quest is to stop the troll outbreak in High Hall. This can be done either very quickly or it can take longer. There will be a vote on this at the appropriate time.

(Brutus) The fjords might be dangerous enough, but I’m glad I’m not in Aleroth right now.
(Sejanus) I hear you! The streets are awash with ghostly monstrosities, they say.
I just hope the Champions of the garrison will manage to hold the city.
They’re under the command of General Augustus. They’ll manage all right.

(Sejanus) Welcome to the harbour, wanderer. Can I help you with something?
Is there anything I can help you Champions with?
Sure there is! See that plate over there? On it are the descriptions of these Fjord’s biggest scum at large. With all the bigger troubles going on here, we can’t spare the men to organize hunts. But feel free to give these crooks chase if you want.
(-900 XP) Where did I leave my stash again? In that corner among the big mushrooms, perhaps.
Goodbye, trooper.
Divine’s blessings, Slayer!

Wanted! The following menaces: Claim your rewards from Sejanus if you manage to kill one of them.
A Hunting We Shall Go Again
Five more outlaws to hunt, with a larger reward for bringing in all five. Three of those will be taken out in the course of completing platform operator quests, and the other two are easy to find.

(Irwin) What do you want of the harbour’s smith, Slayer?
A smith must be a pretty important man to have around here.
He certainly is that! Haha! Especially with them goblins running amok. But Aleroth, now there’s something I can’t aid the Champions with. Can plain steel kill a ghost? How do you kill something that is already dead, eh? You ask yourself that, Slayer!
(-900 XP, 25% Discount) Maybe I could make silver swords! Naah, why would that help against spirits?

His unique item is the Bow of Orobas.

Near Irwin is a key in a sack of stuff. It opens a nearby chest.

(Peter Feeble) I’m sorry, Slayer, only Champions may enter the proper fort. It’s many marvels are for our sacred Order’s eyes alone.

(Lepida) I’ll bet you we’ll be shipped to Aleroth the moment the zeppelins fly again.
(Fusa) Don’t count on it. Not with all the troubles in the fjords!
(Celsa) You’ve got that right! The Champions in the city will simply have to manage.

(Fusa) Hey there! Listen, if you see a goblin, kill it, yeah? Saves us Champions a lot of trouble.
(Lepida) I’m tired, anxious, and nervous about what is to come. Isn’t the life of a soldier grand?
(Celsa) Ah, a Dragon Slayer. You’re welcome to have a beer with is if you want.

Video: Morgan and Aurelius

(Morgan) G’day to ya, stranger! I’m Morgan, the harbour master. Anything I can do for you?
What does a harbour master do?
He fishes, drinks, gambles – and gets bored out of his mind. Didn’t used to be like that. But with the goblins running amok it’s downright dangerous to set sail.
(-225 XP) Where is the time I was still known as Jack Quick-Sable, scourge of the western seas?
Tell me about the harbour.
Oh, it’s an old building and its glory days are over. Ships would lay anchor here by the dozen back in the day, but no more. Zeppelins, those are the future, but I’ll always prefer sea to airships. The smell of the salt, the ever-changing curve of the waters… Anyway, there’s but one thing you need to know about this place: it’s Champion territory. You want something, talk to the officers.
Have you met a man named Lister who might have mentioned the name “Wesson?”
Lister? I know the fellow, but I haven’t seen him since he set out for Broken Valley. He was getting supplies for this Wesson fellow you mentioned. Been gone a while, but that’s normal. He has a thing for Elsa over at the Black Boar, you see. I suspect he may still be there, though who knows… The stubborn ass left without an escort.
I have come here to give you back this necklace.
But… but that’s Hermosa’s! How did you… Is… No! She isn’t dead, is she?

You have the option to be a dick. You can tell him that she is dead, then go back to Hermosa and claim that for all the fuss he made he acted like you had died or something. But we’re not being a dick.

No, nothing like that. But she is not returning and wanted you to have this back.
*sigh* I always knew I wouldn’t be able to hold on to her. I don’t think any man could. But she’s too much of a lady not to try and let me down as easy as she can, bless her heart. I take it you’ll see her again? Then please give her this book. Long has she searched for it, and I have found it.
Bye, Morgan.
Have a nice day!

You get the book either way, and Hermosa will use it to upgrade her ability to train.

The book to the right is a rare Stat book, giving you 1 Attribute Point.

(Aurelius) Hail, traveller! I wish the circumstances were so that the Champions of this fortress could offer you a heartier welcome!
And here I was looking forward to a plate of roasted swine and a large tankard of ale!
You and me both, but we only feast when our troubles have been alleviated! The sounds of goblin war-drums have of late kept many a soldier uneasy night and day. That evil-minded little vermin has even had the guts to attack the fortress and the harbour here. All because their leader Svadilfari has found it necessary to pledge the destruction of all that is human in the Orobas Fjords.
So all of this only started recently?
Indeed so. The goblins have always been warlike, but knew better than to challenge us. Until Svadilfari got them all riled up, that is. The price on his head is no less than an entire coffer-full of gold: the biggest bounty ever to be issued by the Champions.
(-225 XP) My worth to the Champions shall be as great as my ambitionL the death of Svadilfari.
If I’m ever in the neighbourhood, I might just remove what I find above his neck.
I’ll be thankful if you do! You’ll have to fight the entire village to get to him, though. Still – I do hope you’ll succeed!
Tell me a bit more about Svadilfari.
He’s a powerful goblin shaman, and chieftain of the Red Hammer Clan. A leader so devious and cunning always poses a big threat, but normally goblins are too unruly to wage organized warfare. This is the exact reason we never had more than skirmishes with them before. But that changed quite abruptly. They built catapults able to take-down our zeppelins: weapons we never knew they were capable of constructing! That’s why we were caught off guard when their attack came. A disastrous hour for the Champions, if ever there was one!
You are the commanding officer of this fort?
I am, yes. Of the harbour, at least. I’m in charge of the squadrons that guard the fjords, be they zeppelin-based or on foot. We protect travellers and merchants as they head for Broken Valley or fly to Rivertown. It used to be a relatively cushy line of work, out of the city and in the beautiful wild, but lately I feel I’ve aged more in a month than in five years. Goblins, trolls, wyverns – it’s like they’re all under the influence of a greater force. I’ll be damned if I know what is really going on.

Yara took a deep breath.

The Black Ring has returned, Captain. They have fearsome airborne siege weapons, which they used to destroy Broken Valley.
The Black Ring? Destroyed… Broken Valley? What do you mean?
Broken Valley is destroyed. Not just the village – all of it. It’s gone, full of poison gas. Damian killed every living thing there.
Divine save us!
I’m afraid we’ll need more than prayer to help us now, Captain.
I was wondering about the portals which had appeared, but now I think I know.
Portals? What portals?
They appeared recently, several places all around Champion Harbour. I sent some troops through to investigate, but… none have returned. I asked for reinforcements, but with Aleroth under attack, we’re on our own.
The portals… they might be the first stage of a full-scale invasion.
I think I’d better not mention the bunker. He might send someone there to turn on the anti-Dragon measures, and that would be inconvenient.
What can mere men and women hope to do, Slayer?
I don’t know... But if there’s anything to be done in defence of Orobas Fjords, I’ll do it.
A futile effort, Dragon Knight. Champion Harbour will fall, with or without your aid.

The Bunker
Champion Harbour - The Docks
Champion Harbour Shipyard – Brutus and Sejanus
Champion Harbour Shipyard – Morgan and Aurelius

Champion Harbour

A Shaman’s Ransom.
We can go try to kill Svadilfari. There’s an option there, but it would be out of character, so I won’t let you vote on it.

Yara’s Current Auras

I also did some gem farming between updates, so I bought the Darling ring, replacing the one with +Spirit, and I

Reader Participation

We’ve got some choices now. Where to?

a) Walk to High Hall = 1 Vote
b) Investigate the Red Ore Mine for Crabbe.
c) Borrow that book for Barbatos. = 3 Votes - SECOND
d) Get the Book of the Dead for Igor. = 3 Votes - FIRST, and done.
e) Hunt for some bounties. = 2 Votes - THIRD
f) Check out the Goblin Camp. = 2 Votes
g) Investigate that Castle in the Fjords. = 2 Votes
h) Look for more treasure hunters and parts of the seal. = 2 Votes

Only votes for A, B, F, G, and H will count now.

Please vote for first, second, and third choices in order. More, if you’re enthusiastic. What we AREN’T going to do is go to Aleroth, or to Broken Valley, or investigate the strange portals – we’re simply too low a level for that.