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Part 57: Barnabus

Chapter 41 – Barnabus

Platform Trouble

Yara’s Current Auras

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: Platform Trouble

What’s above that waterfall?

To the left is the ledge where the treasure hunter Laura was, to the right is the ledge with Simeon the philosopher.

Music: Lair of Barnabus

The heat inside the cave was almost overpowering.

(Yara) Cozy.

There was an immense cavern. Streams of molten lava were pouring from several places into the pool of magma below.

(Barnabus) Welcome to my lair, trespasser. Come, die now so you can serve me in death.
You must be Barnabus. Make this easy on yourself. Let me kill you quickly. Don’t make me go over there.
Oh really? And how do you propose to do that?

This is one of two interiors where you can change into Dragon Form. You need this to reach the three teleporter platforms (and the way back, of course). Barnabus is locked beneath an impenetrable shield, and the nest tower is also invulnerable. We need to shut off the machines that generate those fields.

First stop, the middle teleporter.

The chest on the right is locked with a key. A lever nearby turns this machine off, removing the protection for the nest.

The lower teleporter is very close to the surface of the lava lake at the bottom.

Two directions. First right…

Nothing to do here.

This damn key hiding on the ledge is for the locked chest. I missed it on my first play through DKS.


It’s a jumping puzzle over lava. We will die if we fall in. The stairs will sink under our weight.

A switch activates the teleporter. Take care when jumping down.

The chest contains the chainmail Dragon Claws.

The teleporter puts you above the generator. There’s one platform below, leaping onto it spawns the next one farther down, and so on until you reach one with a switch.

Now Barnabus’ shield is gone. I get the feeling that we’re not getting paid NEARLY enough for this bounty.

Video: Barnabus

The hardest jump of this sequence is getting the timing of the leap onto the moving platform down there.

I returned to the chest through the first teleporter, because that hard-to-see key opens it. Inside is another set piece.

Oddly, this bonus is suited for a melee wizard. Many enemy wizards do have Rush Attack in their repertoire, which is dangerous because of the chance of knockdown.

(Talana) Quite elaborate protection this necromancer had. Too bad for him he omitted to think of the possibility a Dragon Knight might drop by.

Barnabus yields a bunch of loot. Two maces a ring, gold and a +6 Melee Damage charm.

One of the maces is Barnabus’s, to be turned in as proof of death, the other is Razakel’s mace. Barnabus’s ring can’t be stored or sold, I think at one point it used to be what was turned in for the bounty, but they forgot to remove the flag from it.

I did try fighting him in Dragon Form, but he turned invisible and unhittable.

There’s also a Dragon Skill book over here. They’re very common because they’re the only way to increase a Dragon’s skills.

And a book containing Barnabus’ thoughts on Igor. Doesn’t make me happier that we picked him.

We haven’t found Igor’s book yet, but there’s a teleporter at the top of the chamber.

There’s a crypt area inside. The center room locks once you reach the middle and spawns some abominations.

The broken sarcophagus has a key for a chest, get it. The chest it opens contains a skill book.

I have Battle Rage active, which is why my damage is that high.

Thousand Strikes

Increased from Rank 3 to Rank 4.
Damage Multiplier (per strike): 1.2x
Mana Cost: 148 -> 160
Knockdown Chance: 20% -> 25%

The Damage multiplier stays at 1.2x, but the knockdown chance goes up by 5%.

Life Tap

Increased from Rank 3 to Rank 4
Mana Per HP: 3 -> 3.5

I think this is the book Igor wanted. Back to the tower.

Music: Battle Tower – Trainer

Video: Upgrades

I found Morgan and gave him the necklace.
(Hermosa) You did? How did he react?
He took it well enough, I guess. He even wanted you to have this book.
I’m glad to hear he wasn’t devastated. Now let’s take a look at that book. “The Art of War”! So he found it after all. This is a very valuable book which will enable me to enhance your training even further. Please inform Sassan: she’ll know what I need to spice up this arena.
“Dear John” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold, Skill Book Bonus Chosen: 10 Farghanite

This upgrade lets us train applicable skills up to Rank 13. I think that in Ego Draconis, you could only train up to level 7 once getting the tower, and the upgrade increased it to 10. That must be how it went, because you couldn’t train up many or any skills up to Rank 15 in Ego Draconis.

I also bought the Level 10 upgrades to Wisdom and Mindread, because by the end of the game, I can potentially have +10 to Wisdom and +9 to Mindread from equipment bonuses. I’m already over +5.

I have with me the book you asked for.
(Igor) How very gratifying, the master served the servant… No, it must not happen again. This book will serve us well, my master. The platform will become mightier still. Sassan will see to those needs. She serves the master well.
“The Book of the Dead” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold, Skill Book. Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP.

This increases our creatures Magic Armour bonus.

(Sassan) Yes, my liege?
Hermosa told me my arena is ready for improvement.
It is, Dragon Knight! It will be an arena worthy of a king!
Igor told me my necromancy platform is ready for improvement.
It is, Dragon Knight! Your creature will be even more powerful.
See you later.

The visibility spell! We have found it! And Laiken, that fool, never even took notice of what can reveal the Hall of Echoes.
“Revelation” complete! Quest Reward: 3000 XP, 850 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 1500 XP, Soldier’s Pewter Ridged Ring of the Avenger (Magical).

Platform Trouble

I spent two of the skill points earned this update, and saved the third for later.


Increased from Level 7 to 8

Damage Bonus: +94% -> +107%

Battle Rage

Increased from Level 7 to 8

Mana Cost: 99 -> 111
Duration: 120 seconds
Damage Bonus: +80% -> +90%
Melee Armour Penalty: -24 -> -21

Yara’s Current Auras

I chose a ring (right) as my second reward, and it replaced my old one (left).

Thanks to the Melee damage charm Barnabus gave me, I even got an increase in damage out of it!

Total Bunnies Killed: 14… or 15.

Voting is closed, finally.

1. We’ve still got some choices. Where to?

a) Walk to High Hall = 3 Votes, all first choice (Third)
b) Investigate the Red Ore Mine for Crabbe. = 2 Votes (Fifth)
f) Check out the Goblin Camp. = 5 Votes. (Second)
g) Investigate that Castle in the Fjords. = 6 Votes. (First)
h) Look for more treasure hunters and parts of the seal. = 3 Votes, two first one third = (fourth)

2. Should we give up 2 of our 3 current Malachite Gems to restore Simeon’s eyesight. Malachite is rare, but I’m only really going to use it to enchant my final final gear a couple dozen updates from now.

a) Yes. (Reward:  2 Skill Points ) (Default) = 6 Votes.
b) No, our Malachite is precious. = 1 Vote

3. A New Order soldier and a Champion are having a dispute about who should yield and let the other pass on the road.

a) Stop acting like children! (Default) = 5 Votes.
b) I’m a Dragon Slayer, therefore I’m the best, you pussies! = 2 Votes.