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Part 62: A Quest-Rich Mine

Chapter 46 – A Quest-Rich Mine

The Road to the Mine
Depleted Ore Mine
Bonus: Killing Mundus

Yara’s Current Auras

Now updated with actually correct values.

Music: Dungeon Heat

Video: Road to the Mine

(Yara) Come on now, an intelligent man like you must see reason!
(Mundus) Don’t try to flatter your way out of this, stranger!
Surely a peaceful solution can be brokered!
Only if you can make sure I can stay here, in my chambers, and never have to deal with those people again. Then I will stop my attacks.
How can I make that happen?
Easy! Find me a rune that will enable me to conjure food. I know of no such runes, but tell me of one and I’ll halt my assault.
Very well, I’ll try to find one. Just leave the villagers alone ‘till I do!
Good! But should you find a broccoli rune, don’t bother!

So now we have to find a rune somewhere so he can feed himself. Surprisingly, despite the deaths of several Champions, they will not object to this solution. We can now explore Mundus’s room. It’s got a bunch of containers, some ore veins, alchemy plants and a skill book. And a journal.

Mundus’ Journal

Yara placed the second runestone and headed out.

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

I wonder where that other end of that road from High Hall leads.

I decided to bump my Life Leech skill up, since I need to be level 27 to increase my caps to 13.

Life Leech

Increased from Rank 3 to Rank 5

Leech Chance: 14% -> 18%
Life Leeched: 11% -> 15% damage done

(Carleton) Kind greetings, traveller! Carleton’s the name. Merchant. I’m just passing through, but you can browse my stock if you want!

If you walk though that area, Carleton shows up once and only once, so anything you want, you’d better get it now.

His only unique for sale is the Maxos Mallet, for mages. It’s pretty powerful, but it’ll set you back over 15,000 gold, without the possibility for a discount.

The rest of his stock is Legendary quality items.

FINALLY, a replacement for my belt. I’ve had that since before entering Maxos Temple.

He also always has one Malachite Gem for sale. Buy it while you have the chance.

(Julian) Stand aside, Seeker! A Champion of Aleroth is passing through.
(Webster) The impertinence! It is you, sir, who will let an officer of the New Order pass!
Never, sir! Never! We do not move out of the way of lesser soldiers!
Lesser… Stand back now, sir, lest you want my boot to make you!

Gentlemen – please, we are all officers here. Be courteous! Be men! People look to you for guidance, for heaven’s sake!
I… er… Yes, quite so, Slayer. Come let us depart as friends.
Well spoken, sir. I do not know what came over me. Have a safe trip back to Rivertown!
Reward: 2500 XP
(Talana) Quite the diplomat, aren’t we?

An entrance to a mine – is this the one Crabbe told me about? Must be. Wait – there’s someone over there.

(Lister) You… aaah…Listen, I haven’t much time…
What happened?
The goblins, they stole my goods and… cut open my gut, leaving me here to die slowly…
(-2400 XP)
Kill them…kill their beholder leader. I want revenge! Oooohhh…

Mindread Lister for a free skill point.

This mine is PACKED. There are three quests centered around it, AND there’s still enough room for two more interesting bonuses.

Music: Dungeon Heat

Video: Depleted Ore Mine

That’s a lot of water. If it’s coming from the Fjords, why isn’t this place entirely submerged?

This is a pretty big place. Guess I should just pick a direction.

What is this?

It’s a jumping puzzle. Jump on a platform and the next one rises in sequence. Keep jumping. At a certain point, fireballs will start shooting, but the can basically be ignored.

If you fall, there’s a touch plate at the bottom toe bring the platforms down to try again.

A lever makes two more platforms appear. There’s a touchplate on the top…

…which makes a chest appear at the bottom. The tricky thing, at least in Ego Draconis, was that the chest vanishes again in a few seconds. I’m not sure if it still does that in DKS. Just fall to the ground quickly to reach it.

It has Legendary-quality items inside.

(Alutiiq) The mine is our now, human! But your blood is red as sacred ore: a sacrifice for our totems!

Alutiiq has the ring for the Archmage set on him.

Alutiiq’s Notebook

Wesson will be pleased to have these back, although it’s too bad about Lister.

Going down…

It looks like something goes on those pedestals… but what?

This is a little bit tricky. Note that the elevators have TWO buttons. You went down to get to this area, and now you want to go down a second time!

These pedestals look like the ones above, down to the candles. But these ones have books on them. Those candles must mean something. I wonder…

Memorize or write down the number of candles and the book. Dark Book = 1 candle, Red book = 5 candles, Blue book = 3 candles.

This is also a place where you can find Malachite Ore, which produces Malachite Ore, Aquamarine, or Malachite Gems. There are two veins in close proximity. I don’t normally save-scum in this game, but Malachite Veins are an exception. I try to always get 2 Malachite gems per ore vein. In this case they were too close together, but I was able to get a total of 3 gems from these two, which is pretty good.

Place the books on the right columns, and…

That’s the second piece of the Archmage set I’ve found in this dungeon.

The Road to the Mine
Depleted Ore Mine
Bonus: Killing Mundus

The Maps

The next update will be mostly filler – I turn in a bunch of quests and get a new set of four quests from my Tower Operators. It was just too much content to fit into this update. After that, it’s time for a Flying Fortress.

Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

I upgraded my Dragon’s Skills.


Increased to Rank 4

Mana / Second: 80 -> 87
Damage / Second: 53 -> 60

Fire Sphere

Increased from Rank 1 to 3

Mana Cost: 36 -> 40
Damage: 260 -> 290
Cooldown: 5 seconds
Burn Duration: 8 seconds

Dragon Spirit

Increased to Rank 4 (+1 bonus)

Mana Cost: 49 -> 55
Duration: 5 seconds
HP / second: 50 -> 56
Total healed: 250 -> 280

Bonus Video: Killing Mundus

Never! Those backward peasants dared to refuse me and now they’ll suffer for it!

Then you leave me no choice! Prepare to die!
I think not! Now feel the raw power that is earth!

This is a standard boss fight. He summons a third troll to fight, but it’s not a big deal.

Let’s see what your lovely pets make of you after I get rid of that Friendship rune!
What! No! Stand back! Nooo!

The trolls kill him, then the portal collapses and they die.

Lesser… Stand back now, sir, lest you want my boot to make you!
So sorry to interrupt, but you kids will have to make room for the true elite of Rivellon: a Dragon Slayer!
Arrogant twit! You think you’re so much better than us, don’t you!
Come, sir, let us teach this Slayer our Orders infinitely surpass that of the lizard hunters!
How very mature that was of you.

(Lister) You… aaah…Listen, I haven’t much time…
Enough time for a convenient last breath, I see.
Yes… for vengeance. The goblins, they stole my goods and… cut open my gut, leaving me here to die slowly…

Reader Participation

The Flying Fortresses are huge, they will be their own separate updates. I don't think I'll show them all in video form, they're too long and the videos aren't getting enough views to warrant an hour of footage.

1. Should I alternate between doing Flying Fortress updates and Orobas Fjords Updates, or should I do them in large chunks?

a) Yes, alternate the updates.
b) No, keep them in separate groups.