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Part 64: Bonus: Ego Draconis: Red Hammer Village

Ego Draconis – Red Hammer Village

Video: Ego Draconis – Red Hammer Village

In Dragon Knight Saga, the Red Hammer Village is straightforward. The original Ego Draconis version of the mission is more obnoxious. There are not one but TWO impregnable force fields blocking the way to Rivertown Gorge.

(Talana) This force field is impregnable, but there must be something that powers it.

Hint: It’s the blue glowy things. Also, the Nest Towers are now surrounded by the lethal Anti-Dragon bubbles.

Take out the four blue-glowing catapults here, and the anti-Dragon bubble around the Nest Tower goes down, as well as…

…the first barrier.

There are 4 blue catapults, and the Nest Tower is also glowing. But there’s a catch to this…

See that big goblin by the next tower? Why don’t you give him a hard landing?

Dolgan, the named flying goblin has to be killed (I presume) before the anti-Dragon bubble around the Nest tower vanishes – just taking out the four blue catapults won’t do it.

In the video, you can hear that Talana doesn’t say next tower, it sounds more like “<something> device”.

I think that it might be possible to take out the Nest tower without killing Dolgan, but I’m not sure.

Killing Dolgan is actually quite tricky. He’s got an obnoxious full healing spell which he can cast many times, and you can’t stop him by Polymorphing him, because he’s immune.

He’ll eventually run out of mana, but you’ll need to do a lot of damage.

Once all four blue catapults and the blue nest tower are down, the second barrier goes as well.

I have the not-unpleasant feeling that the Red Hammer tribe will regard you as apocalypse incarnate!

It’ll take a while to do the next update. I have to pick 30-60 frames or so out of 90 minutes of footage, so if there’s going to be an update this week, it’ll probably be towards the end.