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Part 66: Bonus: Ego Draconis: Fortress of Stone

Ego Draconis – Fortress of Stone

Ego Draconis – Fortress of Stone
Bonus: Xanloch’s Friends

When Divinity was updated for the re-release, the Flying Fortresses got changed the most from the original Ego Draconis versions.

Video: Fortress of Stone – Ego Draconis

Where we had a fort, there is instead an Anti-Dragon bubble generator. The starting island is INSIDE an anti-dragon bubble. I managed to stupidly kill myself by jumping off the island to transform – and it wouldn’t let me.

Even though on this run, I entered at level 26 or 27, the same as DKS, it was much easier. There were only a handful of enemies, which all died quickly. Demons are pushovers – even in DKS.

You might be able to tell that there are a lot more islands. But that doesn’t make them interesting. Many only have a solitary tower on them. They look less impressive without the fortifications.

Instead of forts, there are a lot of tents, forming camps full of Black Ring. There are also a ton of chests and barrels/crates around, in comparison to the DKS version.

And I mean a LOT of chests. Stone’s FF used to contain all 10 pieces of the Aleroth Archmage set, with plenty of other chests left over containing random stuff. All the chests were plain brown ones.

In DKS, there are very few chests, and they’re all golden and usually helpfully highlighted with big glowing blue lighting to make them easily visible from the air.

This is a Wizard Tower – it shoots homing fireballs. It doesn’t fire often, but it packs a punch. It probably is possible to dodge this. I think. There weren’t any in the DKS version of Stone’s FF, but we’ll be seeing them again.

Just to the right of the crosshair is a blue generator for an Anti-Dragon field. The bubble is large, we can’t get to that island easily. … or can we? Nearby is an unshielded island.

It over hangs the one we want to get to – right near the device, in fact. So it’s just a matter of jumping down.

It was not what you'd call ‘heavily guarded’.

Now only the existing bubble is the one which is still there in DKS. And that’s all the Ego Draconis content I care to show you from Stone’s FF. The ground portion is not that interesting compared to DKS.

But I will take you back to the Dragon Knight Saga version to show you something else: What happens if you decide to blow up the shield before killing Xanloch?

Video: Xanloch Bonus

(Xanlosch) You just had to do it, didn’t you? You ruined your fight! You ruined everything, everything!
(Yara) I don’t have the time for fair fights: torching you down will be quicker.
Then you leave me no choice! Come forth, Lord Wahat! To my aid, Admiral Merhim!


You just had to do it, didn’t you? You ruined your fight! You ruined everything, everything!
Stop whining and fight me!
My winged pets shall do that for me! Come forth, Lord Wahat! To my aid, Admiral Merhim!

Xanloch then summons a pair of flying demons.

Did I mention that Xanloch has Stun Arrow? And did I mention how dangerous Stun Arrow is?

In both attempts, I was dead under 5 seconds after getting control the cutscene ended. I was hit by a Stun Arrow almost as soon as the cutscene ended, and I died before it wore off.