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Part 67: Tombs and Trinkets

Chapter 49 – Tombs and Trinkets

Video: Meet Arthur Gremory
Video: Grave Robbers
Video: Quest Round-up

Music: Fly, Dragon, Fly

Really sorry for the long delay in the update. I totally failed to put the update together in a timely fashion.

Most of the update is just flying around from place to place, so I decided to leave out video of those parts.

(Yara) Hmmm… there’s something glittering in that wyvern nest.

(Talana) It’s one of the Zeppelin components, Dragon Knight. You’d best find a complete set soon, if you don’t want to arrive to discover Aleroth in ruins.
Yes, you’re right. I should get to it.

Is that a door down there? What could be inside?

Video: Meet Arthur Gremory

Save your game – there’s a bug in this cave that can force you to hard-kill the game, and you don’t want to lose your progress. It’s possible to avoid the bug, and I’ll tell you how when I get there.

This is an imp cave with an interesting gimmick. There are areas of flame generated by imp totems. You will take constant damage from the fire until you kill the totem master. It’s not that hard, really.

The last room locks you in until you kill the imp boss, to destroy his totem.

The imp Boss has a piece of the Scorpion Set, and the chainmail Dragon Leggings can be found in a chest here as well. With this, I switch away from the last of the Annihilator set.

There was a man in a cage.

There’s a bug here, even in the latest version of DKS. After you finish talking to him, an animation will play of him leaving the room. But what happens is that you get stuck in a loading screen that lasts forever, and you need to Alt-Tab out and close the game. This bug can be bypassed by ending the conversation very quickly (you do get enough time to let him get all his lines fully out at least). You can talk to him later anyway for the optional stuff.

(???) Oh, thank you, friend. May the Divine bless your soul! I was about to have my last mean, only I myself was the main course.
And who might you be?
(Arthur Gremory) My name is Arthur Gremory and I’m an explorer, a treasure hunter and geologist.
Gremory, you say?
(-3600 XP) Arthur gleefully pictures thieves opening the Gremory treasure chest. Even if they find it and even if they know the password, they’ll still be burnt to cinders unless they press the secret button on the back of the chest.
I’m here because of a note and a broken seal if you can believe it.
Unless the note contained the outcry of a voluptuous young lady in distress, I see no reason to venture here, no.
That’s quite the motivation, I grant you that. But no, it was fortune I was promised.
But first you have to combine the seal, correct?
The note told of great riches to be found in a tomb somewhere in the Orobas Fjords. Three other treasure hunters received the same note and we must combine our parts of the seal to open the grave. You’re welcome to join us, of course. So if you meet the other ones, perhaps you’ll be able to help them out as well!
I met a George Gremory in Broken Valley.
Georgie, old boy! That’s my brother! How is the rascal?
Fine, now that I saved him from a summoned demon.
Or he might be dead, if he didn’t escape Broken Valley.
A what? And I thought I had it bad! Imps, Demons… What more will the Gremorys have to face?
Do you have a sister named Catherine?
I do, yes!
Not anymore, you don’t.
You met her, then? I hope she’s doing okay, my good old Cathy! Last I heard she set sail in search of undiscovered extinct animals! Palaeontologists, eh! Doesn’t she realize the seas are shockingly perilous?
So you’re an explorer and a geologist?
Yes, I studied geology, and I got a real taste for field work. One thing led to another and soon I was a fully-fledged relic seeker, natural and artificial. I located some mines that are now among the richest in Rivellon and one hidden temple archaeologists still worship me for!
Alright, I’m off!
My thanks again for rescuing me! Let’s hope the other treasure hunters survive as well!

We can find Arthur and Laura awaiting at the entrance to the old tomb.

Another cave. The lost tomb, perhaps?

This cave near the Red Hammer village is used on Jonelath’s first quest. You have to kill an ‘Ultimate Creature’ and get a body part. It would have been better for the necromancer quests if one, the parts had random modifiers making it exciting to find loot, or two, if instead of getting parts, your necromancer used the parts to give a straight-up upgrade like more HP or HP regeneration, or a damage boost, while still letting you equip the parts you prefer.

The Wyvern nests. Odd, there are no wyverns around.

For some reason, there are absolutely no enemies in the Wyvern nest area, not even in the Ego Draconis version.

This is interesting. I wonder if I can get it open.
(Talana) Do you remember the old saying, Dragon Knight? “Curiosity killed the moron.” Leave it alone.
Oh, all right. Just this once.

No, you can’t open that. Ever.

This chest above the cracked ship is for Radcliff’s first (and only) quest. Only a key Radcliff provides can open it. I also have to wonder why there are so many ships over here – they can’t possibly sail up past these rocks.

Here’s the Gremory treasure chest. It cost a lot of XP to get all the mind-reads to open it, and you can’t do it without all three. Attempt to open the chest without Arthur’s warning about the button, you will die and not even know why.

This chest contains the Gremory family jewels. What would you like to do?
[Press the secret button on the back, then recite the password: duchess.]
Well done! The chest opens without triggering the deadly fire trap.
Someday, someone named Gremory is going to be bitterly disappointed.

What a haul this is. This is the most items in any chest. The Malachite Gem was added in DKS, it wasn’t there in Ego Draconis.

This chest contains Unique quality items. These are not Unique items, they are items with random stats, but they can only be found in certain places – Unique-quality items can’t be bought in shops or found in random loot. Unique-Quality items have 3 Properties, 3 Charm Slots, and 3 Enchantment Slots, so they can be incredibly powerful when fully upgraded. Two of those enchantments are Level 9, the highest quality you can get without spending a Malachite gem.

Just the properties on the helmet alone would make it worth wearing if I wasn’t going for complete sets, they give +63 Health and armour.

The bangle has +3 Mindread, +3 to a skill is the most you can get from a random item.

When flying through the Fjords looking for more zeppelin parts, Yara spotted a body on a cliff above Champion Harbour.

What are you doing up here?

A seal piece!

The crumpled note contains a cryptic message:
Enclosed you find one fourth of a seal,
part of a pathway to treasure unreal.
Find the tomb in the Orobas Fjords,
where buried lies a warlord’s hoards.
Three others will wait to unite the key.
Do all this and rich you will be.

Another victim of the wyverns. And… hey, the final seal piece!

Adventuring for Dummies, Part One

The late Jack Bolton has more than just a seal and a scroll, he also has the Hunter Gauntlets.

Video: Grave Robbers

(Arthur Gremory) Here we are! Now we need but to complete the broken seal!

(Laura) Good to see you again! Look, I found the entrance to the tomb! Have you found all the other explorers?
You and Arthur are here, and I have the two other seal parts, so we’re good to go.
That’s wonderful! Come, let’s unite the seal. Good

Good! This is it, then. Let’s enter!

Yara led Arthur and Laura into the dusty cave.

At last we are in! Two croaked as they tried to find this grave! How ironic.

The irony is lost on me, Arthur, but that’s because this place seems to be outright empty!
By all the demons down under, so it is! What’s going on?
Here! Another note. It reads:
‘Brave souls have come hither to a tomb most bizarre.
Now you’re all in a dither, courtesty of Bellegar!’
Bellegar! Bellegar! Bellegar!
‘Here is no treasure, no riches, no wealth.
But despair not, my friends: you still have your health!’
Oh – that’s just perfect, that is! I came close to becoming an imps hors d’oeuvre because of a practical joke?

Bellegar… I should have known.
You met him? I always thought he was a fairytale figure.
Well I don’t know about you chaps, but I’m off! I’ve had just about enough of this entire farce.
Right you are, Arthur. I’d like to go home and just forget about the whole affair. Goodbye, stranger. May we meet again under better circumstances!
“Grave Robbers” complete! Quest Reward: 6000 XP, 1000 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 3000 XP, 500 gold.

These guys sure give up easily. There’s a lever right there! Pull it! Sheesh, and you call yourselves explorers.

There isn’t much in the cave, but there is a Dragon Skill book and the third in the series of “Adventuring for Dummies.” The second one is sold by Nicolas in High Hall.

There are also two veins of Malachite here, which I grabbed 4 gems from. And oh yes – the lever.

So much for no treasure… but there’s no way up. Better look around more.

Behind this suspicious pile of destructible boxes is a lever.

And up here is another one. They each create a platform you can use to get up high.

This is a pretty good two-handed sword – it does equal normal and magical damage, so it works either if you were pumping Strength or Intelligence. The best feature is the three enchantment slots.

Video: Chapter 49 Quest Round-up

Here is that trinket you asked for.
(Igor) Great Knight! Stone is in his grave and new power has arisen, with me as its true servant. Please let Sassan know we are ready for dominance! Hehehe!
“Black Ring’s Ring” complete! Quest Reward: 8000 XP, 1200 Gold, Skill Book Bonuses Chosen: 4000 XP, Blessed Vitality Charm.

Our creature now slightly resists magic attacks a bit more. Yay.

(Zeppelin Master Page) The courageous mountaineer! Found any zeppelin components?
Look what I’ve got! I believe you were looking for something similar?
I can’t believe it! Well done! Looks like we’ll have our fleet up and running again after all!
A mine prospector called Crabbe asked for a zeppelin to pick him up.
But of course! I’ll have some Champions pick him up pronto!
Catch you later!
Sure! And if you see a goblin, make sure it’s his last day, eh?
“On the Road Again” complete! Quest Reward: 6000 XP, 1000 Gold. Bonuses Chosen: 3000 XP, 500 Gold.

(Simeon) My benefactor! Welcome, dear friend!
What will you do – now that you can see again?
I will improve my thoughts to perfection. I am eight hundred and twelve now and shall spend eighty-eight years more contemplating all. Then I shall finally descend this column and spend my last century writing down all I have learned. It shall be the greatest treatise ever written and, Divine grant Damian doesn’t destroy Rivellon, my name shall resound through the ages.
I must take my leave of you now.
May my knowledge illuminate you and keep you safe.

(Crabbe) Did you tell Page I’m stuck here until he sends an airship?
The zeppelin should arrive any minute now!
That’s grand! I’ll just wait here ‘till it does, then.

(Crabbe) I can’t thank you enough, youngster! Without you I might have been out there for days!
I was glad I could help you, Crabbe!
And I’m glad you did! Hahaha! Take this purse of gold. I’m sorry I can’t spare more, but look me up in a few years! With a little bit of luck, I’ll have made a handsome profit from that mine. Then I can give you proper compensation.
Bye, Crabbe.
Be safe now!
“Stood Up” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP.
Now I can finally take the zeppelin to Aleroth.
Aren’t you forgetting something, Dragon Knight? The big flying fortress and the collapsed gorge?
… Ah. That.
I think it’s time to clear the road, don’t you?

Video: Meet Arthur Gremory
Video: Grave Robbers
Video: Quest Round-up

Next time, I take out Kali's flying fortress. Then we're off to Aleroth.

The Map

Lots of places in the Fjords were visited this update. The zeppelin parts are marked with the red dots.

The lost tomb was another one of Bellegar’s pranks. We might think that’s all there is to that story. But there might be more to this than at first glance. Laura seems to be an innocent victim of the prank, but is she? Near where we met her was a book.

Did Laura collude with Bellegar to pull off this prank? Or was that someone else’s book that just happened to be found in that camp where we met her? We may never know.

Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

I upgraded my helmet to give an extra 40 HP.

(???) Oh, thank you, friend. May the Divine bless your soul! I was about to have my last mean, only I myself was the main course.
These imps have quite an appetite, judging from the look of the place.
nasty little hell-curses they are! The screams I heard… But anyway:

That’s quite the motivation, I grant you that. But no, it was fortune I was promised.
Fortune you must seek in an old tomb.
I see you know more than you let on! So let’s get out of this pit of death and continue the hunt for gold and glory!

Oh – that’s just perfect, that is! I came close to becoming an imps hors d’oeuvre because of a practical joke?
At least you still have your health.
Can’t argue with that, Arthur.

Reader Participation

We meet Rhode again. How should we speak to her? (These are paraphrased, but you get the idea)

a) I’m sorry you are blind to the truth.
b) Fuck you. = 1 vote.
c) Respond to whatever her attitude is in kind. = 1 vote.