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Part 70: Questions of Ethics

Chapter 52 – Questions of Ethics

Chalice of the Dragon
Cave of Morals

Before starting, I returned to Hermosa and increased the caps on many of my skills.

Life Leech

Increased from Rank 8 to Rank 11

Leech Chance: 24% -> 30%
Life Leeched: 22% -> 28%

Thousand Strikes

Increased from rank 10 to rank 11

Mana Cost: 220 -> 226
Damage Multiplier: 1.5x -> 1.6x
Knockdown Chance: 55% -> 60%
Cooldown: 15s -> 20s

Death Blow

Increased from Rank 3 to Rank 5

Critical Chance: +6% -> +9%

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

Video: Chalice of the Dragon

A boardwalk from Champion Harbour led to an old ruin similar in style to Dragon Cliff Castle.

There are a few ways we can handle things here. I’ll go with the one that was voted on, of course.

(Dragon Slayer Tilian) Well then, look here! A Slayer travelling the roads of Rivellon alone. Good to see you!
I don’t need any more trouble than I already have.
(Dragon Slayer Yara) Good to see you, too! It’s always a pleasure to meet fellow Slayers.
That’s what I always say! What can I do for you, my noble friend?
So what is this place exactly?
It’s just a humble training encampment, now used to teach the few local recruits we still have the tricks of the trade. The weirdest thing happened here, though, just a little while ago! We were doing exercises when Kenneth, our sword instructor, was swept away by a column of light!
I don’t know what foul magic was behind that, but I sure hope he’s okay!
A camp of Dragon Slayers… How revolting!
What can you tell me about the raid on Orobas’ home?
That it was the greatest moment of glory for the Dragon Slayers here in the fjords that bear his name! The zeppelins soared high and bombarded vile Orobas’ mountain retreat for an hour before charging in. The betrayer managed to seal himself in, but that couldn’t dampen the victorious Slayer’s spirits. Lord Arben found the Chalice of the Dragon among the ruins, and placed it here to remember the conquest.
Is there anything I can help my fellow Slayers with now that I am here?
Since you bring it up yourself, there is one little matter. We imprisoned a Slayer after Kenneth disappeared, a real wild one. Yesterday he snapped and killed a fellow Slayer! He’ll be shipped to Rivertown, but I want justice now. I want Saul dead!
That is NOT standard procedure for Slayer prisoners.
Unless the prisoners happen to be Dragons.
Well… yes. But a Slayer executing another? That’s not how things should be done.

(-1200 XP) They handled the chalice like a common pitcher during that drunken party last week. These youngsters treat an almost holy relic with appalling disregard!
I was hoping for something enlightening on the prisoner.
I’m not going to execute this man simply because you’d like to see him in his grave. I’ll hear no more about it.
All right, all right, just hush, okay! They’ll deal with him in the academy, then. Unless he has an accident.
Carry on, Tilian!
Yes, Slayer!
He seems a little too eager to have that other Slayer eliminated. I should investigate.
You would waste your time investigating the innocence of a Dragon Slayer? They’re brutal savages, his guilt is assured.
Perhaps the world would have been a better place if the world hadn’t assumed that all Dragon Knights were guilty of betraying the Divine. One man’s guilt or innocence IS important.
…Very well, carry on - “Slayer”.

(Bona) I love the smell of burning goblin in the morning! It’s the scent of another Slayer triumph, is what it is!

(Keira) It’s an honour to meet you!

(Vevina) There are some Goblin prisoners in there, Slayer. We’ll probably just burn ‘em later.

(Montagu) ‘Lo! Name’s Montagu. Pleasure.
What is it you are guarding?
Behind the door lies a teleporter that leads up to our prison cell. We use it to hold criminals apprehended in the fjords until they can be shipped to Aleroth, Rivertown, or wherever they need to go for justice.
Anything exciting happen here lately?
There have been skirmishes with the goblins, of course. But the most bizarre thing to occur was the disappearance of our weapons trainer Kenneth. His friend Saul was supposed to take over his command, but then it turned out the pest murdered another Slayer! Luckily Tilian exposed the crime and ever since then he has been the boss around here.
I would like to talk to the prisoner.
He’s off limits. Nobody sees him until the Rivertown zeppelin arrives.
(-1200 XP) I must find the time to get that Drudanae to Locke soon.
Listen, either you open that gate or I inform your commanding officer about your Drudanae dealings.
You… you wouldn’t…
How did you… who… Oh, bloody hell! Why certainly! Come, my friend, of course you may see Saul!

This situation here is the first quest you get if you chose Kenneth as your trainer. You have to extricate Saul from the predicament Tilian has placed him in.

On a bench is a key to the cell and a note.

Kenneth’s Note

(Saul) What? Why are you here?
Let’s try this again.
(-300 XP) I can’t believe they’d actually think it was Tilian who was speaking the truth! How dumb are they?
Quite a mess you’re in, huh?
You can say that again. I’m scheduled for execution!
Tilian tells me you murdered a Slayer.
Lies! The man was trapped and killed by a goblin raiding party. Tilian and I killed most of them and imprisoned the others. But then he accused me of murdering the other Slayer because he supposedly insulted me and said I used the goblin raid to cover my tracks. I’m innocent, but they all believe that smooth-talking bastard!
All right, I believe you. Let’s get out of here, Saul.
You would free me? That’s wonderful, but I can’t just walk through the Slayer base. You’ll have to realign the teleporter to High Hall.

You can only do that after you’ve visited High Hall and touched the teleporter there.

Did you link the teleporter?
The teleporter has been set. Let’s go.
With pleasure!

On my evil playthrough, I rushed back and reset the teleporter to the slayer camp, but sadly, the devs didn’t plan for that and he went back to High Hall anyway. How disappointing.

(Tilian) Hail, Slayer!
I have come here for the Chalice of the Dragon.
Our relic? Why do you want it?
I think it would look great on my mantelpiece.
I’m afraid we can’t just give the chalice away.
Hmmm… How about I trade it for Lord Arben’s sword? O pbtained it in Broken Valley.

Lord Arben’s sword? You have it? Really? But of course! Here is the key to the chest on the altar. His actual sword! This blade shall receive a place of honour and worship!
Carry on, Tilian!
Yes, Slayer!

(Thistle) Whatever possessed you to trade-in Lord Arben’s sword? If I got my hands on such a relic, I’d never let it go!
I don’t fight with weapons, and it was taking up space.
(Kiera) Thank you for bringing us Lord Arben’s sword! It is the greatest treasure a Slayer could find!

“Chalice of the Dragon” complete! Quest Reward: 4500 XP, 800 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 2250 XP.

Video: Cave of Morals

Heading back to Dragon Cliff Castle, Yara noticed another cave.

What the -

Music: Bellegar’s Theme

Oh. It’s you again.
(Bellegar) Bellegar bids thee welcome, Dragon, to his stage of moral choices!
Listen and decide after hearing opposite voices!
Know that those you are about to meet are real, though they are not in these fjords.
Go where your nature leads you, and it will lead you to just rewards!

Then he teleported away and was gone.

This is an interesting “dungeon”. There’s relatively little combat, and instead we have to make a bunch of moral choices to reach the end, and some of them actually have benefits or drawbacks for us. There are two doors in each choice room, the left one opens if you make the ‘evil’ choice, the right door opens if you make the ‘good’ choice. I decided to skip the voting, because Yara’s character has already been pretty well defined so far, and screwing up one choice in this cave means you get nothing. I’ll show off the alternate things later.

(Kantar) Okay darlin’, time to give me that purse of yours. And throw in your jewellery as well!
(Merela) I am not your darling, you scallywag, I am a princess of the realm and I’ll not give you my gold!
Now don’t be foolish, kitten. You look a lot better without my sword in that lovely belly of yours!
No! … You, with your strange eyes, please help me!
Step aside, scoundrel, lest you want to invoke the wrath of a Dragon Knight!
Dragon Knight? On, no need to get violent. I was merely joking! Haha! I’ll be on my way, then! Bye now, little muffin! Some other time, maybe.
Thank you, my Dragon Knight in shining armour! It’s good to know that there are still decent people in this world.

The image of the woman faded out. Yara headed through the open door and followed the hallway.

(Elaine) Don’t go! You’re a farmer, not a soldier! Please don’t go!
(Peppin) I have to, love. The earl has ordered all of his serfs to march into battle with him.
No, you’re sure to fall! … But… here, look! A warrior if ever I saw one! Please, oh noble champion, teach my husband how to fight!
One can’t be taught how to fight in mere moments and I must be off. The trumpet already called me to duty.
What is this? Suddenly, out of nowhere, I know a magic way to help this man…

The ‘good’ choice here will actually cost you something – one of your stat points taken from a random attribute. In this case it was Intelligence.

I know of something that will help.
You magically transfer one of your stat points to Peppin.

I… yes, I can feel the power coursing through me. This is amazing! You, great knight, are amazing! Distress you not, Elaine, for I shall soon be back! I will live through this battle. I know it!

(Geoffrey) Wh… what? A stranger comes to visit me on my deathbed? I thank thee for thy kindness, though there is but one thing that would ease these last few hours of my life. I only wish I could see my son one last time before I die. He is travelling here as fast as he can, but he must walk many roads and cross many rivers. Two more days is all I need, but I know I won’t last ‘till the evening. Alas, that I should die alone.
He’s dying. Should I give up more of my own strength just to prolong his life for two days? What of the rest of Rivellon?

The ‘good’ choice here is even more costly – you need to give up one Vitality and one Spirit point, knowing that it will only sustain the dying man for two days.

Two days you need and two days I shall grant you!
You magically transfer one Vitality and one Spirit point to Geoffrey.
I can feel what life force is left in me arise to make a last stand! I do not know who you are, but surely the Divine himself could not have had a greater heart than yours. I shall live to see my son, which is all I desired. Were all the gods to choose you as their favourite, it would not be an honour great enough.
Quite a selfless act, Dragon Knight. Likely foolish, but quite selfless.

The dying fellow was right. In your kindness you rival the Divine!
In exchange for your sacrifices, the greatest of rewards shall soon be thine!
I’ll tell you this about Bellegar: In all the universes combined,
a greater lunatic you will not find!
Hmmm, I really can’t pull that whole rhyming bit off, can I?

At the end of the ‘good’ path, you find a chest containing the plate armour cuirass and a weapon rack.

You can choose between the Bow of the Paladin, the Warhammer of the Paladin or the Sword of the Paladin (a two-handed sword). I chose the sword.

Next Time: I finish Dragon Cliff Castle. It’s… unusual.

Chalice of the Dragon
Cave of Morals

The Maps

Yara’s Current Auras / Equipment Updates

Oh boy… lots here.

If you want to keep Arben’s sword, there’s another way to talk Tilian into handing the chalice over to you.

(Dragon Slayer Tilian) Well then, look here! A Slayer travelling the roads of Rivellon alone. Good to see you!
You speak with great familiarity to one who outranks you.
Oh, er… I apologize! What can I do for you?
I have come here for the Chalice of the Dragon.
Our relic? Why do you want it?
Yours is not to question why.
But I must. We can’t just give the chalice away.
(-1200 XP) They handled the chalice like a common pitcher during that drunken party last week. These youngsters treat an almost holy relic with appalling disregard!
I heard the chalice is not revered here as it should be.
Who… Well, yes, I do think that is true!
I think the tomb of Lord Arben would be a better place for the chalice.
You are absolutely right! I should have thought of that. Here’s the key to the chest. Treat our relic well!
(Thistle) You are doing a great deed, Slayer! I can think of no better resting place for the chalice than Lord Arben’s tomb.
(Keira) Take good care of that chalice! Treasure it above all your other possessions.

Or, you can go for brutal honesty.

(Dragon Slayer Tilian) Well then, look here! A Slayer travelling the roads of Rivellon alone. Good to see you!
My Dragon Slayer days are over, my good man. Or at least, the Slayer part.
What? I don’t follow you!
I am now the last Dragon Knight, and I am here to claim the chalice!
The Dragon they are hunting… You? That’s impossible!

Here you can confirm that with “Just hand it over, or feel my wrath!”, or…

Ha! You should see the look on your face! Just having you on!
Oh! Hahaha! You really had me going there! So seriously, what can I do for you?

Pretending to be kidding eliminates the honest answer for why you want the chalice.

Our relic? Why do you want it?
Yours is not to question why.
But I must. We can’t just give the chalice away.
A big sack of gold should do the trick, I think!
The chalice is a relic because of its history. No amount of gold can replace it.
I need it to free the imprisoned Dragon Knight Orobas.
You are kidding, no?
Far from it. Now hand it over, or feel my wrath!
You- you are the greatest Betrayer in the history of Dragons! Slayers: have at this abomination!

This turns the entire camp hostile. They’re all level 26, and pretty dangerous if you’re below that level.

(Montagu) ‘Lo! Name’s Montagu. Pleasure.
I would like to talk to the prisoner.
He’s off limits. Nobody sees him until the Rivertown zeppelin arrives.
You will let me see Saul. I’ll duel you for it.
Now there’s a challenge I gladly accept!

I kick his ass easily and he yields.

Hold on, hold on! I’m no match for you, that much is clear!
Now open the gate!

Here’s some coin. Now let me talk to Saul. (1000)

He won’t be bribed quite that easily, though.

Are you trying to bribe me? I shall speak to Tilian about this!

You can try to increase the amount of the bribe, kill him, or…

It was Tilian who sent me in the first place! Now let me pass.
Tilian sent you? Hmph, I guess you’re free to see Saul then.

You can say that even if you declined the quest to kill Saul.

What about the evil path in the cave of morals?

No! … You, with your strange eyes, please help me!
No dice, toots! Me and scallywag here are going to rob you and share the profit.
Heartless knaves! Have you no respect for a lady?
Boundless respect, Cutie pie, which is why I won’t cut your throat if you give me the money right now!

Hehe! That went well, didn’t it? Here’s your share. Pleasure doing business with ya!

You get a very small amount of gold.

(Cano) So the deal fell through, huh?
(Mono) Yeah, Duke Janus wouldn’t pay the ransom.
So what do we do with her?
I don’t know, just kill ‘er in the morning I guess.
(Ingrid) No, please! Just let me go! I won’t tell a soul, I swear!
Hahaha! Sure you won’t! Here: you can spend your last night staring at the key to your freedom. So close, so far away! Hehehe!

The key can either open the cage or the treasure chest.

Stranger, please! You have the key. Release me lest the guards kill me! They could be back at any time!

(Good) Of course. Here you go!
(Evil) No, I think I’ll use this opportunity to help myself to their riches!

I’m taking the evil path this time, so…

How can such cruelty go unpunished! May the curse of a thousand Demons befall you!

The final evil area has a room full of people tied to stakes.

Please release us! We don’t want to burn!
I’ll give you all my gold!
And I my precious gems!
You have to help us! You must!
I have a magic blade – it’s yours!
And I this ring of old enchanted!
We beseech you, please save us!
We’ll shower you with treasure!

The final evil choice is pretty definitive. The “good” choice is to let them live and you get rewarded, the “evil” choice is to kill them just because you can. So I did.

Your heart must be as dark as the Damned One’s most sinister schemes.
The reward is one of these weapons that will case unheard-of dreadful screams!
I’ll tell you this about Bellegar: In all the universes combined,
a greater lunatic you will not find!
Hmmm, I really can’t pull that whole rhyming bit off, can I?

The “evil” chest gives you the Crystal Cuirass, the only one besides the Bone Cuirass to grant the Dragon form a bonus to HP. You can’t complete both the Crystal and Plate sets because of the mutually exclusive choice in the cave of morals.

As for the weapon choices:

In the cave of morals, if your second choice is the opposite alignment of your first choice, you get sent to a new area.

A prisoner is being tortured for information. He’s too far gone to save.

(Grahib) NnnaaaAAGH!!
(Habu) Speak, dog! The combination – tell me now!
N… never… You won’t have it…
You will speak before the end! Now have a taste of this!
Aaaaaahhh! Do… do what you will… I won’t last long anyhow…
Filthy mongrel! Give me the combination, damn you!
Stay your hand, cur! Stand back as I give this poor fellow the coup de grace.
No! Who are you to… Wait!

With the good choice, Yara kills the prisoner.

You under-bred mutt! Now no one will have the treasure. May Damian devour your soul!

And with the evil choice she makes helpful suggestions to the torturer.

Filthy mongrel! Give me the combination, damn you!
Try that jagged little blade there on the kidneys. I have a feeling that might get him over the edge.
What? I don’t know who you are or where you came from, but that’s a very good idea!
NOOOO! I’ll tell you! I’ll tell you! Six, eight, one, six… That’s the combination.
Yes! The treasure is ours, stranger! Come, I’ll unlock the chest!

Either way, the result is pretty much the same.

Lukewarm is your blood, though you tilt more to the (lighter / darker) side.
So take now your reward, great and fickle as your moral divide.
I’ll tell you this about Bellegar: In all the universes combined,
a greater lunatic you will not find!
Hmmm, I really can’t pull that whole rhyming bit off, can I?

Your reward for being indecisive is… an empty chest. It’s interesting. Bellegar will reward you for being either completely noble and selfless –OR– for being an evil bastard, but he does not care for those who stay closer to the middle.

Reader Participation

I recorded the extra content, but this update was so long delayed that I didn’t do the bonus videos. Do you want to see videos of:

a) Slaughtering the Dragon Slayer camp
b) The Evil path in the Cave of Morals
c) Both, please.
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