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Part 79: Bonus: Ego Draconis: Battle of Broken Valley

Ego Draconis – Battle of Broken Valley

Ego Draconis – Battle of Broken Valley

Music: Return to Broken Valley

The Ego Draconis version of Broken Valley isn’t a lot different than the DKS version, mostly because the geography of the valley can’t change.

Video: The Battle of Broken Valley – Ego Draconis Edition

There are a ton of Anti-Dragon fields all over the place, though, and at least one non-damaging barrier.

Access to Geshniz is blocked by a bubble.

I can’t reach Rayhun in the village because of this barrier.

I recorded part of the playthrough at level 20, which in Ego Draconis means that I stand no chance against Level 27 Black Ring. I’m going to die in about three seconds.

Broken Valley has switches you have to throw, not generators you can hit from the air. This switch is near where Needleman’s storage is. It takes out the bubble in the west valley around the Lightning Tower and a teleporter.

This teleporter is in the west valley, and it takes me under the bubbles in the south-west.

Exploring that area takes you to this switch.

It takes down the bubbles above you and at the Maxos Temple.

The teleporter goes to Geshniz, the switch takes down the barrier to Rayhun.

Naturally, there’s a bubble over Rayhun’s teleporter. But you can bypass it and walk up.

The switch for the bubble is in the other fort in the north part of the valley.

Rayhun’s Flying Fortress is a LOT less impressive in ED than DKS. That’s the teleporter to him in the far right.

That’s all the bonus Ego Draconis content. Next time, we fight Ba’al.

Ego Draconis – Battle of Broken Valley