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Part 81: The Hall of Echoes

Chapter 61 – The Hall of Echoes

Goodbye, Orobas Fjords
Hello, Hall of Echoes (BOSS)

Naturally, the endgame has original music. Okay, it’s the first time in the series that there’s original music for the endgame, but you get the idea.

Music: Sad Piano

This track is not used in the game as far as I know.

Music: Echoes

Goodbye, Orobas Fjords

Music: Majesty of the Fjords

(Yara) I think that’s the place.

This parchment has an enormously complex spell written on it that will reveal to you the Hall of Echoes when you are near its entrance.
Well… here goes. I’d better hurry.
At long last, the elusive Hall of Echoes shall be revealed to you.

“Hall of Echoes Bound” complete! Quest Reward: 10000 XP, 1500 Gold. Bonus Chosen: 5000 XP, 750 Gold.

That’s the final quest of Ego Draconis. You don’t get one to resurrect Ygerna, which makes sense, there’s no point in getting a quest reward.

Excerpt from “Last of the Dragon Knights”, by Zixzax the Almost-Wise:
Finally, the Hall of Echoes lay open. But as the Dragon Knight reached for the handle, a shout came from behind.

(Damian) Stop! Fight me, Dragon Knight! Fight me, or I’ll tear down your Battle Tower!
I am no fool. Goodbye, Damian.

Yara stepped through the portal.

Now, my only hope is that the Dragon Knight will be erased by the many foes that await inside the Hall of Echoes.

Music: Echoes

Video: BOSS: Memory Eaters

(Talana) Remember this?
Yes… this is the dream I had when you gave me your powers.
The Hall of Echoes takes the shape your mind gives it. But be not deceived: this is not the same place you were before. If you manage to fight off all these Memory Eaters, my bet is that’s where you’ll find Charon.

Memory Eaters
This is the last big Dragon form fight in Ego Draconis, and while technically, it’s not a boss fight, it’s sure as hell hard enough to be called one.

The Memory Eaters are tough, high-damaging opponents, who can shoot fireballs which set you on fire, and their regular attacks seem to be homing attacks as well. Some of them can also heal.

A constant swarm spawns in from the 4 Nest Dais in the arena. Take those out IMMEDIATELY or else you’ll be overwhelmed. You need to have your best Healing and Restoration potions hotkeyed, because the 40 second cooldown on Dragon Spirit won’t cut it. This is the third Dais I’m taking out, and I’m using Dragon Shield to avoid damage.

I guess I’ve never played this fight on Hard before, because I don’t remember it being this bad, but wow, is it ever. I have 34 health. Amazingly, I did not die.You absolutely need to use every single ability you have to survive this fight. I didn't got a “Game Over” here, but I did on the previous attempt, and a couple earlier in the run I tried recording when my computer was sluggish and broken.

And that’s the last of them. Phew, I need a breather.

I actually don’t have any idea what this is a statue of. A Dragon Elf, maybe?

See that orb? It is a portal, and the very place you must try to reach.

Music: Sad Piano

Hermosa had little to do but wait, and train, and look at the view. That’s why she spotted it first.

“By the Seven Gods!” She rushed to get Sassan, and the other residents of the Battle Tower. They all assembled on the training platform and looked at the fearsome sight before them.

“Damian’s armada has arrived!”

Ginny clutched her husband’s arm in fear. “What can we do? What will happen to us?”

Sassan shook her head. “I-I do not know.”

This is the first of the three-day finale of Ego Draconis! Come back around 8 PM EST tomorrow for the second part: Old Friends. I hope to have a fresh page before the last part, which is 51 images all on its own.

Goodbye, Orobas Fjords
Hello, Hall of Echoes (BOSS)