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Part 83: Ygerna

Chapter 63 – Ygerna

Battle For Ygerna’s Soul (BOSS) (WATCH THIS)
The End? (THIS TOO)

Music: Battle for Ygerna’s Soul

In the game files, this is just called “FinalBattle01”, but I think it’s appropriate to call it by the more descriptive “Battle for Ygerna’s Soul”.

Music: Chamber Theme

STOP. Even if you haven’t watched a single video before now, WATCH THIS ONE. The scene will only have its proper impact if you can hear it, so WATCH THE VIDEO FIRST.

Video: Battle for Ygerna’s Soul (WATCH THIS)

(Talana) There it is: Ygerna’s soul!

We are in Ygerna’s memory and about to witness her execution. Stop this from happening and she will live again!

(Lucian, the Divine One) Ygerna, by the powers vested in me by blessings Divine, I hereby sentence you to death for actively furthering the interests of man’s most hated enemy: the Black Ring.

(Ygerna) Do as you must, providential prodigy that you are.
(Yara) That voice! No… no, it’s just similar… that’s it. I’ve come too far to have doubts now.
Curse you, Dragon Knight!

I am guilty of nothing but awakening powers in Damian that would have roused no matter how… and of giving him my love.

The demon within his soul could have been kept caged if it were not for the darkness you whispered into his mind. For this crime there shall be no clemency. Farewell, Ygerna.
This is the moment where everything started going irrevocably wrong.

(Zandalor) Lucian, stay your hand! An intruder! You – step out from the shadows. Who are you?
A Dragon Knight.
Be welcome then, noble Dragon.

Tell us, if it please you, why are you here?
Ygerna must live. I know you cannot understand, but she must. Please hand her over to me. There is no need for violence.
That won’t work. If I had known what would happen, maybe I wouldn’t have made the decision so rashly. But it’s too late
Out of the question! Take one more step forward and we will be forced to attack you.
… I have no choice.
And neither have we. Now die with honour.

Music: Battle for Ygerna’s Soul

I like this music for the boss fight. It’s got a great beat, but it has an uneasy feeling to it, not one of triumph.

Lucian the Divine One and Zandalor the Wizard
This is a really nasty fight. The Divine and Zandalor are both level 34, and I’m Level 36, so they’ll still hit me really hard.

In Ego Draconis, after I started vastly out-levelling my enemies, they stopped being threatening and just became annoying. So it was a bit of a shock to reach the final boss fight, because for a long time, nothing, not even the gauntlet of bosses just before this had been able to damage me at all. Because these guys are so high-level, they were able to still hurt me.

Like I said, this game LOVES handing out last-minute skill points, and they don’t come any more last-minute than this skill book right behind where you start. I’m up to 9 spare skill points.

This is bad.

Ygerna is under an invulnerable bubble during the fight.

Eventually, I whittle it down to just Zandalor and Lucian.

All is lost.

If you’re fast and aim right, you can grab the loot bag that drops from the Divine.

My headsmen lay dead on the floor. The memory has been resolved.
No… no…
What have I done?
It was you I was hearing, not Talana. It was you all along.

Hahaha… I shall live again, wake up in that cold grave to find warm arms to embrace me. Damian my love, I shall live again.
No. You shall die here.

And for you my sweet hero, this is where it all ends.

Yara struggled to reach Ygerna, but her limbs became sluggish and the world grew dim. Everything went to blackness.

Music: Reborn

Video: The End? (WATCH THIS)

(Lucian) I’d bid you welcome, Dragon Knight, were this a place one would want to be welcomed to.

Yet do not judge it too unfavourably off hand, for it is here you shall have to learn the meaning of eternity.

Poor creature. Ygerna has claimed another soul and Damian, my… my son, is stronger than ever. Yes, that is what I call him still despite everything.

No doubt you have guessed the truth by now: I am Lucian, the Divine. Quite alive, yet often wishing I was not as I dwell in this half-world, this cageless prison designed to keep me ever conscious and so suffer the torment of awareness. To be a wordless witness to the Damned One’s deeds.

Nonetheless, I have often shouted out in vain at one who unwittingly advanced Damian’s schemes by doing the bidding of his dark mistress. From the very Hall of Echoes she skimmed the surface of Rivellon for her knight in shining armour - who was to be both strong enough to find her, and weak enough to be controlled.

Then there you came: a formidable Slayer blessed with the power of the Dragon, but humbled by a mind exposed after a ritual incomplete. It was Ygerna who led you here, not Talana.

As she took on the guise of that courageous woman who had shown you a vision of things to come, this sinister empress led you to believe the lie even my old friend Zandalor held to be true: Ygerna’s life is Damian’s death.

No, Dragon Knight, Ygerna’s life is Damian’s invincibility, as I learned from my accursed son himself. They have been questing for the same outcome from within the Hall of Echoes and from without.

Ygerna was the first to triumph. You, her champion, ensured that victory against all odds: against her lover, even, who never realised you wanted to find her soul for resurrection, not destruction.

Now nothing is left for us, lost phantoms caught in their sinister webs, but to watch as they lay claim to Rivellon and obliterate all that the heroes of man have spilled so much blood to protect. We will watch as the Damned One and his queen wade to their victory through war's crimson rivers.
Show us Ygerna.

Music: Chamber Theme

(Damian) Time to wake up, my sleeping beauty.

My love! At last!

I battled tirelessly to release you from death’s grip. And here you are, alive and free without my help! How?

I trained a pet. So acquescient the little darling turned out to be. But I’ll tell you all about that later.

Is everything ready?
Oh, yes. We are prepared.

Music: Bandit Camp

Come, my love. It is time for our conquest to begin.

I… I can’t watch anymore. I don’t want to see.
I understand. I too find it unbearable from time to time. But it is a way to pass eternity.
Right now I don’t want to see it.
Is there something else? Do you know any stories? You’ve seen all there is of my great failure, but you must have tales of your own. … Uh- I didn’t mean -
It’s all right. Damian was indeed my greatest failure. I don’t care to dwell upon it either. Perhaps I’ll tell you my tale later. But… I have a story you might find of particular interest. I found it in my studies… The story of the first Dragon Knights, from the age of Maxos…