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Part 87: The Great Market

Chapter 66 – The Great Market

The Ministry (~8 Minutes)
Monsters and Merchants (~10 Minutes)
The Great Market (~9 Minutes)
Caracalla (~6 minutes)

There’s 30 minutes of video here, and while a lot of it is pretty funny, it’s also lacking in action. That’s going to be the case for at least one more update, probably two. Bear with the expansion, please.

Music: The Living Shield (Aleroth Ministry)

Excerpt from “Last of the Dragon Knights”, by Zixzax the Almost-Wise:
The Dragon Knight had returned from the lands of the dead, but the situation was dire. Aleroth was under siege. The key to stopping it was an artefact that was possessed by the evil wizard Behrlihn. But even if the Dragon Knight was to find Behrlihn, how to persuade him to hand over the artefact without being forced to release him?

Video: The Ministry

(Yara) All the places I’d been before. Their teleporters are destroyed now.
I will see the Black Ring destroyed if it takes a Dragon's age.
I too, have experienced that same feeling before. But take heart, Dragon Knight. The city still stands and you have powerful allies.
I want to see Zandalor, even if I can’t speak with him.

Music: The Living Shield (Aleroth Ministry)

We’re confined to Aleroth for the duration of the expansion. We can’t change into Dragon form here – not that there would be a point, the shield would trap us in the same as it keeps the enemy fire out. Throughout the game, we’ll be hearing the explosions of things hitting the shield. It really contributes to the atmosphere of a siege.

(Servus) O… great hero!
People only call me that when they want something from me.
Tell me about it.

A moment please, if you can spare it?
Make it quick.

Dragon Knight please, I… I’m forbidden to leave my post, but my wife is still in the city where there’s been fighting. I need to know if she’s safe!
Oh, that’s right… Augustus told Aleroth that I helped close the rifts. I guess everyone knows. … Well, as long as no one tries to kill me, that’s fine.
How come your wife has been left stranded in a danger zone?
Our house lies in the overrun part of Aleroth. The walking dead… they came so quickly. Always be prepared, they say. But honestly: how do you forsee a day-out-of-the-casket will dawn?
(-15000 XP) Here I am on guard duty without my good warhammer. Left it on my bed. Stupid.
If you’re so worried, go look for her!
But that would be desertion! They’ll hang me for sure should I do that and I don’t want to go to the gallows. I have stage fright!
All right, calm down. I’ll check up on your better half.
A thousand thanks, O mighty hero. She is called Alina and we live in the Crow’s Nest. Divine grant that the Demons have spared her! She’s such an amazing cook!

Damsel in Distress
Because his house is in the Crow’s Nest (the red area on the map at the end of the update), we have to wait for a little bit to do that quest.

In this act, everyone now recognizes us as a Dragon KNIGHT, not a Dragon SLAYER. Surprisingly, given how they were demonized for a half-century, everyone is really cool with it, and they’re really respectful. It was refreshing at the start of the game to be treated as an Elite soldier even though we were level 1, and it’s refreshing here again.

Another fun thing is that we basically have diplomatic immunity because we’re just too important.  We can literally get away with murdering a soldier for a laugh in front of his soldier buddies.  But that is wrong and I should not do it.

By the Seven Gods!
(Krispin) Don’t worry, Dragon Knight! We’ll keep Zandalor safe!
(Reseda) Hail to you, mighty Dragon! May your firey breath burn all our foes to cinders!

We can’t talk to Zandalor, Deodatus or any of the other mages in the circle.

(Adler) Bloody Black Ring Bastards! Took half a century to build this place and now look at it!
(Brant) Never mind the toils of dead masons! Who can fix it today? That’s right, Brant and Adler. Like we don’t work hard enough already. This is me second job in as many months!
It looks like you’re just standing there.
Oh, I’m sorry your highness, but I’m too busy to talk or whatnot. See that gaping hole there? That must be fixed before the year’s out! I’m all stressed, I am!
Some would sooner change Damian’s diaper than do a day of honest work, but not us! Blood, sweat and tears: that’s our motto! Not today, though. Today we… uh… plan ahead!
I’m getting tired just looking at this mess. We’ll need cart-loads of stones, scaffolding, buckets of water and of course crates of beer. Where does it all end?
What’s worse is that we’re stuck in this stuffy old Ministry. Only perky behinds to whistle at are the council’s Yuk!

(Janus) You’ll have to do better than that when the Black Ring gets here, maggots! You’ll be the first to be mixed into the Damned One’s evening stew if you don’t shape up!
(Lanata) Why must I do this. I prefer to use magic. What can an arrow do that a magic missile can’t?
There’s a Black Ring warrior stampeding toward you with sword ready to strike! What do you do? You shoot him through the eyes and feed his danglings to the dogs!! Damn it Varro, a delirious wino with an acute bladder problem would shoot better than you!
(Varro) I’m not a bad archer. I’m not! Janus is a bully, that’s all!
Your life may depend in it, man, and never you mind it’s worth less than the contents of a constipated commoner’s chamber pot!
I’ve never liked the name Janus, ever since a bad experience I had in my youth.
(Tulla) I can’t spare the time, Dragon Knight! The Black Ring could be here any moment!

Not pictured, I find a locked chest, but despite the fact that I have 5 points into Lockpick, I can’t pick it. There’s a reason for that.

(Catullus) Impressive, is it not? The coffers of Aleroth overflow with riches. But what good is gold for, Dragon Knight, when it must crumble to dust in the maws of war?

Nice armour.
(Caroline) You look like you can use some training, Dragon Knight! How about it?
(-22500 XP)
What’s your take on the Black Ring siege?
It’ll blow over. No way Damian could break both you and Zandalor.
Possibly. But I can’t do anything about those Flying Fortresses while the shield is up, so I’m not really a factor right now.
What really worries me is the infestation. Those walking dead are a real menace. Thank the Divine my kitty cat Spike is safe at least.
Let’s improve some skills.
Excellent. I’ll try to be gentle.

They key at Caroline’s feet unlocks the Iron Chest on the other balcony, which is also where the other trainer is. Mind-reading her gives you an attribute point. Caroline is the only one who can raise the skill cap on Lockpick from 5 to 7. But only put in one point into it,  a mind-read later gives a free point into Lockpick. 

(Jonathan) Any skills that need improving? I train a mean Magic Blast!
(-22500 XP)
Great time to be a Champion, isn’t it?
A military man must brave the terrors of war to deserve the joys of peace, wouldn’t you say? Any anyway, it beats my old job of selling tiles.
There are one or two skills of mine that might need some fine tuning.
Very well. We’ll begin immediately. Follow my lead now.

I increased the caps on Lockpick (to 7), Wisdom (to 13), and Death Blow (to 10, 13, and 15).

All my attribute points from now on are going to Intelligence. I’ll probably eventually switch some of my jewellery to stuff with +Magic Damage.

Battle Rage

Increased from Rank 11 to Rank 13

Mana Cost: 147 -> 171
Duration: 180 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Damage Bonus: +120% -> +140%
Melee Armour Penalty: -12 -> -6

Death Blow

Increased from Rank 5 to Rank 12

Critical Chance: +9% -> +19%

Music: Market Square

Video: Monsters and Merchants

(Gretel) What hideous a countenance this horror has!
(Hansel) Take a look at those arms! They’re like… blades! Never thought you’d make it, Dorus.
(Dorus) Don’t you worry, we Champions know how to handle the undead!
I met a witch in the woods once and she wasn’t half as scary as this abomination! ‘Twas about to kill Hansel here, but my husband Dorus saved him! What a Champion he is.

You know, I was having dinner when this thing broke through the window of my house.
You know, I’ve slain a couple of those lovelies you have caged, back in the day. They don’t go down easily, I can tell you that.
I’d imagine so! Looks to me like them claws could go right through the toughest of armour. But that won’t hurt no Dragon hide, will it? You’ve got the advantage of us there!
I wish. What happened after your undead friend broke in?
I ran straight for the market without looking back. Turns out I left a trail of bread and sausage! Luckily the Champions were able to trap it. Now throw it into an incinerator, I say!
Looks like you made a lucky escape.
And I thank the Divine for it! Though heaven knows when I’ll dare return. Champions may be there, but I don’t trust them. But you’ll venture into the city, won’t you? How about getting me my diary back? I treasure it immensely and no undead abomination has any business reading it.
What’s with all the diaries? As if you people live the lives of playboy princes whose riches magically double every week.
I live an exciting enough life, thank you very much, and I’ll reward you well if you save its written form from extinction!
(-7500) Laniel is really starting to scare me. I don’t even understand that… language he speaks… and the chanting: what is all that about?
So tell me, who is Laniel?
You know of him? Well, he lives in the same house I do – only on the upper floor. I’ve never set foot in his rooms: likes to keep to himself, really. Not that he frequents his chambers a lot himself. But when he’s there, I often hear weird noises. Whispers in a tongue completely alien to me. I have even heard the dull droning of chants and incantations. Frankly the man gives me the creeps!
See you around, Hansel.
Good day!
That man might bear investigating, Dragon Knight.
Yeah, I don’t have a good feeling about that.

(Dorus) Don’t step too close to the cage, Dragon Knight! Some joker tried to pat it on the head and lost his throat in the process.
(-7500 XP) What a creature! Look at it: strong, vicious, deadly and obedient to a fault! This is what my army will need.
Why are you keeping this specimen caged?
Well, I knocked it unconscious during my fight with it and I figured: maybe lord Deodatus might want to examine it and tip me for it, you know?
What will you do with your prisoner when the troubles are over, dear?
I do not know, sweetie: that’s for our commanders to decide.
I hope they kill it and feed it to the dogs. No place in a civilized city for evils like this.

Sometimes when you try and Mind-read someone, instead Behrlihn interjects his thoughts instead. Sometimes it indicates something that is important to pay attention to, other times it’s something useless like this.

Anyway, this is the Great Market. In this one place we can buy weapons, armour, jewellery, potions, herbs, gems, and ores. There are a couple of other shops on Lanilor Lane too, but this is the main one.

(Gofannon) Come fit my harnesses and taste my tender pork!
(Gina) Don’t be fooled! Come sample my swords and be seduced by my oysters!
Yes! If you want salty snot in a shell, see Gina. For gander soft as butter, come to me!
Don’t heed this amateur smith whose steaks are tougher than his cuirasses, folks! It is I who delivers true quality!
(Aelia) We should buy proper armour, Decius!
(Decius) No, you’ve got it all wrong. If we are to survive another fight, we’ll need stronger weapons!
Nonsense, our rusty shields and cracked helmets won’t get us through another fight!
And if you can’t kill your enemy for a lack of weapons, you’ll be the one who dies no matter what!
The gold given to us by General Augustus must be put to good use!
And pray tell me what better use there is if it is not this mighty new axe?
You’ll lop an ear off before you hit a foe! Come try that cuirass there.
Bah! An axe is what I need, not some silly breastplate. You can’t move properly in those things, if you ask me.
While you decide, my dear Champions, won’t you have some of my tuna fillet?
Don’t let that fishwife poison you with her decomposed dishes. Enjoy a bite of boar instead. It’s been grilled to perfection!
We’re actually looking for equipment, not a five-course dinner.
There we agree! Now please put down that big mullet and show me those war hammers!
What is it we need right now? Protection! Like Zandalor shields the city with magic, we should shield ourselves with the best armour available!
A good offence is what we need! Swords, axes and destructive magic! Tear down that shield, I say, and let me at that Black Ring scum!

That huge long conversation is just for flavour. I like that Larian really put in a lot of little things like that in. They spent a lot on voice acting in the game, and it’s especially notable in the expansion.

Hammers! Hammers and trouts!
Why is it that you sell weapons and fish exactly?
To honour my father and mother, Dragon Knight! He was a fisherman and she was a smith, you see. Both were killed in a rather freakish accident with a swordfish, I’m afraid. Whatever afterworld they’re in, I’m sure they’re fighting over what was mightier: the fish or the sword.
(-15000 XP, 25% Discount) I should just sell for less gold, nobody is buying anyway. I don’t understand why the sweet smell of fish doesn’t lure more customers.
I think I’ll have a look at your wares.
Be my guest, hero of Aleroth!

Like almost every other merchant in the game, the merchants in Aleroth sell unique equipment. Since these are the end-game merchants, this stuff is top-notch, unbeatably good stuff. Things which give a previously unheard of +4 or +5 to a skill can be found. However, the catch is that it comes with an end-game price-tag. Low-end uniques go for 30,000+ gold, and high-ends can go for 60,000+. Even with the 160,000 gold I accumulated after Act III, I can’t afford a lot of this stuff. Then again, there’s no point in buying it now, I can’t really use any of it until I gain a few levels, and that’ll take a while.

Looking for armour, Dragon Knight? I have the best Aleroth has to offer!
So how’s business?
Sold a lot of armour since the sun was blackened and the city was attacked. Good for me pension, but bad for the rest of Aleroth I reckon. I just wish the wind would turn so I wouldn’t stand in this cloud of stench that blows my way. Damn that woman Gina and damn her rotten fish!
(-15000 XP, 25% Discount) What a curious tickle in my brain… Makes me want to lower my prices.
Please show me your wares, merchant.

The Helmet of Arben has +5 Wisdom, that’s only one of two non-jewellery +Wisdom items. With this, Rothman’s bow, and three +3 Wisdom jewellery items, I can max out Wisdom without ever putting a point into it.

So that’s where that’s gotten to. I suppose that doesn’t really matter to me anymore, but it’s still a bit disconcerting watching as your possessions are sold and scattered.

The next video has some stuff that isn’t covered in the screenshots because I doubted that everyone wanted to see every single conversation with all the merchants and shoppers. But the video has the entire thing if you’re interested. One conversation hints at a quest we’ll get to later.

Video: The Great Market

(Connor) I don’t know what’s taking my wife so long. She’s been at the potions stand for hours it seems.

(Moira) I can’t believe it’s really you, the one and only Jergos!
(Jergos) I… yes, I guess that’s me.
You were so impressive during that alchemy contest! I couldn’t keep my eyes off your big phial!
I’ve been following your career, you know. I even kept the hair you grew during that last potion demonstration. It’s in my pillow!
Is it now? How very sca- … very flattering!
I so wish I could be like you! Maybe one day you could put your pestle in my mortar and really show me how it’s done!
So… are you actually going to buy anything?
Oh Divine, you got me! I just came here to tell you how much I admire you, to tell you the truth!
Well, isn’t that just peachy.
I was wondering, do you have any love-philters for sale? Not for me, of course, for a friend…
No, no, no! And don’t bother looking for some, they’re only a legend! Fairytale! Never worked!
Really? Aww, I- … my friend will be so disappointed

Interested in magics? My little emporium is bound to fulfill your every wish!
Who’s the lady who seems to be so very interested in you?
Oh, never mind Moira. I think she quite fancies me, you know. That’s all well and good, but her husband is sitting right there on a bench! Still, why not enjoy a little back and forth while we’re still breathing, eh? Gods curse that rotten Damned One and all who follow him!
(-15000 XP, 25% Discount) My business will go down the drain if more customers don’t come. Perhaps I should take the edge off of my prices to entice them.

(Agnes) Oh look at this ring: such a beauty!
(Tiffany) Beauty you don’t have the gold for, you old goose.
Oh, I’m sure that necklace would fit me like a charm!
Maybe when you’d be charming, not old and wrinkly!

So many pretty things one can buy from Madam Tiffany. Alas, I can’t even afford breakfast!
I’m sorry to hear it.
Been like this ever since me poor husband passed away. Nothing we had, so nothing he left me. A beggar’s life is all I have.
Is there no one here who looks after you and other unfortunates?
The healers don’t just leave us to our fate, but things have been tough lately. We don’t get as many hot meals as we used to, but it’s not their fault. Bernard, he’s the leader of Healer’s House, he told me lots of food has been stolen! But what can we poor beggars do?
(-7500 XP) If I keep up the act I’ll break even a Dragon’s heart and that jewel will be mine. Wouldn’t be the first sucker to fall for my schemes. Just a couple more softies and I can live the life of a noblewoman!
She gives beggars a bad name.
I’ve had to deal with this sort before. There is something to be said in her favour, though: she hasn’t resorted to outright stealing yet.
Hmmm… that’s true.

Stay safe now!
I will, don’t worry about me.

I’m omitting the conversations with the remaining merchants. Ivy sells alchemy plants, Horace sells ores and gems – and has three Malachite Gems for sale, and Tiffany sells jewellery, but pretty terrible stuff – it’s only Rare or Magical quality, which means it only has 1 modifier, Charm slot, and 1 Enchantment slot. Most of it has +1 to a skill, when right now I’m looking for +3 to a skill in the random loot I’m searching for.

Video: Caracalla

(Sharina) What a charade this market is! The Black Ring could be here any moment and these dumbbells shop like it’s the most mundane day of their lives.

(Virginius) Need directions, Dragon Knight?
What is this place?
This is the Great Market and… well, that speaks for itself, no? If you go down past the Ministry, you’ll be on Lanilor Lane and if you walk towards the bridge and take the lift you’ll be on Mardaneus Plaza. Beyond that lies Crow’s Nest … but I’d stay away from there unless you feel like being assaulted by hordes of vicious walking dead!
(-15000 XP) When all this fighting is over I’m going on a walking tour through the Dark Forest. But would that be safe without a compass? I rally need one, if I could find one.
And you!

Mind over Matter: Virginius
This quest is the only reason I’m talking to him. He’s easy to miss, but vital for completion.

(Grania) Alas that such a warrior has fallen. Aleroth is a poorer city for it, Dragon Knight!
(Curius) Please stand back as you pay your respects.
(Sexta) Stand back please, Dragon Knight. Let us mourn this fallen warrior in quietude.
(Caracalla) Don’t cry for me, you band of milksops! Avenge me! Hang, draw and quarter them!

Look at me! Dead and burning, but I will have my revenge, begorrah!
Shouldn’t have gone around riding that broomstick, huh?
You take me for a vulgar witch, insolent cur? I am Caracalla, a Champion of Aleroth who fell at the hands of invisible beings that tore my mortal shell to shreds. But let not those silver eyes shed mercury tears for me, cause, damn and blast, I shall yet be avenged!
(-7500 XP) What a pompous buffoon! Pray he finds his way to the Hall of Echoes soon so his petty memories may be devoured.
Join me, Dragon Knight, and together we’ll slay those spectral fiends or be dubbed boneheaded blaggards!
Not the nickname I was aiming for. So all right, let’s go.
Hahaa! They’ll cry for clemency and scream in agony! I will meet you at the scene of the crime. Look for the house of Crowell, the sorcerer. Death and misfortune to all our enemies! Huzzah!

Spectre at the Feast
This quest is freaking awesome. Divinity 2 isn’t a game known for its horror elements, but a couple of things in the expansion are really effective. We can’t do this quest now, but I’ll try and make a point to do it early, when we’re still fairly low-level in terms of the expansion.

Don’t forget to search Caracalla’s body for the key. I think it unlocks some bonus loot in Crowell’s house.

Near Caracalla’s body is the entrance to a bonus dungeon. There’s no quest associated with it, it’s just a place you can freely go to grind on the respawning enemies. They ones in here start at level 36, and they’re quite dangerous to me.

Heading to Mardaneus Plaza, Yara encountered two guards who had apprehended a man.

(Furius) Ha! We’ve got you cornered now, haven’t we, you Black Ring rat!
(Gratius) Game’s up, traitor. Scum like you do not receive quarter or clemency!

(Kenzo) No! You’ve got the wrong man! Don’t hurt me! You there! Please stop them, I’m innocent!
(Furius) Don’t be fooled by this insolent imposter! He’s a Black Ring spy and we’re going to perform a spot of speleology in his gut!
Entertaining though that sounds, maybe you should give this execution a moment’s more consideration.
(Gratius) That is a privilege this vermin does not deserve! We found him with letters signed by one of Damian’s commanders, Kali.
Kali? She’s dead.
I found those on the street! They must have slipped out of somebody’s pocket!

The Ministry (~8 Minutes)
Monsters and Merchants (~10 Minutes)
The Great Market (~9 Minutes)
Caracalla (~6 minutes)

I’m a bit of an idiot. I thought that I get an item this Act that gives me +5 to Battle Rage, so I stopped putting points in at 11 (and even that was another mistake), but there is no such item. I was putting the points into Thousand Strikes and other skills that DO have that bonus, so oops again. Once I get all the items I’ll pay to respec my skills to grab the wasted points.


We’re going to accumulate a lot of quests in a short span of time. We’ve already got six on the books, and we’re going to get eight more next update. The main quest is Act IV is structured similarly to the main quest in Act III. So I’ll try and use this section to keep track of them.

To Boldly Go Where Rhode has gone Before: Rhode went to the Prancing Seahorse on Lanilor Lane to search for information on Behrlihn. (We’ll get there next update, but after that we’re free to explore.)

Damsel in Distress: Servus in the Ministry wants us to check up on his wife at their house in Crow’s Nest. (backburner)
Trail of Deceit: Hansel in the Great Market wants us to retrieve his diary from his house in Lanilor Lane.
Spectre at the Feast: Caracalla wants our assistance to avenge his death in Crowell’s House in Crow’s Nest. (backburner)
Mind over Matter:
All the Crow’s Nest quests are on the backburner, for reasons which will become clear next update.

Persons of Interest

There are no quests associated with these people at the moment, but they’re worth remembering. There will be more later.

Look at me! Dead and burning, but I will have my revenge, begorrah!
Revenge on whom?
What a question! On those who killed me, of course!

Reader Participation

1. A man was found with letters from a Black Ring General (albeit a dead one). He claims to be innocent. How should we handle the situation? (I had to stop the update somewhere, and this was as good a place as any.)
1a) Let him go.
1b) Investigate him yourself. = Default (1 vote)
1c) Order his execution.

2. Willy, the obnoxious con artist from broken valley has a problem. He wants Yara’s help. The decisions we make here do NOT commit us to Willy’s side or not, there will be a later vote for a final decision. What should our first response be?
2a) Offer our help freely.
2b) Outright refuse to help.
2c) “I’d love to help, but I have expenses, you know…” (Insist on a bribe from the little weasel. This has no effect on the quest.)

3. There’s a poor-looking woman hanging around the jewellery shop looking sad. A mind-read reveals that she’s just mooching.
3a) Fine, have something.
3b) Get lost or I’ll call the guards.