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Part 98: Bonus: Bonus Dungeons

Bonus: Bonus Dungeons

Abandoned Catacomb
Abandoned Cave

Today, I decided to do a story-less update, showing off the two bonus dungeons that have no quests attached. Well, not really showing off, there’s not much to show off: they only have random loot and no quests.

But there is reader participation for the next update at the end.

The Scorpion Set is looking less and less appealing as time passes, and the more stuff I switch out, the faster that happens. I’m switching out more and more of the set for other things – here, I left on my +3 Mindread amulet that also adds +10 Magic Damage – with my intelligence boost, that upps my total to 28. I also switched my belt for one with more HP.

I have an XP debt of 63,000+, and I need 143,000+ XP to reach level 38.

Music: Dungeon Heat

Video: Abandoned Catacomb

The entrance to the Abandoned Catacomb is in the Great Market, near where Caracalla’s funeral pyre is.

This dungeon is copied and pasted from the red ore mine in Broken Valley, although they changed the décor and entrance placement. It is short and simple.

Those stairs go up far higher than they should, given that the entrance location. If this were really under Market Square, this cave should create a large hill visible from outside. But it doesn’t.

I found this in the treasure chest at the end. Wearing it (and other +Magic Damage gear) when drunk on an Intelligence potion jacks up my Magic Damage substantially, into the 60-70 range.

Video: Abandoned Cave

The abandoned cave entrance is in the pigpen in Mardaneus Square. This one is clearly copied from the main Broken Valley Mine where you fought Ba’al. It’s substantially larger than the other one.

Music: Abandoned Cave

The expansion puts in original music into some surprising places. There were a few songs I hadn’t noticed before because they only appear in one place, like this music that plays in this non-quest bonus dungeon.

That odd-looking part to the right is where the hallway to Ba’al was in the original mine.

Level 38.

Now that basically all the mind-reads are done, there’s little to hold me back from levelling up like crazy.

Battle Rage

Increased from Rank 13 to 14.

Mana Cost: 171 -> 183
Duration: 180 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Damage Bonus: +140% -> +150%
Melee Armour Rating Penalty: -6 -> -3

Abandoned Catacomb
Abandoned Cave

Music: Abandoned Cave

The results from the voting are in:

This is roughly the order I'll be doing the quests in. It's not the exact order, though, I'll be moving a couple of things around. Some quests are long, others are short, and I may move some for better flow in the story.

f) Wild Willows Asylum / Rune Handles: 9 points
c) And it Burns, Burns, Burns: 8 points
b) Spectre at the Feast: 8 points
a) Damsel in Distress: 7 points

g) Something Rotten: 6 points
p) Beauty and the Beast: 6 points

n) Earrings in Law 5 points
j) Fire ‘Em Up: 5 points
k) First Aid / Rune Handles: 5 points

i) Rune Handles / Everybody’s a Critic: The Food Critic: 4 points
l) An Appetite for Murder: 4 points
m) A Swindler Swindled: 3 points

o) Black Market 2 points
h) Everybody’s a Critic: Bourdain’s Cheese: 2 points
q) Rune Handles /  The Murders in the Rue Lanilor : 1 point

d) Eternal Commitment: 0 points
e) Reminiscence of the Past: 0 points

Reader Participation

1. In the asylum, there’s a secret wall that requires two people to open. There’s a patient in a cell, but on our way out, we’re accosted by Jango, one of Aleroth’s most wanted. Who should we open the secret wall with?

1a) Team up with Jango, to explore the new section. (Betray and kill him later so we can claim the bounty on his head.)
1b) Kill Jango now, and release one of the asylum patients to open up the new section.

2. Still open, if only because there’s no reason to close it yet: Who is the food critic? (This time I’m not even giving a hint by mind-reading, just make a guess.)

1a) Snister, the grumpy one. = 1 vote
1b) Purvis, the gourmet.
1c) Anona, having a girl’s night out. = 2 votes