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Part 3: Seagulls and Spiders

Seagulls and Spiders

Great news! We have all kinds of ideas and exploration to try today! Let's see what's first up on our list here... ah, here we go, listen well. I hear these people have great experience in guiding other adventurers, so we should be in for a a great start.

Glazius posted:

Obviously, we need to use that grease gun on the purply bush to make it waterproof. Then we can hide inside from the DEATH RAIN.
Ah, now I can see why you're here to help guide me. I certainly never would have thought to try that without your help - after all, it's really quite the obscure solution, but I can see how it would work. Now, which purply bush did Glazius mean? There's quite a few of them, but they all seem quite firmly rooted into the ground. Hm, I'll just try all three, I'll surely be able to at least get a lot of greasy leaves on myself as I go along.

I... think I will be unable to retrieve my grease gun now. The plan didn't go quite so successfully as I had hoped. Please say sorry to Glazius for me, I guess I'm just not so good at pulling up bushes. Would you be so kind as to rewind my situation here, as I appear to have reached a dead-end once again!
Haha, its okay buddy, I kinda expected you do crack under the pressure. I mean, I've heard of weather forecasters mentioning heavy showers, but I guess it's more literal than I thought!
Really now, the puns are unnecessary at this point.
Right you are, sorry about that. It's okay, we still have plenty of leads to follow!

Grilox posted:

Can you go into the well? And is there anything east of the current map that you can get to?
Ah, a good point. I'll go run back to the well! You know, even though wells are clear passageways down into the ground, I've never considered actually going down one before. Possibly because I see no real reason to go underground in the first place, but I'm always up for exploring.

Sigh... *rewind!* Did you just... slip off the well and crack yourself against a fuzzy spider?
Yes. Can we pretend that never happened? I'm quite appreciative of your rewinding abilities right now. I guess I should stop running into situations like that so quickly. Regardless, I don't seem to be able to fit under the winch to go down.
Certainly. I don't want you harming yourself too much though, remember that we're here to see you on a safe journey!
I'll try not to. Well, I'll go explore to the east as suggested, the land seems to stretch out quite far that way.

Odd, somebody has left a burning torch resting against the rocks! Perhaps a tired olympic athlete? Similarly, I can see a curious message here...
"Graphics by James Wilson, music by David Whittaker, other great games by the same authors include - Super Robin Hood, Ghost Hunters, Grand Prix Simulator, and Professional Ski Simulator - AUG '87."
It must be some kind of curious word riddle. I'll keep moving on.

"You are now entering the Haunted Forest", or so claims this scroll. I was already aware of that, in honesty. Still, more progress is to be made--*trip*
Oh, are you okay there?
Yes, yes... 'twas just a little unexpected, that's all. The ground wasn't as solid as I expected... and there isn't the most reassuring of company here. I can still reach what appears to be an empty potion bottle though, so there's no problem.

Hm, I can't quite climb up...
Careful now, those bones look sharp--
Dizzy, I was just saying to avoid those bones--
Sigh. *rewind!*
Thankyou for that, I was panicking somewhat down there! Of all things, I've hit a dead-end pit. Could you rewind the floor back too? I'll need to try being a little lighter on my feet.

Ooooh, flying tree logs! I guess it is a haunted forest after all!
This is shocking to you? Still, it is quite peaceful around here regardless. A beautiful brook, and the wonders of natu--*crk*
Dizzy, I hope you're not planning to make a habit of running into everything dangerous you see.
I couldn't help it. Momentum was my quite literal downfall.

Ah, another mysterious scroll! "Strange - The ground sounds hollow" How bizarre, its as if the scroll could read my very thoughts! I've also stumbled across another well, but once again, it doesn't seem like I could fit down it... there are, however, twin treetrunks reaching into the skies. They seem quite climbable, too!

Aha, I've found the gardeners spade! I'm unsure why he was trying to dig into the top of the tree. Perhaps that is the reason why the treetrunks are split in two.
Nice work! You seem to be getting into the swing of things now. Now, just bring that spade down for easy access later, it's certain to come in handy.

*blink* *rewind.* Try another way down, Dizzy.

Whew, finally, made it... it seems like everywhere I go, those pesky birds and spiders are out to kill me! Well, at least I have the spade now, so I'll never have to go up there again.
I'm glad I'm not an egg too, else I would have found that quite the gruesome display to watch.

Further east is... "The Hermits Rickety Old Treehouse - Paying visitors only !" Well. I suppose that is one way to live your life, not that I suppose my own is currently any better. It seems like this is the first living person I've found here, and yet I can't quite reach the house, even when standing on the bucket. It's quite frustrating. I can't reach the shed roof either.
Is there anything notable in that purple pile of junk in that shed?
Nothing at all. I can't even figure out what most of it even is.

"The Gateway to the Graveyard" - This is really quite disturbing... there's an ominous door leading into the cemetary, a-and that that raincloud... and... a sign... the door seems to be locked though, which I'm terribly grateful for.
Well, looks like we've hit the end of the road! I'll leave you there for a while, whilst we figure more things out. Our newly found items will surely help our progress!
No, wait, don't leave me here!

Once again, over to you guys!
We now have access to:
- A Mucky Grease Gun
- Free Acme Bird Seed
- A Burning Torch
- Empty Potion Bottle
- The Gardeners Spade

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!
Our current backlog for the next update:
- Using the bird seed on the birds!