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Part 4: Your Mine

Your Mine

Hello again, Dizzy! Faring well?
Quite well, actually. I've had some time to think and relax, and I've realised that it's not so bad here at all! I'm sheltered from the rain, and it makes such a lovely sound as it splashes against the grass, and--
Good to hear! Let's get cracking.
Really now. If you're going to interrupt me, could you at least not use that phrase?

Krad posted:

Call me crazy but I think we should try to use the bird seed with the bird next to the white tree. Maybe.

Thankfully, I left the bird seed right next to that tree, but... it's pretty far away now. I'll sprint back, I need some excercise after that rest.

Oh, but how will I attract the attention of the bird though? The bird seed has sitting here for goodness knows how long, and yet the bird hasn't even noticed it.
Try getting a little closer.

... What on.. did I just imagine that?! For a moment, I imagined you headbutting that bird so hard it exploded.
I only jumped towards it... the next thing I know, the bird is swooping past me, biting some seed straight from my glove, and then promptly popped into a cloud of feathers!
That's kinda gross. The company made that bird seed must certainly have a bad reputation.
No, I can understand why it was made, it's quite wily really... Now, why don't you go check for more suggestions? I'll just go clean up a little in the meantime...

Aha, here we go, a couple o-- Hey, I never noticed all those feathers on the ground before. They wouldn't happen to be Vampire Dux feathers, would they?
Ah, um, no. I'm pretty certain they aren't.
No matter. As I was saying, we have a couple of suggestions for the torch first.

bobvonunheil posted:

...can you maybe set the yellow bushes on fire? They look burnable.

Mu. posted:

Can we use the torch to light the nearby cauldron?

Jamesman posted:

I'd suggest using the torch on the cauldron too. Maybe you can boil some water in it, and Dizzy can jump in and become hard-boiled, making him tougher so he won't be murdered by things like RAIN.

Well, these bushes don't seem to catch alight, unfortunately. The most I can get is a few embers in the corner, but they don't last. Must be because of the rainy weather lately. I'm able to start the cauldron fire just fine, though! But, I think I'll pass on cooking myself.
Excellent! The cauldron is lit... although we don't really have any need for it right now. I hear those olympic flames last for months though, so we don't have to worry about the fire going out either. Now, let's see what else we have here...

FredMSloniker posted:

Hm. The only thing that occurs to me off the top of my head is using the grease gun to lube up that mine cart's wheels so we can push it out of the way.

Perfect! After greasing up those wheels, it moved back with ease. Things are rolling pretty smoothly today!
I can't even tell if that one was intentional. Careful now, that mineshaft looks like it could be a steep drop.

No worries, there's an elevator still working down here... alongside The Graveyard Key!
How did you know which key it was?
Well, have you seen any other locked doors around?
Ah, of course, process of elimination. Remember that you can only hold one item though Dizzy. It may be best if you take it to the top of the mines, in case you find anything else around here. After that... well, there's plenty of directions you can go. How about east first?

A scroll here: 'The Deserted Diamond Mines', but there's no way I can get over to the other side and back again without serious harm.
Perhaps the bird seed will help down here?
Really now, when was the last time you saw a flock of seagulls in an abandoned mine? These are bats, and I'm fairly sure that bats don't eat bird seed.
Ah, they wouldn't happen to be Vampire Dux, would they?
No. They're bats. I'll go check out the other direction.

There's a bat here too... but just one, and it's in a pretty open space. I can avoid it. Aside from a free death, there's not much past here anyway... some very damp and narrow caverns, with the way blocked by a substantial amount of water. There are also some animal bones chained to the wall, for what its worth. Guess I should go back and head further down!

Aha, down here is a plastic raincoat! A scroll, too: 'The Haunted Chimney'.

...and I think I know why it's called that now.
Perhaps we'll be able to find a phone booth later and give Mystery Inc. a call. Still, one last passage to explore.

Frustrating! Yet another item in sight, but it's impossible for me to get past the spider here!
Well, at least we have some very obvious leads now, the only question is where to go first!

Once again, over to you guys!
We now have access to:
- Free Acme Bird Seed (for any birds we may come across!)
- Empty Potion Bottle
- The Gardeners Spade
- The Graveyard Key
- A Plastic Raincoat

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!
Our current backlog for the next update:
- Filling the potion bottle with rainwater!
- Using the shovel at the hollow ground!