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Part 5: Precariously Placed Tools

Precariously Placed Tools

Hello again, Dizzy! Sleep well in the mines?
I rarely sleep, actually. I simply jig about to keep myself awake.
Good to hear! Well, it's time you got out of those mines now, as we have another great idea from Glazius!

Glazius posted:

Perhaps if we catch some of that hard rain in the empty potion bottle, we can brew up an antidote!

You realise that I can't wear the raincoat and carry the bottle at the same time, right? It really restricts my movement. Nevertheless, I shall run back and try filling the bottle.

It's no good. It'd take forever and a day for the bottle to fill up from that tiny amount of water dripping in.
You seem to be less bothered about dying lately. I guess that's good! Still, I'll be sure to rewind that life back for you.
Your love for rewinding is the reason I'm not as concerned. Thankyou, though. Do we have any more ideas?

bobvonunheil posted:

Well, sounds like you have to use the Gardener's Spade on the spot where the ground "sounds hollow".

Goodness, the ground gave way as soon as I pushed the spade in! I'm okay, it was a fairly short fall, but I fear I've lost the spade. I can see something shiny glimmering near a higher platform though, I should be able to use these spongy mushrooms to work my way up to it.

A... mushroom trowel. I suppose that's to be expected. There appears to be a passageway past that waterfall too, are you able to pass through it?

Certainly not. If a single raindrop killed me, why did you expect a waterfall to be fine? Even the raincoat wouldn't protect me from that torrent of water! I'll take the trowel back to the middle, and try the other direction.

On this side, through the mushroom caves, we have... some rusty bolt cutters!
Hm. I don't think we've seen anything to use those on... or perhaps I am just missing something here. Ah well, take those to the middle too, then try and get that flashing potential-suicide.

Fantastic, Dizzy. Looks like we're all done here! Head on out, and we'll get back to solving some problems.
Ah... I think we already have a problem. I can't get out. I'm trapped down here.

Ah.. and we made such good progress too! I really don't want to have to rewind all of that... but I suppose it might be necessary. I'll get back to you shortly!
No problem. These mushrooms are rather cozy.

Once again, over to you guys!
We now have access to:
- Free Acme Bird Seed (for any birds we may come across!)
- Empty Potion Bottle
- The Graveyard Key
- A Plastic Raincoat
- A Mushroom Trowel
- Rusty Bolt Cutters

Any suggestions or ideas on how to progress? Do tell!
Our current backlog for the next update:
- Using the raincoat to access the trapdoor!
- Using the raincoat to go further west!
- Heading into the graveyard with the graveyard key!