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What is this game?

DmC: Devil May Cry is an action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom. It is the fifth game in the Devil May Cry series and serves as a reboot. Set in an alternative reality of the Devil May Cry series, it focuses on Dante, a young man with supernatural powers who finds himself under attack by demons.

Initial reaction was mostly negative due to Dante's and many other character's redesigns and simplified gameplay. Fans of the original games stated that the gameplay is much staler in comparison.

Sounds like it wasn't very goo-

Nope, that's wrong, it's great. And I'm certainly not the only person who thinks so. But I'm not here to convince you this via text.


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Dante is the protagonist of this game. He is a demon-angel hybrid know as a Nephilim, who lives as a demon hunting vigilante.

Dante's Brother. Wants to take down the demons.

Kat. Just saved Dante from limbo.

Mundus. Wants Dante dead.

Lillith. Carrying Mundus' heir.

Bob Barbas. Bob Barbas is a reporter and owner of media corporation Raptor News Network. Just doing Gods work.

Phineas. A good demon dude.


Rebellion is Dante's main melee weapon. It was given to Dante as a memento of his father, Sparda, so that he could protect himself from the demonic hordes that he battles.

Ebony & Ivory are Dante's trademark pistols. While they lack strength, Dante's ability to pull the triggers with inhuman speed as well as his enhanced dexterity make them versatile weapons for any range and orientation.

Arbiter is Dante's first demonic weapon. With great heft, it crushes almost anything.

Osiris is Dante's first angelic weapon. While not as damaging as other weapons, it can hit a large number of enemies and specializes in aerial attacks.

Ophion is Dante's demonic/angelic grappling hook which is used for traversal and can be a useful tool in combat too.

Eryx. A pair of magical gauntlets (hulk fists). Dante awakens the Eryx after he kills Poison.

Aquila. A set of shuriken like blades that emit energy waves. Dante awakens them after killing Bob Barbas.

Revenant. Is a sweet shotgun. Lacks the speed of Ebony & Ivory, but offers much more power.

Kablooey. Fires explosive charges that stick to its targets. In the human world, it looks like a simple tazer.
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